Otome Game Review: Love Drops

This is just a rehashed post from my old anime blog. I’ll be posting these all week because I decided these reviews were actually kinda nice and it would be a shame to have them lost forever. This will take some time to do because I have to sit here reuploading all the images and fixing the formatting (it’s one huge block of text) so please bear with me.

loved10So since some male bloggers have posted reviews on eroge….but I figured I’d do something different and post reviews on Otome Games. (Mainly because I just got 2 new ones so I figured it would be a nifty feature for this blog.) Anyway I actually finished this game sometime in September and this post is like 2-3 months overdue but better late than never! The game title in Romaji is “Love Drops Mirakuru Doukyo Monogatari” so the best way I figured to phrase it would be “room mate” rather than “The miraculous story of living together with random people demons.” The game is done by a company called “Will Game” and through their “Sugar Beans” division which specializes in Otome games.

loved09So basically the story is, you, the heroine (who by default is named Tanaka Kanata – ironically) is a fairy tale driven girl who has never had a boyfriend for the last 17 years. (This of course automatically makes you a virgin but that’s how it is in eroge too.) So naturally you believe that your future man will be a “prince” who will come pick you up on his horse etc. Your mom is worried that you haven’t gotten laid and so she sends you to live in a huge house by yourself. The thing is you have to get sad first because the house actually belonged to your grandparents who passed away 4 months prior to the start of the game. Of course you and your grandmother were very close so you are familiar with the house and are incredibly amazed that it’s all furnished, huge and it’s really beyond me how/why they are paying for a house that no one has lived in for the last 4 months.

Anyway one day 3 bishounen appear in your closet. Aside from being bishounen they are also demons. One is a werewolf, the other is a male siren (lol) and the 3rd is a vampire who apparently would rather eat cake than suck your blood. You don’t know why or how they are there but apparently they were last time in this world when your grandmother was your age. So naturally at first they think that you are your grandma but you explain to them that you are not. You also happen to have this special pendant that your grandma gave you which will drive away demons. This comes very handy because the 3 of them can’t get their paws off you and are swooning over you and glomping you every 5 minutes. Actually the way it seems the pendant acts like some kind of a tazer device :lol:. Anyway the 3 of them end up living with you until the end of game, based on who you pick to end up with.

So let’s go down the list of the “boys” you can get with. I don’t know the official order so I’ll go in the order that I played.

loved06Roy: Roy is a werewolf. He acts like a puppy and he has dog ears and a tail. Naturally just like a puppy he’s pretty hyper and always goes “asobou yo!” (lets play.) And naturally like an un-neutered puppy he always goes “I wanna do you right now.” 😆 Very often though, he would compare you to your grandmother which would of course piss you off and make you think that he just likes you because you look like her. He of course has to prove that that’s not true by kissing you and hugging you etc. As far as the sex goes, it was kinda funny cause he was all like “DEAL WITH IT” and she’s all like “OWWWW!” There’s like 3 ero scenes for each guy. For Roy it was on the bed, in the bathtub and then on the bed again after he comes back a year later. His “issue” (as every guy has one for the story to commence) is that his wolf powers are becoming too strong and at one point he ends up strangling you. He realizes the horrible thing he’s done and says he’ll go back to the demon world to get himself under control and return to “take you away.” When he comes back he’s even bishier than before and if you get the “final final” ending you end up marrying him and going with him to live in the demon’s world.

loved07Tomoya: Tomoya is the childhood friend. He\’s also the brainy childhood friend who does all your homework for you and spends most of his time at the library or the bookstore. He seemed pretty cute and he has glasses which are one of my moe’s. However once I played his story he quickly became one of my most dislike able characters. At first he is this childhood friend and the two of you have trouble overcoming the fact that you are just “friends” and that he may only see you as a “sister” and vice versa. However, later on you realize the reason you haven’t had a boyfriend for 17 years, is because this guy has been targeting every guy who wanted to ask you out, and been setting them up with girls who gave HIM love letters. What a dick huh? Not only that, he starts getting jealous and possessive if you even so as talk to another guy. He then goes into a monologue about how you are way more than a friend to him and he becomes a big perv and does stuff like feeling your crotch under the Kotatsu when his mom’s around. @_@;

