The Brazil Hate Machine

Warning you are about to witness the true terror that has taken over PangyaUSBR…


With this in mind, do you still want to continue spending money on PangyaUS? I highly doubt Ntreev has any plans to ban Brazil or put any kind of implementations to curb this nonsense…I don’t even think Albatross18 was this bad…but then again I didn’t really play it much in the 5 months before it closed…

64 thoughts on “The Brazil Hate Machine

  1. We cannot monitor the situation all the time! GMs are busy! We have work! We can afford to spend every weekend interacting and having a tee-off time with the players but not enforce our rules!!


  2. Did you send any of this to 1:1, not that it matters. We should spam this to them, and maybe get hit with a cluebat

  3. I sent this entire JPG to them. I am hoping that rather than sending them a few 1 liners, sending this massive thing will get it through their thick skulls what a problem Brazil is causing to the server. I’m not too optimistic though. 😐

  4. I’m not either, would love for them to use this as a ban list, but I’d rather them just see that the BRs don’t give two shits about anything and should just be banned. Which is sad, as there are few BR players that are alright and not shitheads like these guys up there.

  5. I…Impressive. I think you know that I’m like “don’t insult brasil people, all of them are not like that”…

    But this is just so terrible.
    At this rate I assume you could play on Korea, it would be the same since you don’t understand anything >_> !

    Btw “Goa like banned everyone” -> true. XD

  6. actually I made a BR friend while in there, they were like “I hate these BRs myself I’m gonna get banned cause of all these morons –;” I feel sorry for the good BRs to be honest but I can’t think of any other way to combat the problem. Perhaps disable Brazil registration so the good guys can keep their accounts or make anyone who is from Brazil pay a fee to register? I dunno -_-;

  7. Well…i can understand why their own server got shut down and no one wants them. I mean i knew Brasil was causing problems, but this is my really first time actually looking at this. This is ridiculous! You jump onto OUR server because you fucked up your own, now your going to insult OUR country while your here? Look, just like you guys, i know plenty of really nice brasilians, and i would hate to see them get banned, But an IP block might be the solution. Or like you said Hinano, Block any new foreign account registration so the nice brasilians can stay, and once the bad ones get banned (If Ntreev does some real work that is) they can’t make new accounts and start this crap all over again.

    Ntreev do something about this. I’m already more pissed at you then i was at OGPlanet, make up for it. Because it wont be long until Pangya PSP comes in the mail, and i am positive i can live without PangyaUSBR the way it is now.

  8. Goa like banned everyone jeah xD

    and the rest is insults or i dont understand it
    and how long was the spam in the lobby?

  9. A shame… Just a HOLY CRAP SHAME!

    Soccer – the worstest mass-manipulation tool what works over here. (sob) Due that BS, there stills happening too many problems here while ppl merelly does nothing against. Just a supposition, but since I’m quite more inside the situation, I bet if there’s a questionnaire to register new accounts for brazilians and there’s a field with “Tell what soccer club you are fan of:” and blocking EACH ONE account where answered other than “nothing”, then 95% of the problems comming from Brazil would be solved!

    Other sad thing on the screens are the poor proudly ones (like MichaelNaka) BEGGING them to stop that even with portuguese cursings, totally useless.

  10. myray> It’s been there all day from what I heard however the screenshots in this image are from me being in the lobby for about 10 minutes.

    Bixu> XD LOL I didn’t know soccer was such a crazy issue in Brazil, but I guess it makes sense now @@; Yea actually 2 Brazillians Michael and omg were all telling them to speak English only to be told “shut up stupid Americans”. they say that to their own countrymen =_=;;

    Wally> I am definitely hating Ntreev more than OGP right now. At least on OGP shops were enabled so I could TRADE with my friends and e-cards were cheaply buyable from the shop -_-;

  11. Being a Brazilian player who doesn’t really get along with anyone from Brazil in-game except a couple of real life friends from here, it saddens me to see such an idiotic act of stupidness.

