Pangya US Update: Let the grind begin!

Oh shit, so much for otome gaming orz
Oh shit, so much for otome gaming orz

Wow so I guess the 3 week wait gave us a massive update. Haha lol everytime I bitch about Ntreev they give me an awesome update, coincidence? 😆 More update info after the cut.

Edit2: Due to popular demand (and my harassment) they added a 3rd server Titan Boo (about time). But then when I was playing a 6 hole game with friends, they said 5 min before shutting the server down that titan boo will be shut down for a bug fix. Like geez could you tell us this maybe 30 min in advance not 5??! WE used time boosters and made it with like 60 seconds to spare =_=; No consideration. Also the alpha is still messed up. Oh well I only bought Kooh’s outfit since there’s no problems with it, and it’s probably the only one I’ll buy.

event01So basically you get “points” for the hours you play. When I say play I mean physically PLAY. I haven’t confirmed if idling in a lounge counts as playing but they did mention that chatting in the lobby doesn’t count. So for every 30 min tourney you will get 75 points. Just like the swimsuit event you can use the points as many times as you want to get as many of the items above as you want. My goal is the Ramen caddy because it just looks cute lol. Then perhaps the joy candy (need exp so freaking badly) and maybe pang mastery. The 1 papel coupon is kinda lame considering you can buy items to mix it in the cauldron. Perhaps the Puff would be good too, I’m just in desperate need of exp items here rofl. Sighh and here I was hoping to finish my otome games, it looks like this event lasts only until the 24th so it’s now or never >_<

event03Holy shit Ntreev has allowed us to purchase the Pangya Portable outfits without having to buy the game!! Woot. I don’t have a PSP and I didn’t wanna buy one just to get these!! Arin gets 2 but I only like the one in this picture. I also really like Kooh’s so I think I’m going to buy those two (my money~) I liked Hana’s at first but it seems glitched, like the flowers are supposed to be cut out of her dress I thought?? Also I didn’t really like the stats on it XP Kaz’s is nice too but I don’t have a Kaz. Anyway yeaaa go get these outfits cause they’ll be gone soon! The packages range from like 13,000 – 17,000 points.

event04The limited time PSP clubs are for sale as well. Like I said I don’t really see the big deal about these clubs, the stats on the holy night set kinda stink too. Is there anything special about these that I’m not aware of? Otherwise it’s all just for looks ^^; There’s some new PSP comets in the shop as well as combo package of autocaliper, pang mastery, silent wind and time booster. (Seems expensive to me though)

event05Finally Tiki scrolls! This means we can start long time tourneys and all the people who got a fire on their ass can use the stupid scrolls and leave. The great thing is they are only 300 pang too so you can stock up! Other patch notes include the addition of jump in mode. In otherwords if a tourney has already started but there’s space for you to jump you can get in within the first 5 minutes. It seems like that season 4 feature but I coulda sworn there was no time limit, you could jump in any time. Oh well anyway good luck everyone in the event, sigh rofl I’m happy but I really wanna finish Asaki Yumemishi orz;;;

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  1. Yup. Glitched. Alpha textures or somethng…orzzzz T_T/ the only one I really wanted.

    As for the clubset I already have the bloody set one on japan so…

    Nothing really great for me.

  2. ah so it is glitched. that’s what I thought. I think it’s only like that in the shop though, I believe on the greens it looks normal…but meh I don’t really like it that much anyway. I really like Arin & Kooh’s so I’ll probably get those two.

    By the way anything special about the clubsets? they seem pretty standard to me, the holy night one’s stats are worse than my xmas clubs!

  3. Hinano> What did you expect, the clubs are for free in Japan and Korea (if you purchase a game) so the stats are not that great. The Ramen Caddie (ramyon – WTF is with this name?) is free in Korea too (PC bang feature) but at least it gives a nice stats boost^^. I’d hit for breadmasterlees and joy candies too, when Season 4 will come I will spam 3@DI like crazy with any x2 exp items I could get.

    Now I’m really thorn, I need a LOT of pangs for limited outfits in Korea and a LOT of points to get all those prizes in USA ;_; at least I got all TakoLucas in Japan so I don’t need to play there…

  4. They did a very nice update this time, and it’s definitely satisfactory. I wish they’d improve on the situation with the hackers, though.

    Got a few of the PSP outfits, but I wish they didn’t cost 15 bucks each. Honestly, my wallet…

  5. Abi> apparently Ramyon is the korean word for Ramen lol. Yea I’d save all the exp items for s4 lol. Sucks for you to be playing on 3 servers xDD I guess I’m kinda glad I Play USA exclusively now I don’t have this dilemma ^^;

    Isx> which ones did you get? XD I peeked @ the hacker forum and it seems something was patched that blocked the recent hack that they created…so I’ll give them props for that.

  6. i Changed mah Mind now
    I’m still getting Kooh’s and Kaz’s But I”m getting Silver Shinys Same Price Better stats And hey I still get some weapons 😀

  7. Ummm okay, this might be enough motivation. Time to play more tourneys and get those damn swimsuits. 😆

    I wanna finish Umineko 4 as well, but I guess it can’t be helped. xD

  8. apparently you cannot duplicate the swimsuit event with the chronos one. in otherwords it will only count for one or the other x_x;

  9. Argh…imagine my wallet burning now…I’ve just bought Nuri and Arin’s set…thinking of getting Kooh’s too. Hana’s a definite no since there’s no flower earrings to complement it D:

    I couldn’t get into bp server >_>” seriously they should add another server.