The ero scenes are first on his bed, and he also eats you out, the 2nd is on his bed again but you guys are all wearing clothes and it just looks like she’s sitting on top of him with their eyes closed (O.o) and the 3rd they do it in a grassy field (Makoto anyone?) once again fully clothed so it just looks like she’s lying there on top. His “complex” is that he apparently got possessed by a demonic cat ghost and so with the help of your demon room mates and pendant and grandma’s spirit you were able to drive it away. (Unfortunately I had to use a guide to do this because whatever choice I picked on my own kept making him die..although that would have been the favorable option had I not wanted the CGs.)

loved05Kanade: I had trouble figuring out this guy’s name cause it was only 1 kanji. Anyway this guy was a total dickhead and I hated him more than the guy above. He’s the “cold aloof” type so no matter what you do he’ll be like “uh huh whatever” or “nobody asked you to make me a bento.” So he was a total cockblocker and his complex is that he’s actually like a “ghost” roaming the earth and shit. Apparently it’s something to do with Kanata’s grandmother and all he keeps babbling about is “living must be wonderful” or “it must be nice to rememember things”. God it was so awful. In the end he disappears and then randomly appears again. If you do the “final” ending he disappears for real and never comes back. His ero scenes are normal bed, then he randomly does you in the classroom on a school desk, then bed again after you decided to suck his cock because he was in one of his emo-speech modes and you wanted to give him something to “remember you by.” LOL I’ll make note of that next time I date a guy who’s got Alzheimer’s disease.

loved04Hugo: Hugo is a moron. I don’t hate him, but he’s just a moron. He’s a moronic vampire and throughout the whole game 80% of his lines are “What’s for dinner” and “Can I have some sweets?” But at least his story isn’t too bad. His complex is that he’s a vampire but unlike his brothers and sisters, he has no interest in sucking blood. Because he doesn’t suck blood like a good vampire should, his body becomes really weak. He even starts having episodes where he has the urge to suck blood but in this game if he sucks your blood, you will die. (Rather than turn into a vampire or just faint like in Tsukihime or something.) So anyway he feels terrible and when he has another one of his blood sucking urges he stabs himself in the heart with a wooden stake. Of course then your wonderful pendant comes into play again and he is miraculously (as the game title says) saved and then he turns into a human and becomes a cake chef or something. Either that or he just learns how to cook. In the “final” ending he’s just “back to normal” or something. His ero scenes were speshul! Mainly because his ero scenes was the only seen where you could actually see genitals. In everyone else’s usually they are blocked by legs or clothes. This time they were 69ing and although mosaiced it was still something different! Otherwise they also did it on the carpet (ouch rugburn!), and on the bed. They also did it against a wall but that was another one of those “lets do it with ALL our clothes on” CGs and you couldn’t tell if they were doing it or doing some kind of wall aerobic exercise.

loved02Floria: Floria is the hornball siren. Naturally sirens are supposed to “woo” humans with their song but he’s a defective siren and he doesn’t sing. Anyway not only does he constantly try to woo and hit on you, he also apparently is a manwhore who does the same with “his lady clients” who pay him. Of course once you find this out you get pissed off and the worst part is he doesn’t think of it as “manwhoring” lmao. Anyway his complex is rather complex. From what I understood is that him and his siren buddies once sunk a ship of people and then there was this girl staring at him from beneath the water. Apparently he couldn’t forget her face and he’s felt guilty ever since or something. Oh yea I forgot to mention Floria’s ears are like little wings. It’s rather creepy. Soo anyway he can’t forget this chick and he’s at the port every night staring into the ocean. In the end of course he’s also on his death bed for god knows what reason and when he’s been laying there unconsciously and you want to bring him back to life…you once again use your magical pendant/grandma spirit power…..and the next best thing: you give him a blow job. Oh joy! He then of course wakes up going “you naughty little thing” and you two screw and live happily ever after. Floria’s ero scenes are lame in a sense that 2 of them are in the same place and the only difference is the “lights” are off in the 2nd one. Basically he decides it was fun to screw on the kitchen counter. Uh okay. The other 2 are bed scenes and the last one is once again fully clothed. Except this time at least her boobs are showing so you know something other than “lets sit on each others laps” is going on. By the way the worst part about this guy was that he hated the daytime so even more so than the vampire he would sleep all day and get up at night and then its like DATE RUINED BITCH!