    But, I must add, banning the whole country from this game and others won’t ever solve this problem. These people are all probably just kids who are always trying to get attention on the internet, and being “banned” is a pretty fucking big achivement for them. And, of course, the ban probably won’t stop these retards from coming back, while it WILL ruin the fun for honest players who abide by the rules imposed by the company.

    Oh, well, what can I do. If the whole world keeps spinning like this there shall come the day where I’ll need to move to another country in order to play stuff online, because I’ve lost count of how many times now I’ve lost access to online thanks to the underaged retards who surf the internet thinking rules are meaningless and nothing bad ever happens for their actions.

  12. Blue> Sigh sad to see another good Brazilian player suffer consequences because of the retarded kids in your country who got access to a computer 😦

  13. Yeah, it really saddens me that this kind of thing still happens nowadays. We always try to tell them not to do x and y, but most of the time it’s useless since there’s this feeling that nothing bad happens on the Internet or whatever!

    Oh, and since I already commented, might as well add I’ve been a long time lurker around here and I do enjoy your blog a whole lot. Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing us interesting povs and stories about Pangya and other stuff!

  14. Haha thanks for lurking :> (and commenting!) It’s interesting from all this drama I’ve met a few good Brazilian players today! 😆 Maybe it’s all a blessing in disguise? XD

  15. I think I’m actually learning portoguese through this game lmao
    I see it everywhere, and it’s annoying now. And I speak spanish so I understand half of the nonsense they are saying. None of it is pleasent to my eyes. Besides soccer isn’t the US’s national sport, it’s football lol so it didn’t work too well.

  16. @Hinano: the thing is: isnot soccer that crazy issue, but WHO chooses to becomes fanatic for! I knows I had been unfair with thoose ones who are soccer fans and are good people from here doing that statement, but the reality is that looks how much you are fanatic (and troublemaker) about soccer here is also how much you are a troublemaker on all other general issues you gets involved to. Here are many soccer fan-clubs what already was know even worse than the “original” europeans Hooligans!

    Otherwise, the issues we are supposed to be know by around the world (afaik) are, also, the most powerfull “mass alienation tools” commonly used here: soccer, (Brazilian) Carnival event, and pretty womans/sex. So, how more addicted a brazilian is about that main things, more alienated he uses to be also.
    Of course there are other ones but thoose can be totally considered as indicative for fine.

    About IP bannings: I’d already spread this world a lot before, but maybe I need to reassure it again: yeah! we have many good and enjoyable players already registered at the game, and this could prejudice them. Otherwhile, if just preventing new registrations, and how about thoose enjoyable players ones who ARE NOT registered yet?
    A necessary damage? Maybe yes, maybe not! But I still believes that there is some other ways to solve this.

  17. Ehrm… Where I’d wrote “I’d already spread this world a lot before“, please consideer “world” as “word” – did a disattention mistake! [shame]

  18. aaa T_T
    and i was kinda sleeping while people outside my room were screaming ‘gooooool’ ‘gooool’ wth orz.

    the issue about having brazilian people doing nonsense on lobbies and such is nearly ok from my pov, mostly because that isnt rly THE problem. if you just kick away the brazilian people out of the server, you get to read pinoy. after that, you start to read french and german. not to mention spanish.
    (belive me, i did play before the br flood. i used to see spanish and french all the time.

    is it so hard to put some gm on the lobbies kickin out those stupid people? giving them a freaking 60min ban or so.

    anyway, language turned into an issue afterwards. main problem from here is begging for stuff and well, dorky people who need to hack to play a damn golf game.

  19. I think Ntreev is a bunch of greedy buttholes. If they weren’t they’d actually pay their GMs to monitor lobbies and such and ban all the retards. But instead Ntreev places a bunch of stupid google adsense ads into the forums because they just want more money. Increase prices of scratch lottery tickets and give some bullshit excuse that they are free. Tell US to report hackers instead of implementing a better security feature.

