The new replay tape feature.

So the other night I got a nice Beam Impact HIO on ice canon and decided to save it as a replay for memories sake. I wanted to make a video of my “best” shots ya know? So I go to replay it…and turns out they don’t even record the part where your ball goes into the hole!! What a disappointment! 😦

As you can see it goes straight to the HIO animation. That sucks, but at least now I’ll think twice before using replay tapes again. I mean I understand they don’t show you on the bar where you power cut, but why not at least show the ball going in sheesh. 😐 What a pointless feature this is now…unless you just want to record the motion item animations for your characters 😆

11 thoughts on “The new replay tape feature.”

  1. Yeah, it happened to me when I recorded my first hio >: It didnt show the ball go in the hole and went straight to the animation *sobsob*

  2. I had the same but me the ball never quitted the tee -_-‘

    It was a beautiful spike beam impact on lost seaway ans I’ll probably never do the same XD
    When I saw my tape I was like … o_O … so what?

  3. This is the result of PangyaBRSEA following the footsteps of PangyaKR, I think that PangyaJP has the old Replay Tape System…

  4. Well you do see the ball go into the hole, but it’s such a short time it’s easily missed and… lame.


  5. I had my first Hio in S4 last week and I recorded it and looked at it again and it shows everything!
    It must be some bug, i don´t know, but at my replay tape it shows everything.

    I also recorded a random Albatross.

  6. That’s odd. I’ve recorded 10 replay videos and all of them showed the ball going in the hole. :/

  7. For me, it only shows the ball going in AFTER it cuts to the end-hole animation. Like… you can see the ball rolling in with the pang popping out or the beam disappearing behind the character posing in the end. ^^;; This, I actually do not mind terribly, I’m only bothered that it doesn’t show your pang score for that hole. That’s what irks me the most about the new replay system.

  8. it doesn’t the it going into the hole for me too sometimes. Actually i had a bug when replaying an Azer Beamu where it got stuck on making the shot, and Azer would just sit there holding his club up forever. Still, the replay feature is still neat to record the rare event of a Beamu for me.

    (24 tournies, not a single USA bathing suit ^-^’)

  9. Moreover. I recorded about 7 tapes, and a few days ago all my replays have disappeared, were simply not there. Very clever! Bugs everywhere!

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