Pangya Rhyme

And so, it is completed! Thank you to everyone who participated ;D

23 thoughts on “Pangya Rhyme”

  1. Very cute video!
    You did a good job putting it all together. C:

    I enjoyed helping out! It was fun n_n

  2. Прости, я не успел сегодня.
    Красивое видео. Я говорил тебе, ты талантлива!

  3. Wow really nice job!

    I love your universe ^.^
    Could watch it again and again.

    I’m impatient to see your next one :p

  4. Heh… thanks to a messed up friendlist I was late. 😦 It’s sweet that I got into credits even if I wasn’t in the actual video *^^*.

  5. The editing is so pro O_O;; I’m really really really impressed, too bad the upload turned it into such a bad quality :/

    Anyway I totally forgot about that even if I wanted to join.

    But then again the editing wow…it’s totally like the original, I have no idea how you did that but that’s just awesome xD (Saori Sakura feat ave;new is love)

  6. nice job!!, unfortunately couldnt make it. live on west coast and was too early. (blame late night session)

    look forward toward ure next project

  7. very nice video. it was fun being a part of it XD and you having the men run to us like a bunch of pedo bears was really funny.

  8. Abi> you were in the video I’m so sure! at least you were in some of the clips I recorded. I don’t remember if I squeezed you into the footage though ;-;

    Main> yea sadly the good quality is sitting on my hard drive xD;;; I had trouble with the stupid logo, I had no idea how they make it all sparkly & crap lol

    kirby> yea I wanted to try to get my asia/europe friends in it too with the sacrifice that it might be too early for west coast 😦

    Hitomi> xD yea that was fun

    Jorik> indeed, I’d be surprised if I didn’t run into a tourney that didn’t have spam. /chatoff is my best friend now XD

    Wally> yep yep you helped out! 🙂

    Zangy> i’ve only made 2 so far xD if I have some other niconico meme to parody I’ll definitely be sure to do it ^^

  9. Hinano> Actually I am in the footage for a split second ^_^ I just didn’t notice at the first glimpse (one photo from our Winter Session on PangyaJP), besides it’s partly my fault that I didn’t make it on time to be in any animated scene. 😦

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