Otome Game Review: Under the Moon

This was my 2nd Sugar Beans game. I guess rape in Love Drops was a big hit since they inserted a rape route for every male character in this game. Needless to say I don’t even need to mention the game they released after this 🙄

utm01So thanks to one of my blog readers (Bento), I managed to finally get under the moon. So anyway the premise of the story is you’re a loli heroine with huge boobies named Ashe. But for kicks & giggles I changed the name to “hinano” when I played since the characters never say your name anyway. After a while I just left the nickname as Ashe lol. The most surprising thing to me was that your character has a voice. I wonder why they added that since in love drops you never had one. Oh well, all that does is make it 20 times easier for me to understand the dialogue!

So anyway you are a princess in the underworld. You have a kitty tsukaima named Kyle …who I decided to play first woot! XD So one day your castle gets attacked so you gotta run away. Then you fall down a big black hole and end up in the human world! There she meets some bishies, who are candidates to be the next King of the Underworld – but they’d rather live in the human world then go back there. She begs them saying the underworld is in trouble but they tell her that they can tell everything is ok there. She still insists on bringing them back but after they refuse she says she will go back on her own…but unfortunately this isn’t so easy because the door is blocked due to some angels being down on earth or something. SO yea now you’re stuck in the human world macking some bishies.

utm02A few things to mention is each character has 6 different endings. @@; You have 3 endings in either the “pure love” route or the “bad girl” route (?I think). I started every one with the pure love cause it’s the cutest and the one that makes me go MOEEE the most XD. Another thing I’d like to point out is Ashe has BODACIOUS TATAS (courtesy of JP). It’s not that they’re huge – it’s that they’re huge in comparison to the REST of her body…It looks so ridiculous that it made every sex scene a comedy. 😆

Soutm05 anyway I first played Kyle‘s route. Kyle turns into human form when you get to the human world and he becomes like a “maid” for everyone by cooking and cleaning. Eventually because you can’t make any friends at school (other than that guy who hits on you), you find joy only by being with Kyle at home…which leads to you wanting to do him. So yea needless to say he’s your guy after that, and the funny part is most of the story was spent on “Kyle when I think of you I wanna do it!!” The other bad part is avoiding angels who are after any demons on earth, but Kyle is your hero. Eventually the demon boys make fun of him saying he can’t protect you but you believe him anyway and use your powers in the end to save him. The two of you go back to the demon world and have lots of sex and get married or something. Also it was funny but at one point she caught him fapping lol.

utm03Kyle also has a prehensile tail! He can use it for things such as boob fondling! He also has a cat tongue when he changes into human form…rofl. Anyhoo I played endings E and F and those were the bad ends where Ashe goes back to demon world without Kyle, or he ends up getting killed. In the “love/hate” version, basically you act like a total bitch and you have no “feelings” towards the guy’s story you’re playing. You sometimes even go off with some other guy lol. This causes the guy whose story you’re on to get pissed off that you “play with his feelings” so in Kyle’s story he totally rapes her e_e;. The next day she’s angry at him but before they can discuss it, they get attacked by angels and run off to a hiding place.

utm04He then goes from nice Kyle to rapist Kyle again and is like “if you run the angels will get you!” so yea she has to let him have his way. LOL WTF THIS ROUTE SUCKS. I just ended up scrolling through the rest, there was like 1 more sex scene blargh. In the end they get married….which makes NO SENSE. Why couldn’t this be the ending for the good girl route? So then they fight the demon boys and go back to the demon world…where they fuck again. =_=; But once again she’s like “SORRY FORGIVE ME”. It almost seems like some weird slave/master thing o_o;. I just scrolled through that and there was some cute love CG. lol WTF.

