Otome Game Review: Step ~Futari no Kankei wa Ippozutsu~


This is another rehash post. (I swear I’ll warn you guys if it’s a new post xD;) This game started the JOUZUU JURUU meme for me and so I will never forget it. :lol: 

step01So because I am still unemployed (and the job options in my area suck more than Youtube) I had a chance to finish another Otome game. Luckily, this one was a lot more fun (well at least 75% of the time) than the previous one and contains porn so that should get more people to read thist post :P. Anyway the title is “Step ~Our relationship is one step at a time~” and it’s basically a typical love adventure (and some comedy) game. Your name is Akino Minori and you just moved to your grandparents’ house…a house you lived in when you were young. In school you run into your childhood friends Mizuho (who is the same Mizuho as the other game) and Yuu. Also there babysitting you, is your uncle Kouta who you like to call “Kouta-niichan”. (Hoo boy this is it.) There’s really nothing out of this world like demons or monsters and it’s just you going about your everyday life and once you pick your dude stuff begins to happen. However, there is more than meets the eye to such a “simple” scenario.

step02Anyway after reading the character descriptions I noticed that it said Yaguchi was an Otaku and that intrigued me so I decided to play his story first. Basically, you can call this “Densha Otoko” the otome game. This was also probably my favorite and most fun story to play. It was also the funniest and had the “fullest” ending in my opinion. So anyway just like in DO, one day after school you pass by an alley where a lot of drunken salarymen are. One of them grabs you and powerless you yell for help and guess who comes to save you? Densha Otoko, a freshman by the name of Yaguchi Hajime! The funny thing is Yaguchi’s name is written in such kanji that it looks like a katakana version of “Hello” and a lot of his classmates call him “Hello” or make fun of him.

step03Being the typical Otaku, he loves anime, akihabara and figures. Naturally on your first date he invites you to go to Akihabara with him. There he buys you a huge burger and ends up having lettuce stuck in his teeth. He also tends to babble about Dungam (Gundam) and Timalda (Matilda) quite often. You are older than him by 1 year and you see that his classmates often pick on him, and make him do their chores (such as after school cleanup when it’s not even his turn.) You decide to shape him up by telling him to stand up for himself. Eventually that gets him into trouble when he refuses to give his money to some bullies. You try to help him but they end up almost freaking raping you but once again he uses all the strength he can and they leave you alone. Eventually you fall for the poor dork, but the problem is none of your friends support you.

step04One time when you try to do something in your room, you get interrupted and they catch him with his pants down lol. He runs away and is MIA for a few days but when he comes back he’s cut his hair, changed his otaku clothes and started wearing contacts. He looks kinda bishy now so youre all like raburabu and for Christmas you decide to do it with him. As far as the porno goes, the first time you do it in a park (how unsanitary) and then you do it in his Otaku room (which contains a poster for Kare to Kare lol) fulla loli girl posters hahah. In the final ending, you married him and you tell him that he’s going to “be a papa” soon. I decided to see what “ending 2” was out of curiosity, and it’s a bad end because you gave him the wrong colored scarf. In the bad end, he ends up breaking up with you and become a narcissistic playboy model because he got scouted on the streets.

step05The next guy I decided to play was Kitou Masaru. He’s a tsundereBOY. Also I have recently discovered that his name is a pun which means “big dick” 😆 . He sits next to you in class and half the time you try to talk to him he’ll go “hmph!” and turn and face the window. Even when he tries to talk to you with good intentions, he gets all embarrassed, blushes furious and hmphs/turns away from you again. He starts to like you when the one time the teachers come to inspect students (and take away this one kid’s condoms lol) you defend Mizuho because they yell at her for having nailpolish on. (What a crappy school!) He’s so impressed that he gives you 2 tickets to go ice skating…and of course you invite him to go with you. He’s really shocked, more than you invited him, but the fact that he really sucks at ice skating and is too ashamed for you to discover this.