    Don’t feed the greed, stop spending money on this game until the problems are solved (if ever)

  20. O___O *shooooock*
    I feel like I’ve been living under a little rock ahaha XD I stopped hanging around in the lobby and play vs only with friends now unless there’s no one online, but…had no idea it was nasty like this. I actually felt sick reading through that whole thing.
    And about the other languages thing…I’ve been seeing quite a bit of pinoy and spanish too, but its nowhere near the insane levels of portuguese O__O

  21. Sight… banning BR IP’s is only a half measure I’m afraid. They will start using some VPN/proxies, the same goes to registering the new account. Japan made it right (well almost) cause they block all IP outside of Japan, even some of their own and Korea has now very strict registration policies (you need more than just KSSN now). Only an army of GM’s could get rid of all those affs from lounge and that would cost quite a few bucks that NTreev doesn’t like to spent, they rather get more money from honest players that eliminate the bad ones…

  22. Ahh. After seeing this I’ve decided to totally quit PangyaUS unless someones find me to play 😦

    I guess I’ll go back to Pangyajp to play (My old VPN actually managed to connect for like, 3hours before disconnecting)…but it’s kind of sad that I don’t have access to webmoney to buy points anymore D:

  23. It´s sad for those brazilians who are honest and try to behave. Everywhere on the world are stupid people, even in Germany where Iam from.
    But I do prefer the englisch language more than german.
    But why the hell, do they behave like that?
    It can´t be just that they are from Brazil.

    IP banning is something no one wants to face ´cause most players aren´t from America. So Ntreev would loose money. (I do not really want to spend any money anyhow on Ntreev)
    I wish there would be a solution for the language problem that everyone would be satisfied with. Even those honest brazilian players.

    Are those people really from Brazil? Or are just some other foreign and even american people act like that just because they do not have anything else to do?

    And I do think about not playing or paying anymore for anything. (or just spending pangs. since I bought Hana yesterday)
    I rather save my money and order the englisch version of Pangya portable from the USA. (Since Iam sure it won´t be released here in Germany)

  24. Wow… I very rarely hang out in the lobby but I find this truly offensive. It’s one thing to have BRs invading, but calling us Yankee Pigs, insulting our president, as well as threats if unforgivable. Ntreev is losing every battle they look at, our servers are screwed.

  25. Yes it’s quite disgusting. I’m really hoping that this image will be a wakeup call for them to take some drastic actions. If not, this server will only crumble. The best thing to do now is

    a) play only privately with friends
    b) Take a break from Pangya US until S4 (what I am doing)
    c) Quit Pangya period
    d) Play Pangya Portable
    c) Pretend nothing is wrong with the server and go on playing as always (just like most retards on the forums are)

  26. I’m also brazilian and I believe you all have noticed that number of those idiots spamming in portuguese increased quite a bit lately. That’s because Ntreev made and agreement witha brazilian game company (Level Up Games, aka LUG) who is now reselling points to Pangya for Brazil so we can havePoint items too. The problem is that in the mais site they advertise it as if it were brazilian, or that it is also brazilian, they dont say that its a banneable offense to speak it in public, its like “Hey, here is a game that er are selling points too, come play we like it very much, is pretty and shiny” and the you go to a page written and chinese.
    As I play, when I find brazilians breaking the rules, I first warn them in english, then in portuguese and then ban.
    But 10% didnt know the rules and after knowing it thanked me for healping and beagun to follow them and for the rest, half of it didnt care and the other half though that LUG had BOUGHT NTREEV so they could speak portuguese freely, tha this was indeed a brazilian game, or at least a brazilian server and that people who complain just suck.
    Usually when I warn that 90% i get a “Fuck you” and worse (in portuguese).
    I’m saying it because there are a lot of misunderstandings that Ntreev shouldnt let happen =/
    (sorry for the long comment, and ive also been lurking on your blog, XDDD)

  27. bleepsy> Thanks haha actually I have seen that site before….and I knew about the fact that LUG was promoting Pangya. Bixu had explained to me on the forums that nowhere in their stupid rules did it say that Pangya was an ENGLISH server. So yea I’m not surprised that a lot of Brazilians think they’re running the show. The problem is you got 2 greedy companies both after money from BR and non BR players. Due to this neither cares enough to implement stricter rules about the server. While I’m glad that you got some good Brazilian players to follow the rules since they did not know otherwise, the majority as you said will just say “fuck you” and continue doing whatever they want.

