Otome Game Review: Pet Detective Y’s

I’ve been meaning to play this game ever since I played Amedeo’s other games. This is an all ages game btw, something AMEDEO should just stick to doing honestly (no more juruu’s please xDDD) The heroine of the story is Futaba Yuuka, age 17, who was also Misuzu’s “best friend” character in Kare to Kare no Hazama de. Her uncle owns a pet detective agency and he goes on vacation or something so he asks her to take care of it, as well as the multitute of animals in there. (It’s like a zoo you got cats, hamsters, monkeys birds etc lol) Not to fret though, Yuuka isn’t alone because her uncle left her with his jigolo robot Barious. Apparently he was thrown out so her uncle picked him and uses him to cook/clean and stuff. xD Unfortunately Bari has tendencies to switch to jigolo mode and spray phermones everywhere lmao. And so, Yuuka’s adventures as a pet detective begin!

other01Yuuka’s best friend is Ayumu, whose brother Takeru is also one of Yuuka’s eligible bachelors lmao. The game basically consists of picking “customers” and helping them find their lost pets. I guess as you finish routes you unlock more and more bishies for a total of 9 (so much for LoveRevo being my longest game ever…lol) There’s a flashback at the beginning of how Yuuka was playing with a kitten and met a shota who apparently was hated by animals. He told her that they should be friends since animals love her and apparently he was her first friend ever. She never remembered anything about him or his name and never saw him again apparently.

leroy01Leroy Slutskaya – When I first saw his last name I’m like “what is he Russian or something?” Turns out he is lol. Actually it seems his mother was Russian while his father was Japanese, so he was actually born and raised in Japan and speaks Japanese fluently. He got his looks from his mother though so he still LOOKS Russian haha. Leroy was abandoned by his mom when he was 5 to join the circus. He thought that was his only way to survive so he basically threw out his emotions so he’d forget about the loneliness without his parents.When he first met Yuuka he was pretty cold and tsun but then he eventually fell for her and became a little dere. He kinda reminds me of Kitou from STEP (I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the prototype to be honest rofl). He came to Yuuka’s agency because the baby white tiger from his circus had been stolen to be put on auction.

leroy02With Yuuka and Barious’ help they manage to get the baby tiger Constantine back to her mother Tatyana. (Yes all the animals have like Russian names too rofl.) By the time Constantine is rescued, Yuuka’s already fallen for Leroy.The day before Leroy’s circus is about to leave he asks her to come see him at the circus tent. She goes to see him only to overhear that he’s quitting the circus. He tells her that thanks to her he realized he wants to follow his dreams to be a photographer. He kisses her and then before she leaves she tells him that she loves him. Months pass and Yuuka and Ayumu are now both seniors in high school. On the opening day Yuuka runs into Leroy who’s returned from his photographer journey. He said he had met his mother and decided to “start his life over” by first graduating high school. He enrolls as a 3rd year student to Yuuka’s surprise since apparently he was also 17…^^; He tells her he loves her and that he’ll never leave her again.

kuri01Kurihara Kippei – Ugh the erojiji route. This was the most painful route to sit through. First of all geezus I don’t even know how old this guy is. They could have at least given him a “younger sounding” seiyuu cause he sounded like a 40 year old man. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a 40 year old man. So like since Yuuka is 17 this is fucking gross. God I’m older than Yuuka and I still think it’s fucking gross -_-; The story for Kurihara is he’s a body guard of a rich bocchan shota (who also has a route apparently wtf 😕 )First his pet chihuahua Myu-chan gets lost and so he comes to Yuuka’s agency to find her. Once they find Myu-chan it turns out she’s preggo and has puppies! Kurihara is so distraught and enraged he now asks Yuuka to find the baby daddy. After running around for a couple days eventually they find the chocolate chihuahua named Alexey (also a Russian name lol) who fathered Myu-chan’s puppies.

kuri02On top of that they like run into some guy who refused to hand him over or something and so Yuuka had to like use the gun skill Kurihara taught her. Why the hell would you teach a 17 year old how to use a freaking gun…..in Japan? 😯 Ok here’s the answer: Because Kurihara’s former wife died in a shooting so I guess Kurihara didn’t want the same thing happening to Yuuka. When at the end Yuuka admits her feelings to Kurihara I was like barfing all over the place but I was happy to hear him saying that he still has his wife in his heart. Unfortunately Yuuka’s like “THAT’S OKAY WITH ME” sigh. So then there’s like that blargh kiss scene and at the very end they get married. Blargh how gross. Gross route, I wish I didn’t have to go through. Actually if it wasn’t a requirement to unlock other routes I wouldn’t even have bothered to be honest ^^;.