step06However when you go ice skating it turns out to be buttloads of fun (hell I went last weekend with my boyfriend :D) and he gets all deredere. Another time you go to a park and eat yakiimo (baked potatoes). After having loads of fun there (along with him being tsuntsun and deredere again) he kisses you …what is way more than just a peck on the lips. We got tongue action going here! He then says “These are my feelings for you”. Aaanyway on this guy, there’s actually a LOT of ero scenes. Why? Because he has a dark secret he can’t let anyone but you know. And that secret is….he has a huge wang. Apparently he broke up with his last girlfriend because she said it hurt too much and he couldn’t stick it in! LOL whoa if this was an erogame, this would NOT be considered a problem because eroge heroes always have cocks 10x bigger than they’re supposed to be.

step07Of course being his girlfriend, you decide that you will try to deal with the horrendous pain of sticking a watermelon up your cooch and let him try to stick it in. Most of this is done in a love hotel and you also want to make him feel good by giving him head and having to hold it with like 2 hands cause one just doesn’t cut it. Eventually he suggests that you do it on top that way you have control over his huge cock. Anyway that seems to work too bad like a little teenage boy he comes in like 2 seconds after that happens. Aaanyway you give him a scarf as usual, and in the end the two of you get married. If you do the bad end (i.e. give him the wrong colored scarf), you get a call from Kouta telling you that Kitou got into a serious car accident. O_O; Well that was morbid enough to make me stop doing ending 2 for the rest of the cast.

step08Next I did the childhood friend, aka Amou Yuu. What’s up with otome game childhood friends and being incredibly annoying, brainy and possessive? He totally reminded me of the childhood friend from Love Drops. Both are really good at school, wear glasses, have an obsession that they keep hidden until you do their route and just suck at their decisions of where to do it. Anyway he’s soo obsessed with you that he remembers EVERYTHING about you. He remembers your childhood embarrassing moments and what kind of hair clip and outfit you were wearing the day before. It’s really creepy and when you compliment him on how he’s good at school all he replies with is “I don’t try, it’s natural therefore your compliments mean nothing.” Wow what a dick.

step09He’s got a serious family complex too. His mom’s been very sick and his dad left the family to do some kind of sleezy business. Yuu wanted to get good grades and become a lawyer so that he could eventually sue his father and get money to put his mom into a good hospital. Eventually though his dad wants him to take over the family business making him frustrated because he has no choice but to accept in order for his mother to get better care. Of course naturally he takes his frustrations out on you by almost raping you on the school rooftop. Thankfully, Kouta-niichan comes to your rescue because he happens to be your homeroom teacher. For whatever reason you forgive him (I guess cause he came and stood in front of your house in the rain all emo and crap.)

step10The two of you go to the beach and to the amusement park. You of course do it in both places. However when they did it in his car it looked as if his car had turned into a freaking limo. I mean damn those seats suddenly were huge enough to fit 2 people on them. Also he somehow figured out how to turn the ferris wheel on (don’t they usually have KEYS for these things?) and for Christmas Eve he decided to do you on the ferris wheel. The other annoying part about him is when he kisses you or does you, he sounds like a slobbering constipated wiener dog. (Or as JP says, a wiener dog with a boner trying to climb up the stairs.) In the end you give him a scarf too but the final scene is of them in traditional Japanese wedding outfits. It wasn’t the official ceremony but rather just taking photos and saying how they’d do their ceremony whatever way she wants. God that sucked, half the time talking to this guy felt like talking with a robot. (“I never believed in Santa Clause, and I thought the whole idea of happily ever after is a bunch of crap!!”)

step11This is where it gets hairy (no pun intended on the guy’s never shaven face.) The last story that I didn’t really wanna do was Kouta-niichan’s. (Also known as Narasaki Kouta). Kouta is your uncle. He is also your homeroom teacher and the guy who you made a “promise with” to get married when you were like 8. He also drinks like a pig and smokes all the time and to make things even more awkward he tends to sleep in the buff. One day when you’re in his room you stumble upon a letter and a photo and you conclude that perhaps Kouta was adopted. Because of this suddenly you think “oh gee wiz he’s not my REAL uncle that means I’m allowed to have a crush on him!” Because you take his route, most of the scenes are spent talking over dinner or TV or any other stupid crap at home.