  28. lol, sorry for the spam, i was just looking for my screenshots of suspicious players, ive seen tha omg players on a tourney before, he was a rookie F with a score of -5 and 4666 (+1260) pangs. so maybe he’s not all that nice

  29. I am brasilian, and i’m sorry much for it.
    Isn’t all brazilian are idiots how I see now in your screens.

    Sometimes you saw Trudis, weasel, maashow and others… spamming or destroying your server?
    But u are right…80% brazilians are kid (13~14 years old)…and are spammers.

    I just say I’m sorry..I’m Brazilian but i’m not like they.

  30. Well, i’ve sent both compannies a request that they did something about that site. Since i’ve mentioned loss of money with Brasil IP block and from other players that are not satisfied with the current events that will stop playing or stop spending money on the game, i believe they’ll take it more seriously.
    After all its such a simple thing to do.

  31. bleepsy> LOL what he’s a hacker too? lmao. well at least he was trying to put an end to the spam… xD;; From what I heard LUG doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything but money (kinda like how the spammers don’t give a fuck either) so I doubt they will do anything on their side. All we can hope for is Ntreev sends them an ultimatum or something x_X;

    Jayeitch> from this post alone I’ve had many good Brazilian players come here and speak their thoughts on this situation. you are right, the good ones exist, but they seem outnumbered by the idiots.

  32. what can we do?
    It is impossible try to save my country in a future IP block. How I said…
    The fault of the “idiots” … will be pay for all.
    Do you want a IP- block? For me you are 100% right.

    I’m isolated on another server where no Brazilians can’t access.
    It is the best I can do … Play alone.

    But I just say for you..not widespread!
    Some Brazilians not deserve hear harsh words..

  33. maybe setting something like
    inputting tags in foreign languages.
    so if anyone types in “sera” and other foreign memes, you get auto-DCed heh

    but it gets me to think about the br-troll uprising.. if ntreev doesnt enforce something soon, people will start to troll around(i mean, spreading the effect of ‘i dont fckn care’) therefore speaking in pinoy, french, spanish and whatsoever.

    worst of all this stuff rly is something i`ve done the past few days:

    opened a room “please SPEAK ENGLISH!1” >> people came in saying ‘oh i came in because of the room name’, a few seconds after that, i see a portuguese line… uber fail.

    ah another thing.
    we cant speak portuguese>>noobs do not understand english>>impossible to ask ‘stfu’ in english>>cannot use portuguese to warn them>>trolling continues…

    oh well, language issues aside, whats making me rly worried is the hacking problem.
    everyday i go in to play a bit(at least the last 4-5 days) i`ve been seeing weird scores. prolly hacking but well. the only one which was obvious to me was the guy who completed 1hole of 18 and had 15k pang cashed in.


  34. ntreev needs to tell levelup to post strict rules on their site IN portugese about language. I hardly play with strangers but I will also make rooms called “English Only” if I do ^^;

    hackers are everywhere, I think our gameguard is outdated and hasn’t been updated in over a month. like i said…ntreev has so much shit and they’re only making it worse with their idiotic scratch system and the horrible papel shop rates.

  35. LUG is a terrible company. And this doesn’t apply only to PangYa, their Brazilian Ragnarok Onlne Premium server (as in, the one you need to p2p) has been suffering with connection problems for two weeks now, and they treat it like it’s nothing. Oh, fun fact though, let me add, the Free server where you can play without paying their monthly fee is working correctly without any problems, hahaha.

    Anyway, to sum it up, yeah, LUG is terrible and they don’t warn people or whatsoever about what rules they should abide by when playing on English-speaking servers.

  36. HOLY SHIT. This pisses me off so much. What the fuck is up with these Brazilian players? Do they seriously think they own OUR server? Jesus christ, I’ve played on foreign games before and I have NEVER done anything like this before. This is disgusting. Then again, they’re not helping their cause at all. From what I’ve seen, they just made all the US players in that lobby hate Brazlian players even more, WAY2GOGUIZE.