utm06Next I did Sena‘s story. He’s voiced by the guy who voiced Samatarou in Kamisama Kazoku and I really like that seiyuu xD! Sena\’s last name had the “ten” kanji in it so I was like “I bet he’s an angel!” and well turns out he really was one. He has betrayed his angel buddies and instead of killing Ashe, he falls in love with her and immediately takes her to live with him so the angels would “less suspect she’s staying with an angel.” He tells her for better disguise to “pretend they’re lovers” and they do it anyway. So everything seems cute and he even gets her a cute little angel figurine. But then he goes into raepist mode and I’m like “wtf I thought I was playing the pure love story.” And all this because she just wanted him to kiss her. 😐

utm08So the next day he acts like nothing happened. =_= He does explain that his mom was human and he doesn’t know who his dad is so he isn’t a “pure angel”…so all the other angels made fun of him. So time goes by and she says no matter what perverted crap they do he will never “kiss” her. O_o So then everything seems ok when they go shopping one day but it begins to rain and they run off to church. Everything seems ok and she changes into a priestesses’ uniform because her normal clothes got wet. Then Sena goes into raep mode and makes her stand there in a priest’s dress and masturbate. W…T…F. HOW THE HELL IS THIS THE PURE LOVE MODE???! His raep mode is broken when shes like “I LOVE YOU SENA” (with her hand between her legs.) THE FUCK. 😯

utm08aFinally she gets a brain in her head and runs away from his house and back home to the twins & Kyle. So then Seije tells her that Sena used her and says that when he becomes the leader of the underworld, Ashe will have to do what he says. Ashe is like WHAT SHOULD I DO? I KNOW ILL GO BACK TO THE RAPEIST ANGEL. 😐 So turns out he has a special power where if he kisses someone, they become so that they cannot leave his side. It’s like what his mom had except instead of kissing all these angels like raped her. *sigh* So then she’s all like “LETS BECOME UNFORTUNATE TOGETHER!” and she kisses him anyway. And he’s all like I WANTED TO KISS YOU FOR SO LONG! =____________+ And then they 69 and then they do it “while kissing passionately.” So then together they go fight a bunch of angels and when it seems like they died there’s a bright light. Suddenly Ashe wakes up in a church and sees Kyle who says “take care princess” and disappears. Ashe appears to have no memory of him and meets up with Sena who’s excited for her to make him dinner. My guess is she’s turned into a human? And I guess is now living with Sena on earth.

utm09So after finishing all the stuff below, I actually decided to go back and get all the CGs and out of curiosity decided to check out this guy’s love/hate route. Surprisingly, I think he LIKES it when she’s a bitch to him because he was a lot less of an asshole O_O. So anyway wow. How much more cuter/romantic was this version? Wtf BBQ O_O This must be that “surprise!” character where everything opposite of what you expect happens. LOL well if I had known this I would’ve played the S&M route first!! Gahh! So yea for those of you planning to play, I recommend the Love/Hate route for SENA ONLY lol. 😆 Because he kept kissing her the whole time, the “ceremony” was performed, which basically means they are now “one”.

utm07So whatever pain he feels, she feels as well..so if he dies, she dies too. Kyle also comes over saying he wants to be with Ashe so Sena agrees to let him stay but only in his cat form. Eventually Ashe finds out he’s been “using her” but it’s because he’s in love with her and he didn’t want the angels or the demons to have her. Well, it’s a hell lot more romantic than the raep route 😦 So one day Kyle brings her a special drink that if Sena drinks it, he’ll die and Ashe will be free. Sena gets pissed and beats him up, and to stop him from getting hurt, Ashe tells Kyle to leave. So in the end, I’ve concluded Sena is still a big dick, but he’s a lot less of a dick in the love & hate route. The ending was really cute and he said one day he’ll take over the heavens, marry her and allow her to live up there with him.

utm10Anyway next I played Mr. ??? also known as Zero. Interestingly enough he has the least amount of endings, and when playing the good girl route for him ironically I had to first interact a lot with other guys. I guess he’s like the “secret” character kinda like Cyphar was. It wasn’t so bad, during these “other guy” interactions I got REALLY CUTE scenes with Leni! He’s a bishie who threw out his name when he came to earth so he lets Ashe name him Zero. One day she comes over his house and has a chat but when she tries to go home angels attack her. He tells her that if she stays at his place the angels won’t come here…and she’s like “It’s best if you protect me” so he swoops her in his gentile arms and she ends up living with him. He’s such a romantic bishie! Kya! Also I’d like to point out he often looks like Hugo from Love Drops, except not as annoyingly dumb.

