Bright Shadow Gacha: It’s a Trap!

Ok I don’t play Bright Shadow anymore but I just had to mention this:

The unthinkable has been done.
The unthinkable has been done.

Yes ladies & gentlemen, their cash lottery items are “trap” outfits. A dress for the guys and a suit for the girls. 😆 I think this will be the most popular item on that server. Makes me wonder if Pangya KR will ever think to come up with something this ridiculous 😆


7 thoughts on “Bright Shadow Gacha: It’s a Trap!

  1. LOL that’d be hilarious and I think it might actually sell if Pangya did something like this ^^ Give the guy’s long haired wigs too hahaha

  2. The male character doesn’t even make a pretty girl, so it kinda loses the point of it being a trap. 😛

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