PangyaBRSEA Update: Swimsuit Party


Until I can confirm that hackers aren’t completely DESTROYING the server, I shall call it Pangya BRSEA. I reported  36 hackers over last weekend and their newest shits & giggles is creating fake GM rooms and using the colored GM text. The worst part is, because of this bullshit, GMs are no longer speaking in the lobby and the stupid GM tourneys are now cancelled. (Oh well I only ever got into ONE of them anyway!) At least they banned 301 hackers last night, so it’s good to know my 36 reports were probably in there.

Arin and her plastic bags
Arin and her plastic bags

All the swimsuits are 7900 points but that doesn’t include all the accessories (such as shoes or hair accessories.) The great news is, most of the stupid accesories are spin. God who needs so much spin!!! Do not want! So basically I only want to purchase Kooh’s and possibly Hana’s at this point. Ceci’s is nice too but I may just only purchase her “face star” which gives her 1 control because it’s cuter than her hena tattoo. I like how Pangya JP always adjuted their stats and added curve to their outfits for a change, but nope, all spin here yay! Oh well at least it’ll save me some money. If you don’t car eabout stats and only looks then I recommend picking up Lucia’s hair accessories as they are fairly cute.


Surprisingly there’s actually an event this week that lasts until August 12th. Back during July 4th I requesed on the forums that they release the American Flag swimsuits…and while better late than never, this is actually a better event. Instead of releasing them as purchaseable items, they are released as an event. They will pop out of a hole like the Lucia coupon did back in season 3. I’m surprised to hear that there’s a swimsuit for Max! I thought it was only for Ceci and Arin!! 😯 So yea this is cool. Again if I get Max’s and JP gets Arin’s we’ll probably end up trading…although I don’t think they fixed the mailbox system yet.

Other notes of interest are: They may have fixed the messenger, but I can’t confirm this. They fixed other visual bugs apparently whatever that means. The most important thing is they updated gameguard, FINALLY! Someone in my QQ thread mentioned that this is the same version that Korea is using. Hopefully this will help keep the retards at bay for a while…

13 thoughts on “PangyaBRSEA Update: Swimsuit Party”

  1. Hmm free swimsuit for Arin might get me play PangyaBRSEA for a while now, I’m a bit tired of Korean Bingo Event (and probably win shit like always anyway…).

  2. haha tired of KR??? blasphemy! I dunno why I really like ceci’s swimsuit more than Arin’s, maybe because I like the blue stars XD

  3. Hinano> yeah, all I do in KR is endlessly play tourneys on the same two courses over and over again (guess which ones) to get those damn numbers. So far I’ve managed to get only two lines (thanks to the fact that you can get the same number more than once) and all I got was 20 exp nuts and 20 spin/stabilizer items… Japan pissed me even more, 400 tries in Papel Shop and not a single rare, and these draws are only for the recent event, I haven’t seen a red bag in last 700 tries at least _-_. I guess Pangyas are hating me ;_;, maybe they are jealous of each other ^^;.

  4. Abi> ouch bad luck :S i thought the pangya JP drop rate was higher than US and Korea, guess not!

    Taiyaki> hahaha watch you get CEci’s like 3 times or something (actually I don’t know if we can get duplicates or not)

    Shin> pft kooh is equally distributed in this post with the rest of the ladies!

  5. Arin has no plastic! Shes all the beauty nature gave her! She´s a magician, what else did she do at first with her magic? Making her boobs bigger than she originally had. I would do the same XP
    I love Arin in the new swimsuit.

    Iam thinking about buying koohs one.
    It just looks awesome.
    I wish we would get Max hairstyle in the picture.
    He looks far better than usual.

    Iam suprised Ntreev updated gameguard, but it was time to. More than necessary!

    Iam so happy they ban a lot of people. They can ban everyone, but not me. XD

  6. I was referring to the plastic bag hanging from her bikini bottoms but …okay 😆

    max’s hair style is actually available in the latest japan/korea scratch lottery 🙂

  7. I was surprised that that they upgraded gameguard I was like “O SHET WHAT?” I’ll probably get only lucia’s hair accessory b/c it’s so cute ;-;. I would get kooh’s swimsuit but I’m short on money lD;;;

    I hope they release Max’s new hairstyle in the future, I’d waste my scratchies on those.

  8. yea apparently we were 35 GG revisions behind 😯

    I like Lucia’s hair things too but ugh….SPIN enouguh SPIN blehhhh lol

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