utm11So it turns out Ashe was supposed to become the demon lord and Zero was supposed to be her tsukaima. (harrr!) Anyway because things changed and this could no longer be, he left the underworld and threw out his name. At one point the twins and Kyle come to get her but Zero refuses to let her go and Ashe doesn’t really wanna go back either. Then they have really romantic sex. I mean this is just so pleasant compared to all the previous raep I had to deal with wtf. Clearly this has now become my favorite story. So anyway she then catches him “making out with an older woman” on what later turns out to be him sucking blood because ding dong he’s a vampire! Anyway eventually she decides to run away with him and live together. She goes back to the twins house to let them know this. When she comes back to Zero he’s all like “I thought your memory came back and I couldn’t break your bonds”. NAZE DESHO! Actually I spoiled myself during this point by reading a forum so I know what he’s talking about ;w;. I will delve into this further down. Anyway so when she comes back to him he’s so happy he cries and then they furiously fuck.

utm12So then one day the boys come back saying they’re here to pick up vampire-chan. Apparently Ashe’s dad has sent an order to have Zero persecuted for “abducting” Ashe. Ashe refuses to let him die and then grabs a kitchen knife and nice boats herself. 😆 She survives though because she’s a demon and all. Leni says he will help the two of them go back to the demon world and when he becomes Maou or something he’ll allow forgiveness to Zero and his family. He tells them to be happy as they fly off back to the underworld. Omg Leni ;_;…. Please note how sweet Leni is acting at the end of all these things TT_TT. Also apparently Zero knocked her up.

utm13Next I played Seizh’s route. Pronounced SEIJU. This was a tough one because he is the most hated character to me in the whole game. I wanna just beat him with a yaoi paddle or something lol. Ugh. I mean first scene with him is “I’ll become the demon king…if you become MY POSESSION” *makes out furiously. 😐 Actually the next few scenes proceeded to be furious makeout scenes o_O. This guy is a kisuma! So anyway I really hated playing his story then one day after one of his jealousy pms rages for talking to Leni, he just stopped trying to hit on her or sexually harass her because he was afraid he was going to lose her.

utm14Eventually Ashe has to put the moves on him to get him to understand that she has fallen in love with him. He eventually (after an emo rain monologue) realizes her feelings and then they do it. At least the next 2 sex scenes aren’t rape, thank god they aren’t rape. Even though this is the “good” route, I seriously thought he was just going to rape her. I was pleasantly surprised when there was a lot of cute kissy huggy scenes and him blushing. At the end the angels attack again and he uses up all his magical powers which prevents him from being the demon king. Leni then says that he will be the demon king and Seizh can stay on earth with Ashe. Their story ends with him uh…doing her on their wedding day in a church. HOW PLEASANT. The final CG is them in their wedding outfits looking at an eclipse that looks like a diamond ring.

utm15So then I did Leni’s story. The worst part is that he was voiced by the same guy who voiced the blonde rapist in Love Drops. Yea it was kinda hard to get away from that image lol. He was also a dick from the start but after playing everyone’s stories and reading spoilers I just couldn’t hate the guy. 😦 Leni was also a kisuma lol. He almost does her on the couch where Seizh was sleeping @@;; Also as in Seizh’s story, he one day asks her to sleep in his room because of the angels so that he can put a stronger barrier around them. Omg so like the next scene which was their first time in bed together was SO FUCKING CUTE AND ROMANTIC AND MOE. I mean before I even saw the erocg i was like MOEEEE. Well when the eroCG came I was like….LOL BIG BOOBS LOL.

utm15aSo anyway I forgot to mention that throughout this and Seizh’s story she recalls memories of being with someone in her past. She gave her past up for Seizh, but not in this story. Eventually she remembers more and more and Leni tells her that they used to be lovers until she lost her memory. As the story progresses, and Seizh butts in more often with his jealousy rages, Ashe finally remembers her memories and that both twins were in love with her…except she rejected Seizh and picked Leni. She also remembers why she always wears that ribbon – because Leni bought it for her. Anyway things get back to normal, except Seizh disappears for like a week and some classmates start asking Leni where he is.

utm16Seizh then magically comes back and brings some angels along with him O_o. He also threatens to kill Ashe but because Leni is too busy with the angels he can’t save her. After it ends, Leni seems really hurt. Leni later that night tells her that if anything happens to him, to go back to the demon world on her own. The reason is because Seizh would really kill him, but he can’t kill Seizh. Anyway they had some comfort sex and by this point I was pushing the CTRL button cause I was getting tired of all the sexoring in this game. Sexoring is okay, but the giant boobs, the everywhere spooge, and frankly they just lasted SO FREAKING LONG compared to the other games I played. So anyway Psycho Seizh ™ shows up and him and Leni have a brotherly battle. Leni wins and Seizh gives up. Leni and Ashe then go back to the demon world where he claims his throne….and his future baby (yes he knocked her up too.)