mori01Moriya Ichirouta – Ichirouta is the clumsy kindergarten teacher (he always falls lol) who comes to Yuuka to find one of the bunnies named Bob who escaped out of the rabbit cage. To be honest I think Ichirouta’s incredibly adorable but there was just NOT ENOUGH OF HIM. I felt like they spent more time talking to lolis and shotas the entire route than to Ichirouta himself -_-; I’m not exactly fond of children so I just set it on auto while I did other things. The lolis & shotas were kinda randy too. This one couple Ma-chan and Ta-kun, she’d be like “Don’t touch mah man!” to Yuuka all the time. Yea like I’m sure 17 year old Yuuka wants your 5 year old boyfriend 🙄

mori02The other annoyance was Barry in this route. I mean normally Barry’s jigolo mode doesn’t bother me but in this route when he was in cooking mode he sounded like an オネェ. He kept doing this “okama mode” where he’d talk like some dude at an okama bar trying to lure some YOUNG STUD. Ugh =_=; It was so horrible that at a point I just began to skip his dialogue because it hurt my ears. I mean some male seiyuus can pull this kind of thing off, but this guy sounded like nails on chalkboard. Anyway after they finally catch Bob in the “restricted entry” park, Yuuka falls down a well. Fortunately Ichirouta’s there to grab her hand and catch her to pull her back up.

mori03Yuuka by now of course has fallen in love with him (like she has with every other guy) and she goes to tell him her feelings. She overhears the loli lecturing him about how he needs to tell a woman how he feels (lol?) Yuuka then realizes that he likes her (because he stutters and blushes when he’s talking to her hehe) and then he confesses to her. She tells him she feels the same way and 4 years later he proposes to her and gives her an engagement ring. Our of curiosity I did his bad end because I noticed I kept missing that ONE CG on every guy’s route…and yea turns out the bad ends have that missing CG. Ichirouta’s bad end was that his father got ill so he had to go back to live at home leaving Yuuka crying and confessing her feelings as the train pulled away. How sad. 😦

take01Hinata Takeru – As I mentioned earlier, Takeru is Ayumu’s younger brother so I think he’s maybe a year younger than Yuuka? His route was great because well you actually INTERACTED with him. Also he’s got the glasses in this game and he’s nota Kichiku Megane character which makes him so 萌え~。 He comes to Yuuka because he lost his pet mini-panda named Charlotte. While Yuuka and Bari do most of the detective work, after a while Bari goes to do stuff on his own and asks Takeru to assist Yuuka in his place. Takeru is more than happy because it turns out he fell in love with Yuuka the first time he met her 😉

take02He’s quite adorable and pretty straight forward with his feelings. Yuuka of course thinks that he’s just kidding with her, until he tells her that he hates it when other girls kyakya over him and that he only says charming things to her. In addition Takeru is a very talented artist. Thanks to this a lot of his sketches help in finding clues to find Charlotte. Eventually they run into Charlotte a few times but she’s not a mini-panda but a giant roaring beast now. Because she’s grown so large they have trouble catching her until they visit the aquarium at night.

take03There they run into weird ghosts and old sennin (wtf?) and answer all sorts of questions lol. Finally they find Charlotte is being held captive by some scientists. It turns out that she was actually their experiment who escaped which is how Takeru originally found her wandering around the beach. She’s really huge now and is ready to tear everyone apart. The scientists run away but thanks to Takeru & Barry they manage to turn her back to her mini-panda form. The scientists then figure out a way to keep her continuously small so that Takeru can continue keeping her as a pet. After all that, Takeru confesses to Yuuka who tells him that of course she feels the same. Some x years later, Takeru proposes to Yuuka by drawing a sketch of her in a wedding dress. So cute ^__^!

seiji01Sou Seiji – Seiji is the grumpy owner of the pet shop where Yuuka’s agency is located. His name sounds like “sausage” so all the little kids always make fun of him. In addition one of the birds in his pet store, Sachiko (male) always makes fun of him by repeating nasty words that he hears from tv dramas xD. Despite being a grump, Seiji really cares for his animals and customers. In this story, Sachiko changes the numerical key to open the register and refuses to tell Seiji unless he finds Sachiko a “bride”. With Yuuka’s help, they find a stuffed bird which Sachiko thinks is his new bride so he tells Seiji the code.

seiji02Seiji’s able to deposit the money into the bank in time so his boss (who’s away in the Amazon somewhere) doesn’t fire him. Afterwards Yuuka realizes that she’s fallen for Seiji but she doesn’t know how to confess since he’s always so grumpy (and he hates cats wtf!!!) However he overhears it from Sachiko who repeats what Yuuka told him, and he asks Yuuka if she likes him. She says she does and he tells her that he is happy to hear that, and that he would like to get to know her more :3 Their ending scene is her kissing the outside of the glass door, and him kissing the “lip print” she left from the other side. It was kinda weird but cute at the same time XD.

