The Comprehensive List of What is Wrong with PangyaUS

My feelings on the current status of the US server.
My feelings on the current status of the US server.

A lot of my friends who are very casual Pangya players (on & off) have been saying lately they want to spend money and see if they can try their luck with the dumb scratchy card. I keep telling them not to fuel Ntreev’s greed and that it’s a blatant ripoff. They still do it, fueling greed and basically making honest players feedback turn to rubble. If you’re a new player to Pangya US I hope that you find this post and that it is of use to you. This is a comprehensive list I came up with of problems plaguing the server, and the fact that nothing has been (and probably will not be) done about it.

  • Hackers
  • Foreign language spammers
  • Shop system disabled
  • Papel Shop odds significantly low
  • Scratch Card system is a disaster
  • PangFBI
  • Spam-ads on the forums
  • Overpriced shop items
  • GMs who are clueless of game mechanics

I’m sure there are other minor problems but the ones I mentioned above are the major ones. Detailed thoughts after the jump.

Hackers – Hackers are a massive problem throughout Pangya. Most of them are from foreign countries and can barely speak English. They don’t want to enjoy the game as it’s meant to be played. They just want to collect Pang and collect items since that’s about all they can achieve in their miserable little lives. Gameguard is the shittiest shit that was ever shat out of a butt for a security system. I’ve emailed Ntreev links to hacker forums, sites and gave them suggestions about using Hackshield or methods of having some kind of fee for account creation. There has been absolutely 0 progress on this situation, so at this point it looks like hacking has now been assimilated as a “normal part” of the game.

Foreign language spammers – Another issue that is never going to get resolved. The biggest problem is obviously from Brazil but the main issue is that LevelUp games are a bunch of fucking retards. Instead of explaining to Brazilian players that they are required to speak English, they just say “COME PLAY ON ENGLISH SERVER”. A lot of BR players never read the English announcements that Ntreev makes, and if they do they refuse to follow them. There’s even talk now of players from Europe who refuse to speak English in public areas as well. There is no point in reporting these so called “spammers” because Ntreev doesn’t do shit about it anyway. A lot of people who have reported multiple times have since given up. At this point the best thing to do is just turn chat off in public tourneys and use your tiki scrolls to leave the lobby if you finish early. Otherwise play privately with friends. Until this is addressed, I will call this server PangyaUSBR.

Shop System Disabled – This ties into the whole hacking problem but this is also important for the scratch card problem as well. While allowing shops spreads hacked pang, disabling them also prevents trustworthy friends from trading. For example I can’t trade swimsuits with my husband because a bunch of retards can’t shoot HIOs unless they have 0 wind. 🙄 The only positive thing about this is that it stopped noobtards from begging in public for pang by selling overpriced potions.

Papel Shop odds significantly low – The thread of papel shop complaints has gone on for 52 pages and still going. I’ve pretty much given up responding to it because the GMs think that instead of everyone having a chance to “win” an item, everyone has a massive chance to LOSE pang instead. Instead of rewarding players for playing their game, they instead slap them in the face and laugh for “wasting too much money on a lottery.” Very disappointing and incredibly stupid business model. Even OGPlanet had the brains to increase chances. The days of being able to “get a rare” or “buy a rare” from papel shop are pretty much over.

Scratch Card system is a disaster – I already went into this on my previous post. I realize this is the “same system as Korea” but if you’re gonna “follow the same system” follow it through 100%. Don’t half assedly take 1 aspect of it and then claim that it’s like “Korea”. We don’t have season 4 yet, our mini-scratch cards don’t drop from papel shop or treasure system. Also in Korea people get tickets for buying points not SPENDING them on stupid useless item shit. Rumor has it a GM claimed cards will be sellable in the lounge but umm who cares cause the only people who will be able to afford the will be hackers anyway (lolcell). Anyway not going into this any further, Ntreev is only going to get money with this system from either complete retards, or those who have nothing else to blow money on.

PangFBI – I hardly get this error but I noticed I only get it if I play on like Black Papel 1 or any other really crowded server. However I heard a lot of people get it on a daily basis. Combined with constant disconnects people’s quit rates are skyrocketing. You’d think they’d hold a quit event for once. Thankfully my quit rate is still at 0% but it’s an issue that’s been ignored since Pangya US server opened.