So anyway I figured I’d try to get a complete CG set (even if most of them are pr0n) so I pretty much CTRLed my way through the rest of the love/hate (also known as S&M) routes. In Leni’s S&M routes there was a “messenger” from the underworld, who was a character I’ve not seen in any other story..who says something how she will be the underworld leader instead of Leni because his magic is weaker. Whatever I scrolled through the rest, the last CG made it look like she became his freaking succubus. She kinda deserved it cause when I did play through some dialogue, in the love/hate she’s just a fucking bitch! Ugh lol. In the words of JP, outside she’s the dominant one, but in the bedroom she gets DOMINATED YOWZA. (Just kidding, yuck. 😐 )

utm19So after scrolling through the rest of Leni and Seizh’s endings, I finally unlocked the “secret character” route. His name is Unan and he saves Ashe right at the beginning when she’s running away from her castle. Also it turns out he’s her cousin. EW INCEST 😦 Also in this story the only candidate for the underworld king is Ashe. Eventually Leni and Seizh show up, and Ashe keeps wondering why she’s feeling all edgy around him. One day Unan gets so jealous of Ashe kissing Leni that he takes her away to some dump and uses magic to turn it into a nice living space lol. Then he tells her that she’s not the demon king’s real daughter. YAY NO INCEST. He starts as an emotionless Rei Ayanami clone, but eventually gets emotions such as crying and laughing as he lives with Ashe.

utm17Eventually after much persuasion Ashe gets him to do her, despite him going “WHERE DO I STICK IT IN” multiple times. Oh also he apologized like 200 times. So anyway once the demon hunting ends, Unan tells Ashe she’s going back to the underworld with Leni who will be the new demon king. Ashe apologizes to Leni and says that she can’t go back because she’s in love with Unan. He tells her “we mustn’t” and all that crap but she’s all like “Shut up and take it you man slut” (she didn’t say that but that’s the summary of her actions) as she tied him to the headboard and played with his cock using her foot 😆 She totally dominates him lol! What a change from all the other love/hate routes. But then Unan decides that he wants to play seme too so yea here they go again lol. At the end they go back to the underworld and work together (but not without doing it in front of their desk.)

utm20I played the other two endings for him as well. In the 2nd ending, when she goes back to the underworld she’s doing it with Leni AND Unan lol. Harem end!! XDXD But yea there was no actual pr0n scene for that….until I played the 3rd ending where Ashe gets double teamed by the twins. Eh I figured in a game with twins this would be coming anyway. I LOLed when she said to herself “This feels good but something just isn’t enough….*looks at Seizh” LOL. Also “I don’t care who, just someone stick it in already” ROFLMAO.

utm18Then Unan walks in on them, and Ashe tells him to come over saying she wants to do everyone. ROFL WHAT A WHORE. Apparently in this ending doing her, gives everyone magic powers lmao. 😆 Yea this has pretty much turned into an orgy. Then Kyle woke up and she invited him too but fortunately there was no CG for that XD. The end shows her becoming the underworld leader with her harem all around her lmao!! XD I scrolled through the rest of the game to complete the CG set also if you complete all the endings, you get 2 bonus harem CGs lol. (One naughty one and one cute one.)

utm21Well in conclusion…wow that was some game. And not wow like Clannad, but like…wow who the fuck came up with this thing? What’s with the rape otome games? Why do they think that majority of otaku girls like to be raped? Is it because they’re fujoshi who never get any and this is relevant to their interests? 😐 My favorite stories were probably Zero, Kyle and especially Leni. Sena and Seizh can go die in a fire. Do I recommend this game? No. I’d rather watch that guy in STEP scream Jouuzzuuu 20 times than seeing this raep crap. While I think that Ashe’s VA made her really cute, the massive boob thing was ridiculous. Even if I had to try to get into those ero scenes, I just couldn’t stop from laughing. Some of the CGs had so much spooge I had memories of Happiness! I hear Sugar Beans has a new title coming out soon…which will probably be similar to this – another S&M game. I think I’ll pass.

