Poupee Girl: June Bride Event is here!!

Now if only the site didn't crash 5 times
Now if only the site didn't crash 5 times

Okay I’ve waited for this event like the ENTIRE month and it’s finally here! (o^∇^o)ノ As always Katherine has a ton of dresses in the shop, although for some reason there’s only 2 white ones, while the rest are all sorts of bizarre colors you’d probably never see the bride wearing lol. I was so short on ribbons I resorted to comment spamming just to get enough for all the accessories >_<; Other events include a June Bride contest where the winner gets some heart balloons. Also there’s discounts on the Poupee beauty clinic (waste of ribbons in my opinion) as well as discount on changing your hair style. There’s a couple cute new hair styles in the shop and there’s one I just love and I really want to get xD! Must comment more daily (ノ´▽`;)

6 thoughts on “Poupee Girl: June Bride Event is here!!

  1. We can’t do a game which fit girls more but still, that seems cute.

    But what is exactly the point ? For exemple what do you do to get ribbons exactly ? That’s just curiosity.

  2. Well it’s a girly fashion site xD;;; So like you can upload your own clothing and get certain amount of ribbons per day. You can dress up your “doll” and take a snapshot daily to get 10 ribbons. You can also get 1 ribbon per comment on other people’s uploaded clothing. (It has to be photos of your clothing not like stock magazine photos though.)

    Despite being a girl site, I’m pretty sure there are a few guys who have accounts there, uploading their guy clothes lol xD

    I guess the point is just to dress up your “doll” in a cute way and stuff. It’s like a little bit nicer organized dress up game with events and such ^^

  3. Ahhh does that happen to be one of the new dresses? XD

    I’ve yet to really buy any since I’m trying to hold out my ribbons to see if anything prettier will come out, but I have to say I want more of the accessories themselves then the dresses ;O;

  4. yea for some reason there’s only like 3 white dresses and one of them is short. i guess im a weddingbaka because I got married in March so I’ve been waiting for this event since forever xD

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