Spam-ads on the forums – In the last couple days Ntreev thought it was a brilliant idea to spam the shit out of their forums with google ads. It’s not even relevant google ads. I’ve seen ads range from hacking, to babies, to garbage bags. Seriously, google ads? Are you that low on revenue after ripping off your customers beyond belief? Very pathetic Ntreev. I’ve less desire to go on the forums now, but that’s probably a good thing.

Overpriced shop items – We all know the overpriced autocalipers and time boosters are there. We all know that the PSP outfits were insanely overpriced as well even though Japan and Korea got them for free. Perhaps this makes up for that “FREE” scratchy card we get with every 1000 points spent. It’s kinda like Bed Bath & Beyond. They keep sending you these 20% off coupons so you think you’re saving money, but in reality everything in the store is 20% more expensive than anywhere else anyway. I’ve only spent $16 on the game and while back on A18 I threw money into it all the time, now I’m extremely hesitant to buy anything.

GMs who are clueless of game mechanics – This right here is the biggest problem with this game. The GMs here have NO CLUE about Pangya. None of them have played it as long as some of the veterans have so some of them go around claiming we “have no hackers.” They claim that a Beginner E who gets a -38 on ice spa with 10k pang is a Pro. Right. In addition last night while I was in a tourney some stupid Brazillian spammed in portugese an insult towards Michael Jackson. There was one GM online at the time. What did she say? “Can someone please translate that?” What the fuck? Shouldn’t you be fucking hitting the auto-ban button? Yea nice work Gms. 🙄 This is why reporting anything anymore is a waste of your time, so don’t even bother, you’re not making much of a difference.

With all of this in mind I’m taking yet another break from Pangya and focusing on my otome games. I never got Lucia’s coupon but I really don’t care at this point. She is at a statistical disadvantage than all my other girls and I’ll never get her feather & ears at the current rates of both scratch card & papel shop anyway. In addition I am thinking of making Hana my main in S4 because of her motion item (until we get Arin’s.) Therefore I wouldn’t be using much of Lucia in the first place, aside from the fact that 90% of her outfits are cash items anyway. I’ve tried to keep positive, I’ve tried to do my duty as part of the community but it’s all in vain. There is no more hope left for Ntreev. They are almost on the same level as OGPlanet, and are on their way to being even worse. I hope that I can look back at this post some day and take my words back, but right now I stand by my opinion that Pangya US has been completely destroyed.

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11 thoughts on “The Comprehensive List of What is Wrong with PangyaUS”

  1. PangFBI & Spam ads: I didn´t even know that! o_o
    And I can understand your point and somehow I really hope you can take your words back and Ntreev begins to make a good job. (I don´t wanna lose hope yet >.<)
    But yes it´s pain and I wish you really much fun with the otome games!

    I´ll go and play the psp version of PangYa. At least there is no one speaking a different language or hack.

  2. Yes I quite enjoyed playing Pangya Wii without hearing “aff” every 2 seconds and seeing people scoring -40s with 45,000 pang per tourney 😛

  3. yea I suppose I should add that in, I think the scratch card argument’s been beaten to death. I automatically assumed we’ll never be able to sell them because of the mass of hackers running around.

  4. I’m antipcating to see the prices on both card packs and self design clothes when they get Season 4. 😀

  5. I was planning to buy points next week but with this shitty ass ecard system I’m like NO. I’m tired of those hackers EVERYWHERE. I’m only going on Pangya if one of my friends are. And I’m gonna baw like crazy if the s4 cash features are overpriced.

  6. I’m about to leave the US for 3 weeks, and I’m taking my new copy of Pangya PSP US with me. S4 is projected to be released by the time I come back home, and when I come home they better have their shit together.

  7. oh yea i guess I only mentioned things that directly affect me…pang hacking to me ruins any chances to buy papel rares from the shops basically, but hackers getting trophies in tourneys I don’t usually play isn’t gonna rain on my parade 😛

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