On the other hand, this may be appropriate for some of the male audience..especially the love/hate routes.


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  1. Yeah, I’ve been looking for 銀の冠碧の涙 as well. I think you can find both of these games in that one Chinese forum but, unfortunately, I’ve already run out of the few currency points that came with the 2 accounts I managed to create in that site, so I guess I won’t be able to download anything from there anymore. ^^;

    1. LOL I had a lot of fun reading your review ^^ I can understand your pain about Ashe (not the big boob thing though, haven’t got any ero scenes yet). I got really excited when I heard about UTM at first, since I dislike faceless/voiceless protagonists and Ashe actually having a defined character interested me ( it isn’t like I was just lured by the bishies or anything like that! *tsundere mode*). But when I actually had to endure her for a while I changed my mind -_- Still haven’t finished any of the routes yet,I’m feeling a bit scared after your review, haha. But I’ll definitely finish for the sake of the bishies ^^

    2. Yeah nowadays otomedream does not let me download anything either, I wanted to get so many things, even CG downloading requires an assload of points these days T__T I DID have the Chinese version of UTM though, but since I don’t understand one word of Chinese I deleted that crap and finally got the Japanese one from elsewhere 😀

  2. Ok this sounds like a good game the orgy ending sounds jokes but the reap does not fit to my taste.

  3. Now this looks like an interesting game! The eroge games with the cat ears always look pretty annoying to me.. but man if I can try this with English subtitles!

  4. I’ve never played such…mature otome games before. I’ll probably put this at the very end of my list…And if you’re still looking for Starry Sky, I have one that I copied for others.

  5. I think you’ll like Starry Sky ~in Spring~ but as for 銀の冠碧の涙 xD if you want something more ‘entertaining’ lol I’d go for their first title…since I’m getting sort of bored at times with that one. Aromarie’s first game was more darker/on par with Under the Moon haha since the heroine is…xD

  6. I have trouble with getting Unan’s route. I wish I could know which battle CG’S I’m missing…

  7. Wow, I totally disagree with you.

    As a perverted girl (TM! not) I reeeeally liked all the sex scenes (though some of the love-hate aka bad girl were a bit much), and sena rocked so much! I luve guys who smile like drug addicts while saying weird stuff. Seiju was meh, but still sorta cute, he was so scared and stuff that he’ll lose her to leni, it was ADORABLE. And yeah, leni was best, that’s true, but zero comes pretty close, he’s voice is sooooo good! he’s totally an oniisan kinda guy, I loved how he was so happy for her in the leni route and stuff.

    Anyway, this game is hardcore, so of course if you’re not a pervert it’s not for you, but if you are, it’s like totally awesome, dudette!

    BUT THE BOOBS THINGS WAS TOTALLY FTW, i had to ignore them and just look at the guys faces. also I turned her voice down during the H scenes, her screams were sooo annoying. I mean, GIRLS are playing this game, we don’t wanna see this whinny girl with a freakishly high voice and the default yasashiiiii~ persona that otaku guys like, EPIC FAIL SIGARBEANS. but in some routs she was sorta okay-and the kyle one was hella funny, “hime samaaaaa~~~” “kyleeeeee~~~” “hime sama hime sama hime sama” “kyle kyle kyle” with the flowers and bubbles and shit XD the hate love route for kyle was just weird, totally OOC, but whatever, its like a fetish route anyway, most guys were a bit OOC in it (execpt for sena. he was TOTALLY himself, sena is a walking rape-fetish. god, i love him and his ijiwaru voice <3)

  8. gaah, i can’t unlock unans route, did you play lenis and seiths routes from the very beginning or from a save file? i cant read japanese but google translateing the otome girly page i can’t really tell what it says TT.TT

        1. Hm yea I don’t know then, I know you had to start from the beginning for Unan’s route – did you try doing that? I sincerely can’t help you as I no longer even have this game and I haven’t played it in years

  9. I recently just bought the game myself and…. ah, yes… I am reading spoilers. Tonikaku… so far I’m pretty impressed with the artwork. I think there are a few complaints I would have for the artist though. Some of the character poses looked a little rushed on the artists part. Namely Seizh’s slightly bent pose with that… is it supposed to be a flirtatious smile? Or, what is that? Whenever I see that pose all I can think of is… freeze frame! And then that McDonalds Touhou remix song starts playing in the background. Well, I haven’t gotten to far into a character route to comment on that yet. But so far, it’s gotta be nekomimi. : D

    1. lol well be aware of the “surprise raep!” in the love & hate routes.
      also i think more than face proportions, the biggest issue is asche’s boobs.