chiyo01Mikuriya Chiyomaru – I really questioned why the hell this like 6 year old shota is a route. Then again we had a 40 year old jiji route so I guess this shouldn’t be too shocking. 😐 Chiyomaru is of course the rich bocchama that Kurihara bodyguards. He’s lost his pet…cockroach (they never did say what it is but I assume so) so Yuuka reluctantly agrees to find it. This somehow involves Yuuka and Bari going down to the sewage and killing 1000 roaches to accomplish the task of catching Bonjurno (thats the roaches name apparently lol.)There’s 2 ways to do this. The first is you have your normal sized slipper and you kill 1000 roaches. (Basically each roach gives you 10 points.) If you successfully do this (I don’t know how you couldn’t they moved pretty slow) the ending ends up with Chiyomaru being a trap – he’s a shota but has long hair and looks like a loli because his mother wanted a daughter so she raised him as a girl.

chiyo02In the 2nd ending, if you let 5 roaches go free, Bari gives you a giant slipper so then you can kill like 4 at a time and get more points to get your goal of 10,000.In this ending, Chiyomaru’s hat reveals him to be a cute shota xD He also kissed Yuuka while she was sleeping because she passed out from all that roach slapping. The loli end amused me but I have a feeling the game had assumed you would get that one 2nd not first XD It was quite amusing, but the route was short so you didn’t have to put up with Chiyomaru and his brattyness for too long. Also his gang of 2 shotas with hands that look like tennis balls it made things a lot more annoying. I wish they would have added more content into Seiji’s route and just taken this route all together, as it was pretty pointless ^^;.

bari01Barious – Barious, Bari for short is the robot that Yuuka finds in her uncle’s pet detective agency. His name actually is the english equivalent of “Various” because Bari can take on various forms – which he does throughout the game such as jigolo, dog, homo chef, circus trainer and shota. One day Bari tells Yuuka that it’s his birthday and that he is 20 years old. She’s confused because he’s a robot how can he have an age and birthday? They decide that they should try to find Bari’s memories. First Bari remembers that he was a shota named Hashiba Rui and after they do some asking around, it turns out that Rui died at the age of 5. Not too long after Rui’s mother passed away as well leaving his father sad and lonely. His father then decided to create a robot that would look like Rui but would grow up just like a real human being. He implanted Rui’s memories into the robot and experimented in an underground lab to get the robot to grow up and live as long as possible. After all his experiments it seems like he was only able to successfully create Bari who would then shut down a few months after he turned 20. When Yuuka and Bari discover this (after going to & searching the lab) she is heartbroken.

bari02In addition they run into a mini robot version of little Rui. I didn’t really understand why he was there or why he was there alone though. Too much science babble. If someone cares to explain this to me I’d be grateful to be honest. Anyway after the “projected image” of Bari’s dad finishes the building begins to crumble. Bari, shota Rui and Yuuka escape just in time though. They decide to camp out for the night since the forest takes like 4 hours to walk through and while Rui falls asleep, Yuuka and Bari admit their feelings to each other.It doesn’t help that there’s a lot of emotions going on now that Bari knows about his past, and who his father was and why he was created. In addition Bari also remembers the same flashback Yuuka had at the beginning of the game. Turns out her first “friend” ever was shota Bari. With this the two of them kiss and then….do it.

bari03OMG!! I thought this was an all ages game xDDD ぬふふう~ but hey they only showed bare feet under the blankets…so no eroCGs xDDDDD Bah you know Barry’s the main guy cause he had the best kissing scene (and they did it lolol none of the other guys got that far.) So after they come back to the agency Yuuka is really depressed because she thinks she will never see Bari again. Bari takes Rui with him to go visit his father at their mother’s grave in September while Yuuka goes back home to her parents’ house. Some months (years?) pass and Yuuka is now the official head of the Futaba Pet Detective agency. One day while she’s feeding all the animals (who for some reason haven’t grown up rofl) Bari returns to her. She thinks it’s a dream at first until he tells her how much he loves her and if she’s lost that feeling he will make sure to bring it back.

bari04With this she hugs him and immediately he picks her up to carry her up to her bedroom to uh do…things 😉 Unfortunately they are cockblocked by a phone call from some guy who’s chameleon is missing. In addition Rui comes back and he’s liek “what the hell are you guys doing?” Bari tells Yuuka that they will “continue it in the evening.” Ahhh such a cute route! xDDD Geez I even cried when Yuuka had to leave and when we thought Bari might not come back. The really weird part is they never really explained WHY Bari lived (I guess his dad fixed him??) It was sorta…strange. Oh well whatever happy end ftw? XD The best part of this route is that it was actually INTERESTING to read…with most of the other routes I was so sick of the detective crap lol. That’s another reason this is the best route in the game.