    Also, LOL @ gringos comment. It’s like that girl is saying “YEAA I hate America and white people suck!! That’s EXACTLY why Im playing in a server that is run and located in a country thats predominantly white!” And then the rest of her “insults” just make her out to be an even bigger dumbass.

    I don’t even care about season 4 anymore. I probably won’t even play it when it comes out; Maybe just log in and play around with the new features and that’s it. Other than that, the community is a disaster and NtreevUS doesn’t seem to care or enforce anything. We can only hope for a freaking Brazilian publisher to pick up pangya for them to destroy agian. Ffffffff.

  37. hah, i got a response of LUG after i asked them to make a bigger warning on their site and explaining to them that the community of pangya was forcing and IP block and that that would make them loose money. they said “talk to ntreev (url for ntreev) and buy items for pangya! (url for putting mone on the game)” well, only money after all, huh?

  38. ROFL ROFL ROFL wow that is fucking PATHETIC!!! Also Ntreev has still not responded to my ticket about this spam yet. Then again usually their responses are “thank you” or “due to the scope of our games..blah blah blah” lol

    Whatever, *back to playing otome games and ignoring the mess that is PangyaUS* 😐

  39. “thank you for your ticket and enjoy your time at pangya” ?
    or try eu again we have french people but thats better than br´s^^

  40. No thanks. GOA is pretty bad too. There’s hackers on there as well (maybe not to the extent of US) and honest players who get HIOs or any kind of high scores are instantly called hackers and banned. I don’t feel like playing purposely like crap until I reach a level high enough to “not be” considered a “cheater” 🙄

  41. Anyway Ntreev replied to my ticket with “Thank you for reporting this to us. We will take appropriate action.”

    Let’s see what their “appropriate action” is. So far all I saw on the forums is them banning 90 hackers who had 6million pang between them.

  42. This is getting fucking ridiculous. =_=;
    Are the GM’s really this blind? I’m fairly sure that 50% of the Brazilian players are hackers, and I know that 98% of the foreign language spammers are Brazilian. I think a system much like Korean Pangya’s is in order. Let everyone keep their accounts now, but if you want to sign up for Pangya US, you must confirm by fax or phone that you live here. Only then will you be allowed to have an account.
    While the brazilian’s who are ALREADY here get banned and won’t be able to get back in, the decent brazilians will be able to stay because THEY ABIDE BY OUR RULES.
    To 98% of Brazilians who play on pangya: Gtfo. Just gtfo.

  43. It feels ridiculous to be brazilian after reading this, really ‘-‘

    Yeah, people in Brazil are really crazy about soccer. But to think they would spam about that on a completely unrelated place.

    It is really sad as these people use the game just to spam mediocre messages like that.

    There are plenty of bad words said for no reason. Seriously, it was better if the USA team had won that soccer game.

  44. whats stupid is everyone knows America’s “sport” is football not soccer so even Americans didn’t expect America to win…so wtf is Brazil expecting? The fact that America actually only lost by 1 is pretty damn impressive rather than a flawless 3-0 to be honest. They’re spamming to me is the equivalent of some 4 year old kid stepping on an ant and going “AHHA TAKE THAT YOU EVIL ANT!” O_o

  45. Actually, I think all that big fuss was because USA’s team was winning by 2-0 by the end of the first half. I really thought they were going to win. Brazil’s team turned the tables on the second half, so I guess it would give more reasons(?) to spam than a “normal” victory.

    Meh, I think they don’t have really busy lifes. I don’t know what would I do if my life as empty as hacking games and spamming as if it were my right to do.

  46. The reason why there are so many BRfags is because Trickster and GrandChase online are completely crowded with BRfags and all of Ntreev US’s games are FULL of BRfags.

    I wish they would ban them.