  10. Okay, I can’t help myself. I just have to write another comment so soon after writing one. Because I’m a comment whore, I guess. (shrugs) Anyway, I’ve played through maybe half of Seiju and Kairu’s route.

    I was really suprised about Seiju’s route because when I read your impressions of him, I thought he was gonna turn out to be some really detestible guy. I mean… I’ve read some pretty messed up yaoi before that mad me wonder… who actually likes this crap? Who is this targeted for? I want to know who! But Seiju’s not a detestible character, he’s actually a pretty sweet guy, despite how fucked up he can be sometimes like when he leaves Ashe on the street when a woman comes out of nowhere and tells her he’s alone. For some reason he told Ashe earlier she could come with him if she didn’t mind not being seen. (If I understood correctly) Other than his, you have to be my possesion if you want me to come back to Makai with you crap, and all his random kiss attacks, I think he’s pretty sweet to Asche in most other scenes as long as you’re not being ijiwaru. I think he’s a bit of a mental case at the moment, but he’s always sweet to Asche when they’re alone together. But I admit, I haven’t got to the suprise rape scene yet. T_T;

    Kairu’s route is… sweet but, there’s a limit to how much sweetness I can take. It’s starting to suck the life out of me it’s so sickiningly sweet. It seems like this route consists of slurping noises. Lots of kissing and sex. Asche’s voice actor is so shrill when she does a hentai scene. It’s hurting my ears and she out screams all of the guys. I’ve about had enough of her voice for the H scenes. Kairu’s voice though is… bacchiri!! *__* (drool) I truly love this kind of character. The cute and innocent types are the one’s I always target first. I don’t think Asche has been so much of an asshole towards Kairu like your review suggests. As long as you pick the kind answers, Asche become overly affectionate towards her tsukaima. Though I have to say… there is one ijiwaru answer that I picked that I just laughed at forever. It was mean, but funny as hell! Kairu comes to Asche’s school to give her an obento, but outside in the hallway the teacher’s are looking for a tall guy who came into the school without an invitation I guess. Asche tell Kyle to get out, opens a class window, and chucks him out. You can hear his voice fading into the distance… “Hime-sammmmaaaa~!) ROFL.

    Woops, this was a rather long comment. Hope you don’t mind. I’m just so excited to discuss otome games with everyone. OwO

    1. Umm did you do the route where he basically throws her out into the rain and rapes her? Not really sweet to me lmao.
      Remember all the bad shit is in the love & hate routes!

      I like Kyle he was totally okay in my book (except when he went OOC in the love & hate route)
      Also I think you can turn Asche’s voice off.

  11. I’m not really sure about route names. Well, that little bit about the train sounds pretty messed up though. No, I haven’t really seen that one yet. Why would they write that into an otome game? hmm. This is what girls want these days I guess. Oh, and thanks for the tip about the on/off voice box. I just found it in the game settings.

    1. lol most R-18 games tend to rape the female avoidably in the bad ends or unavoidably (like in akazukin to mayoi no mori) so if you want to see games without that kind of content I recommend getting a PSP and playing the PSP bunch. Sadly when I didn’t have a PSP all I could do do was be stuck with the R-18 rape crap XD

      1. Ehhh? Really…? most of it is rape? What girl wants to be violated and abused? Seriously? lol. I have a lot of otome for my PSP already, but since I came to Japan I was hoping to upgrade to PC software so I can read the kanji easier. In the PSP games, sometimes the kanji strokes are so cramped together that they look like some kind of hyroglyph. Are there any otome PC games you can reccomend me that don’t use rape or violence? Or could you reccomend me any otome PSP games where the female lead has a CV? I’m not fluent in Japanese so a lot of times I depend on the voices to get me through the kanji with a lot of strokes.

        1. lol sadly most R-18 rape games have a voiced heroine xD;;
          but any all age PC game has no rape so at least you’d be safe?
          All ages games with voices as far as I remember are Little Aid, Zettai Meikyuu Grimm and Princess Nightmare.

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