star01Yotaka Issei – Issei is actually the ??? secret character in the game. In order to be able to play his route you have to make sure you collect EVERY blue bird during all the other routes in the game (50 in total.) As you do so, you find an egg which eventually turns into a frog which eventually turns into King Tristan. He then grants you a wish to be able to meet any person you wish – in this case it was Issei. Throughout the game while Yuuka was doing all her detective work, she always had a pack of mysetrious Labrador Retrievers helping her out. She didn’t know who the owner was and why they were so well trained but in this route she wishes she could find and thank him.

star02It turns out that Issei is actually the same age as her and goes to the same school! In addition she also gets a job to try to figure out who’s been painting scribbles with magic markers all over the 6 labradors’ faces. Eventually she finds out it was Chiyomaru (why am I not surprised) and after he admits he’s sorry (by threads from Kurihara 😆 ) Yuuka then finally meets Issei. She meets him playing with his dogs on the beach because it’s a place he often likes to go to. She pretty much falls in love with him instantly, who wouldn’t, he’s got the most fun personality and is voiced by this guy. 😀 (I’ve had major Trigun flashbacks playing this route.)

star03Anyhoo, Issei takes a liking to Yuuka as well and they both have fun with all his dogs on the beach a few times. All the dogs are named after planets such as Jupiter, Mars, Uranus etc. Issei’s plotline is that his mother died while trying to save him during a house fire. He survived but she didn’t – mainly because she was blind. His dad was blind as well which is why they both had guide dogs. One of those guide dogs was Vega who Issei really liked. Unfortunately after the fire the dog was handed over to another blind person to serve for the next 12 years. Yuuka wanted Issei to be happy so she requested the person who owns the dog to let Issei meet him. Issei is really happy to meet Vega but later on his father yells at him for it. Issei’s angry at his dad for “leaving his mother to die” but the man was blind himself and was unable to help her. Issei also finally reads his mother’s Braille diary and finds out how happy she was to have him as a child. After all the events end, Yuuka is sad that she’ll be separated from Issei when she goes back home – but he uh…immediately asks her to marry him. Erm….I’m all for romance & sheet but come on!! And well she agrees lols so they get married before they even graduate high school geezus. On the day that Yuuka is movig in with Issei he asks her to kiss him, she reluctantly agrees (cause it’s like in broad daylight how scandalous!) and then her mom is right there snapping a photo xDD

So overall the game was really cute. While the pet detective parts were a drag and well I could have done with less Kurihara and more Issei (seriously wtf), the actual “romantic” parts of the game were definitely awesome. It’s kinda like come on Amedeo I want MOAR. The Barious route was quite satisfying though, and obviously the best route in the game. Issei and Takeru were definitely my 2 other favorites because I just love guys with that kind of personality. Tsundeleroy was okay but only when he got deredere. Seiji didn’t have enough screen time, and well frankly neither did Ichirouta. If they just shifted the focus more on the GUYS instead of everything else, then yea this game woulda been pretty high up in my favorites. Catchy theme song gets high points though 😉

Big fat important edit: So the entire time I’m playing this game I’m sitting there going “why the HELL does this art look SO MUCH like Kinoshita Sakura’s style? I mean I feel like I’m playing Matantei Loki  Ragnarok the otome game!!” While taking CGs I decided to check for real…and WHADYA KNOW:


  • ペット探偵Y’s(PC用ゲーム、2004年12月10日発売)原画

xDDDDDDD Omg I knew it! Chiyomaru looks almost IDENTICAL to Loki from her Matantei Loki manga series!!! Doesn’t look like she did art for any of the other AMEDEO games though. Too bad, I love her art style wahhh x333

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  1. Hahaha oh sheet, maybe I should design Erika’s school uniform to look like Yuuka’s when we get self design! O_O

  2. The opening is quite catchy. I love the rap part of the song, it’s fresh.

    Anyway, I think the concept of “Pet detective” sounds pretty bad along with “hang out with bishie” oO;

    I don’t know, strange mix XD;

  3. Cool review as usual. Nice points ! Keep it up !! What is your next target ? BTW, managed to get your hands on Aromarie’s new game?

  4. berz> nah I don’t feel like making repeat designs xD

    Main> the hang out with bishie part was a lot more fun than the pet detective one xD

    Fox> Yea I did actually but it’s not on my priority list at the moment….my next target is Under the moon tsukiiro EROhon 😉

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