Lost Seaway Hole 8

A few people asked me how the hell I got over the stupid boat on hole 8 of lost seaway. My explanation is use a 3w, curve to the right and try to aim for the top right part of the portal. Usually it’ll go through, even if it hits the top of the boat. In addition it actually may land on or close to the green. A lot of the times mine rolls off the green but I got lucky today and it actually stayed on so I took a video. I used the replay tape feature once more, and the funny thing is, each time the replay was different. At some point the animation wouldn’t play, or the coins wouldn’t show, or the coins would show and vice versa. Anyway take a look, I hope this helps some of you guys whose drives are too low to just spike or tomahawk it over ^^

In other news, day 4, no swimsuit. What a crap drop rate. 😐 Oh well by me not getting Ceci’s swimsuit, it means I’m not buying cash items for her, Lose for Ntreev lol! Also, I reported 29 hackers this morning 😆 It was a 1.5mb jpg lol.