Lost Seaway Hole 8

A few people asked me how the hell I got over the stupid boat on hole 8 of lost seaway. My explanation is use a 3w, curve to the right and try to aim for the top right part of the portal. Usually it’ll go through, even if it hits the top of the boat. In addition it actually may land on or close to the green. A lot of the times mine rolls off the green but I got lucky today and it actually stayed on so I took a video. I used the replay tape feature once more, and the funny thing is, each time the replay was different. At some point the animation wouldn’t play, or the coins wouldn’t show, or the coins would show and vice versa. Anyway take a look, I hope this helps some of you guys whose drives are too low to just spike or tomahawk it over ^^

In other news, day 4, no swimsuit. What a crap drop rate. 😐 Oh well by me not getting Ceci’s swimsuit, it means I’m not buying cash items for her, Lose for Ntreev lol! Also, I reported 29 hackers this morning 😆 It was a 1.5mb jpg lol.

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  1. Ah, more often than not, I manage to get over the boat, but I’ve never been so lucky as to get the ball on the green in one shot like that.

  2. i had no clue how to get on the green like that. i had made it over once or twice using a 2w cobra shot slighttly curved, but usually it only bounced off the ship and onto the rough. now i know 😀

    (i know i’ve done more then 40 tournies since the event, i have yet to see something pop out of the hole. I’ll just keep tourny spamming though, only because i have an obsession with collecting cici bathing suits)

  3. Ah this hole. I’ve actually got a hole-in-one on this.
    Through the portal, ship deck bounce and then green and rolled in. Keep forgetting to use the new replay tape though >_< so use to it being useless.

  4. Hole 8 is one of the few on LS holes that I use entirely to load a powershot bar only but it would be a nice thing to roll into the green in the record beating game. 🙂
    On the swimsuit event, I give up for now, only 3 numbers left on Bingo card in KR, I’ll focus on that. For my recent 3 lines I won 3 sets of useless flowers but I still have 7 lines to get and really really REALLY want to win Lucia Mahou Shoujo Set at least. ;_;

  5. yea ive kinda given up getting swimsuits too..ill just play for fun and if i get it great. If not whatever. the rate is stupid and ridiculous just like the god damn papel shop. -_-;

  6. Sorry for the rant but I hope you will forgive me Hinano *^^*.

    I have the worst luck ever when it comes to lotteries and stuff, especially in Pangya. The harder I want to win something the lower chances are that I get it. Like in A18, I tried to win feathers ONLY for Arin and Kaz, instead I got almost every other feathers and got a Kaz feather just before A18 closed. I had to buy one for Arin when Ntreev launched, luckily I managed to that before they closed shops. In Japan and Korea I always win shit from Papel Shop that I don’t want, AND its hard to sell (Fat Bob and Cecil FTW dammit 😡 ). I didn’t get Lucia coupon in S3, I got Kooh swimsuit in Pangya Tour (I don’t have Kooh and never will) and now those damn USA swimsuits are no exception. The worst part is like watching Rich who got like tons of other clubsets in KR winning the Golden Air Knights in the recent Bingo event with ease… I mean good for you Rich, grats and all but why NOT me… why ;__;.

    Once again sorry for the rant, I just had to loose some steam a bit. 😦

  7. i dont really have great luck either. on a18 I won ceci, max and hana’s feathers lol. Rich is super lucky. I remember he won Lucia’s wedding dress on JP in 1 try. He also won Hana’s halloween dress on A18 in like 3 tries. I guess some people are just super lucky @_@ Then again he’s also spent a ton on the game lol xD;

    I’m not really lucky either. I never won anything from ecards (i didnt really try too much but yea). I gave up papel shop since i only saw 1 red bag (and didn’t win it) in 600 tries.

    Still no swimsuit for me either. I still like to logon and play pangya vs with friends during the evenings, but I’m not gonna do anymore tourney grinding since I already got my angel wings anyway ^^;

  8. i had to go on a youtube proxy to view this cause my youtubes blocked at work. actually funny thing on hole 5 I had the same thing happen…except I used a 1w and it went through the bridge and eagled the hole rofl. i regret not making a replay of it. XD

  9. I remember you talked about this in the tournament.
    I bought a new 22 “monitor, and a new video card. And now I can record a wonderful videos in high definition. The truth is hard get into the way of 1920×1080. But I think that already got into the habit 🙂

  10. i’m guessing you play in window mode? I cant play full screen mode in higher or lower than 800 x 600 or pangya will crash. in window mode I get video lag (although the solution has been to disable vista’s Aero theme…have yet to try this)

  11. so anyway I came home today, made my pangya 1610 x 900 wide screen, window mode – excellent view! and now my pangya never crashes cause I’m in window mode and I can flip windows and do other stuff without worry! I thought I couldn’t hit Pangya in that mode but I’ve had no problem! It’s been pretty sweet.

    Now to make a new index card 😉

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