Prius Online coming in English


Looks like Netmarble (in English??) is planning to release Prius Online for all of us non Japanese. Hooray, now you guys can all stop spoofing your mac addresses and using bootleg proxies/vpns to connect to the Japanese servers. On the other hand, most US licensed games turn out like crap…and without Tamura Yukari voicing the loli it’s just not the same anymore. Oh well when the English version is out, if I’m not busy with any other games, I might give it a shot just to see what it’s like. I heard Japan recently added like 12 new classes or something so maybe that’s something to look forward to.

8 thoughts on “Prius Online coming in English”

  1. Maybe it’ll work on my laptop that’s coming? xD;

    Well, depending on if it runs on my laptop or not will determine if I’ll play as well when it opens up. Since it obviously doesn’t work on my desktop. =3=

  2. the biggest problem I had with prius is server lag. I had no problem with video lag cause I have a really beefy video card/ram but the server lag was DEADLY. Could be because it was still beta and/or Japanese servers only catered to the Japanese IP range for all I know though.

  3. The description is more like Engrish than English but I’m not a native speaker so I might have the wrong impression ^^.

  4. I dont like how the first game Netmarble decides to publish in English is Mini Fighter, blech. Hopefully after MF launches they’ll publish Prius which seems to be their more popular title among US gamers 😀

  5. yea i’m surprised how popular prius became…to the point where people are using proxies and vpns and spoofing their mac addresses just to play @@ I mean it was a nice game…but I didn’t think it was worth all the trouble ^^;

    I dont know what mini fighter it lol – doesnt sound like anything I’d be interested in.

    Abi> it originates from Korea what do you expect 😛

  6. I’m not really that much of a fan of MMORPGs (generally, they don’t keep my attention, as I see running around fighting random monsters becoming pointless very quickly), but simply because Tamura Yukari, my favorite seiyuu ever, was mentioned, I’m mildly interested. Mildly.

  7. I fell in love with this game XD
    even though i never played it. I think it will make me quit FlyFF finally XD

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