step12Eventually you just can’t hold it in any longer and you admit your feelings of love to him. Kouta says that he’s your uncle, and that he is not “adopted” and then says he’s gonna go away to the mountains to think things through. He leaves you completely crushed but determined to win his heart, you decide to go look for him up in the mountains. Because this is like the middle of December, there’s a crapload of snow and you get piled down and pass out. Eventually you wake up in Kouta’s cabin and he yells at you saying how worried he was. Once again you tell him of your dying love for him and suddenly he admits that he’s in love with you too and says how he was adopted. Being incredibly excited by this news you decide that the two of you will be lovers.

step13Unfortunately rumors spread around school that you two are going out, and this jealous female teacher sees you two hugging near your house. Kouta ends up quitting his job and disappearing but he calls you saying he will come for you. Suddenly your mom gets home, slaps you and breaks your phone for doing such shameful things. Even after Kouta comes back his sister/your mom kicks him out telling him to never come back here again. He runs off and then has Mizuho deliver a message telling you to meet him at 5Am near the train station. You do so and run off to his cabin again. Before you’re about to do it though he gets a voice mail from his mom/your grandma. There she explains that he really IS her son, and that the “mother that died in a car accident” was actually her sister who was taking care of Kouta because she was unable to have kids of her own. Saddened by the news you have 2 options. Give up and then have a bittersweet end or screw the world and screw Kouta. Naturally to get the erocg you have to do him and so after doing it at night and the next morning, you two run off to Hokkaido where he becomes a teacher and you keep your incestuous relationship a deep secret and a shame to the rest of your family.

step14So basically that was it. Some interesting things to note are….In Kouta’s eroscenes, there wasn’t much of “ow it hurts”. In every other guy’s its like “OWW IT HURTS STOP ITAI” etc. Does that mean he has a small cock? I dunno. Also as a note they actually mention “putting condoms” on in this game. Yay for promoting safe sex. I’m quite sure you’d never see the word condom in an eroge…unless the newest ones actually incorporate it. Yaguchi seemed to love colored condoms and he always said “what color would you like to use this time??” LOL. That was great. One of Kitou’s scenes was totally foreplaying her in the gym equipment shed. Kitou knows where it’s at yo. The game had a LOT of Cg’s. When saving these I didn’t even save all of them because a lot was the same CG with the person’s facial expression changing. Same goes for the scarves. I didn’t bother to go back and get every colored scarf for every guy because the ending would be the same except for the color of the scarf in the CG. Oh well overall I enjoyed the game. With the exception of Kouta and Yuu’s nasty/freaky routes, Yaguchi & Kitou provided balls of entertainment (and thankfully as with the other game, once you’ve gone through a scene you could quickly skip through it.)


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  1. I’m in a toss between Tsundere Boy and Otaku-kun, although the former wins for having a huge wang. I know how that feels ):

  2. My favorite route was with Yuu and Kouta. I didn’t really care for the H scenes, but I thought the plot for the characters were pretty good.

    Oh, I forgot about Akiba kei-Yaguchi. He’s a hottie under those glasses but what’s up with the first H scene!! (It was her first time—–btw! I would have slapped him!! Lol…)

    Well, overall, not a bad game…

  3. I find it hilarious that half of your talks with Kitou is both of you saying the same thing XD If it was me, I would totally think he’s stalking me to learn what my favorite things are. Very creepy. Also he’s slightly a faggot.

  4. Ahahaha I just realized something – Touka is uncest! Get it?! Uncle+incet = uncest! or incle? nah, uncest is way batter. Damn,I’m good.

  5. How do you install this? ;w; I’ve been trying to, but it just shows the screen with the company name (amedeo or something?) and turns black D:

    1. i haven’t played this game in years so uh I can’t comment but if you’re having issues most likely it’s possible that the game is too old and doesn’t like windows 7? not sure sorry I have no idea as it’s been a while.

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