  10. Abi-kun -> wrong.
    In both japan and korea you also have to buy the axes (bloody’s slave).

    Stats are different for the 3 servers though, for japan, big lack of spin but awesome power :

    Also, yeah, I think you’re right, I remember Arin was having a glitch in her hair in the shop during Goa Season 2 but was fixed in-game. I’m glad you remember me that.

  11. Ah My only clubsets are the xmas clubs and the wooden sword set (which I no longer use xmas is my main lol) so I won’t be buying any clubs.

    I emailed a 1:1 to Ntreev about the stupid alpha bug (with my screenshot from above i mean damn look @ kaz lol) as well as the bug with the server clog. I mentioned this before when we had the swimsuit event during the weekend and it was unplayable but i guess this event is even more popular so the problem is a lot more prominent now.

    oh well im still at work hopefully by the time i get home (and watch eden of the east) i can actually log in xP

  12. See, I really like Kooh’s (not that I use Kooh, but I only have a Kooh to show off the only scratch card rare I ever won) and Arin’s (and Hana’s would be lovely if it wasn’t for that awful graphic glitch or whatever that makes the bottom of the dress white. :/) too and wanted to get one for the two of them, but it’s about $16 for each of those.

    Pangya Portable is $29.99 and if the US version of the game does indeed come with the code where you can get these outfits in game for free, isn’t it better just to get the game so you have ALL the outfits instead of wasting $31.50 for only two of them (though I don’t have a PSP yet)? Booooooo. For me, it depends on whether or not the PSP game comes with the freebies code, since I read on Tiki’s Spellbook that there was a little note that mentioned the game coming with “Download Vouchers,” so I don’t know. I thinking it might be a better deal to wait 2 weeks for the game.

  13. Oh, and I have a rookie account and played on the Rookie server (since my work is just lax like that most of the time, lol) as I couldn’t get in Black Papel, and finished a course that counted towards BOTH the tour event and the chronos event. I got my points AND got the course stamped as cleared. :X

  14. Ori> oh really? well I’m done with the bathing suit event so I don’t really care for that. regarding PSP> I don’t have a PSP. I’m not going to buy a PSP just to play Pangya portable on it. I bought a wii , played SSG2 and now my wii collects dust. A psp is going to do the same thing so in a sense, no it’s not a waste of money to spend $35 or whatnot to get kooh & arin’s outfits, when I don’t really like any of the other outfits and I don’t want to spend $150 or whatever it costs to get a PSP.

    On the other hand if you already have a PSP and planned to buy the portable game from the start, then yes I suppose it would be a waste of money to buy them from the shop. At least we have the option of buying them from the shop, I was really disappointed that I’d never be able to get my hands on these outfits because I’d never buy a PSP 😛

  15. Main > I never mentioned Bloody Axes set, I was talking about Holy Night set.

    Hinano> Ori is right ,those two events works simultaneously, maybe its a message for me to finally finish Pangya Island Tour at least once XD.
    The first x50 Joy Candies get! I’m done for today, Black Papel is full, no surprise here…

  16. Iam happy they made an update. Better than nothing.

    I do have the psp game in korean and the new outfits are really expensive(!) since I want Kaz, Kooh and Arin. But if the amerikan version of the psp game really comes with a download code I think of buying it.

    And since you mentioned S4 coming near, I wait for Lucia to show up and buy her many many clothes. (I do totaly love her style)

    Black Papel was really full yesterday. I needed 5 times to come in, so happily they invited an new server.

    And I hate the island tour, (I got Hanas Swimsuit TWO times! in just two times finishing -.-) so I´ll try to get some chrono points. Iam really curios how the Ramen Caddie looks like ingame.

    So do you still play PangYa?

    (btw: I really love to read your blog and checking it everyday!)

  17. See i agree with Hina in that sense
    I bought a Nintendo DSi about a month ago
    all my money is gone for a Psp ><
    Besides i dont even want one so i'll just buy the outfits i want and leave the rest alone

  18. YOu know funny enough before they added the 2nd server, I would just click like 2-3 times and actually get into black papel. Could be because I logged on when its nearly midnight for europe and all the asian countries are sleeping so a lot of people had logged off lol.

    The outfits are pretty expensive. They’re at least $13-$17 each. I spent $16.50 on Koohs but I had to buy that $20 set of ntreev points. If I were you I wouldn’t buy the PSP outfits until they fix the alpha. If you already have the Korean PSP game why waste money on the American version?XD

  19. XD I have the korean and the japanese version yet and I would play the english version, too and a european version (if there would be any). Just because this game is pure love for me and the psp game is much easier than the mmorpg one.
    I played 3 days through and was semi-pro. >.>
    I used a year at albatross to become Beginner A.

    So I really prefer the psp game sometimes.
    (esp. when I have enough of those non-englisch chatters)

    And I still do want Koohs Outfit T_T but I see myself ruined when S4 comes out since I truly love Lucia and all her pretty clothes.

    So I wait till next month. Hopefully S4 shows up.

  20. The new Titan Boo server is a joke, it’s pretty much empty but the lags are horrendous -_-;.

  21. Abi> you know I totally noticed that so we ended up just playing on Black Papel 3 anyway. Well at least it’s still there as a “playable” alternative for those who can’t even get into BP.

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