  47. That’s interesting, I heard there were BRs in trickster but I heard that Ntreev had them “under control” there. So much for that I guess 😆

  48. Hiya Hinano,

    How`s things? You might or might not remember me, we played Pangya like, once or twice I guess. Still check your sometimes though 😉 I noticed the LUG now states “Jogo online em ingles” . Although I don`t know any Portugese (except a few words, I pick up languages quite quickly most of the times if I want to), I`m pretty sure it means “game in English” since I know “ingles” means English… I doubt if it`ll help much, but at least new BR players will know up front…

  49. It always said that Izumi, it doesn’t really mean that “speak English or get banned”. The stupid BRs don’t care. Only those BRs who follow rules actually read that -_-;

  50. So much for ththat little sparkle of hope I had I guess… That really sux, since I also can`t rlly go JP anymore… The VPN service I used to use to play there skyrocketed from $20 to $38 a month, and the SOCKS5 connection ( if anyone is interested) changes pass every day (which the mods sometimes refuse to post for a week cuz they`re lazy), and is sometimes unstable for weeks, (DC`s you every minute or so). So I guess it`s back 2 PangyaUS/BR even for me….

  51. I’m a Brazilian, RELAX, RELAX!!! A normal one.
    – Yeah, I feel bad about all this idiots, I feel bad about the USA server getting destroyed each second that pass, the best we can do is keep reporting.
    The crap brazilians will get banned and the good ones will stay.

  52. Sigh, I just registered for this cute game to find that there’s barely anybody that speaks English. Now this? Gosh. Honestly, even.. 5-6 years ago, Brazilians like these didn’t exist. Servers were peaceful, seldom were there assholes spamming in lobbys of games, even English speaking players were more tame and talked less trashy.

    If this keeps up, who knows how bad our gaming community is going to get. Honestly, It’s not even isolated to the Brazilian community anymore, even our own community has been increasingly showing such incredible stupidity, ignorance, and overly EGOTISTICAL ARROGANCE that it disgusts me. Every few rooms you would find an utter dumbass badmouthing another country, passing judgement on an entire race, saying things that you wouldn’t believe came out of the mouth of children. Unbelievable.

  53. oh my I guess you have been acquainted with PangyaUN! Yea that’s how the server is, one giant cesspool save for the few friends you can make – which you now can’t even see online cause the fucking messenger’s broken.

    I’m sorry for you having to experience the shithole that is this server, but if you do like the game itself, if I ever organize anymore tourneys in this blog you are free to jump in on them. I guarantee that most people who attend are not like the retards you have unfortunately come to meet.

  54. :O Tourneys! I’d love to join! (Mind you I’m still very very newbie) As for the server problems, ugh, right now I’m just playing Pangya Portable. It’s quite fun, so I should be happy with it for quite awhile. Let’s hope for our sanity that Pangya’s infestation issues get’s addressed soon =)

  55. mm……..I don’t think they’re ever going to get addressed, I’ve pretty much given up any hope I had for this server. I waited for 3 months…and it only got worse so I can’t really see 6 months making a difference. it’s so bad now that even those who supported me in trying to improve the server, have given up and become delusional enough to convince themselves that it’s “not so bad” after all 🙄

    but yea the game itself has some positives left so maybe one day I’ll do tourneys again – or at least an organized approach mission when they input the damn system on august 26th

  56. Remember, Hinano. As long as Ntreev gets that $52.98 out of them, I doubt we will see action taken. Ntreev loves their money too much.

  57. Was because this you said me in my blog about the vpn configurations?
    Hinano I pay for play, I play in peace.
    Pangya Usa is garbage. I leave taht server a long time.
    I remember the time where we play for fun. Had some brazilians still in albatross18, 20~30 people, amazing people. Pangya Usa is a garbage house. All hackers brazilian are in. Conscious people leave that server. Who want war and through nervous USA is the pleace.
    Just a tip: brazilians hate pay for play. Play in a server where u pay, and u are free of them.

  58. JH> I’m glad to hear that they hate to pay 🙂 I play on JP server now, you are right, the US server is garbage and I never play there anymore. Quit since August and I’m never coming back 😛

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