loved03Hijiri: I thought his name was “Ken” because of the kanji but it’s Hijiri. Like wtf why don’t you use the most odd name for that kanji! Anyway this guy is the “kouhai” and so that makes you his senpai. Since you are in your 2nd year, he is in the first year. Naturally he’s like this immature little kid who you don’t really look at as more than a little brother. To add on, he has this complex to try to get rid of demons and so the fact that you live with 3 of them really pisses him off. So he’s always at your house trying random magic spells on them which all fail miserably. His complex is not very complex at all. It was actually interesting because he got possessed by a demon but not like the kind Tomoya got. It was a succubus! She possessed a classmate of Hijiri’s who had a crush on him and naturally began sucking the life out of him. So once again grandma/pendant to the rescue and everything is fine. The whole time through the game he tries to prove himself a “worthy man” to you but because he is so worried about impressing you he is constantly apologizing especially when you have sex. He doesn’t go “deal with it” he stops and goes “Are you ok? Does it hurt? Should I stop?” 😆 Well I found it kinda cute even though I don’t usually like the younger guys. His ero scenes are on the couch, outside the school at night (where they almost get caught) and on the floor by the couch where you first do it. I gotta admit the choice of sex was really weird especially the school one. Then again I think any kind of “standing up and doing it” kind of sex is weird and could not possibly be comfortable. You’re have to be on like 10 doses of viagara or just fucking horny beyond belief to actually enjoy that. His ending is cute though, you guys get married and in his “real” ending all the demons go back to the demon world. Roy ended up dying or something but then you got a pet dog who you named Roy who apparently wasn’t too fond of Hijiri.

loved01Cifar: Pronounced “Shifa” this guy is like the ultimate game rapist. He’s the hidden character that I decided to try to unlock out of morbid curiosity…and boy was it morbid. He’s actually the bad guy that you constantly run into the game. Little did I know he actually had a “story” and “ero” scenes. I wouldn’t call his ero scenes erotic because there’s nothing erotic about rape. Seriously it makes me wonder, what sicko put this into an OTOME game? Ero games aside, what girl would enjoy this guy? Are there women who like enjoy being ravished by a stranger who calls them a dirty whore etc? Reverse S&M? I don’t get it. Well anyway if you don’t pick anyone to go to the Halloween dance with, he ends up jumping into your room and makingout/slobbering all over you. He has this complex story because he’s a fallen angel. The story is he was in love with a fairy but “god” didn’t want him to have the fairy so he threw him from the heavens for trying to get her. Then the fairy ran away to earth and hid herself an then like reincarnated into YOUR grandmother. Dun dun dun the solution to why you have these powers and this magical pendant. So he also put a barrier around the fairy (the pendant) so that the fallen angel guy couldn’t get close to her. So yea the guy’s broken hearted but no reason to take it out on 3 generations later! Geez! I love the part where he’s doing her in the bushes and he’s like “Go ahead and yell and everyone will see how shameful you are!” Like in America, if everyone saw the guy would be on death row or something. In Japan it’s “shameful” right. 🙄 Anyway for some sick reason, you basically abandon all your friends (and your demon pals) to be with this penis head, and then he rapes you (or as she thinks has sex but it feels good..ya ok) AGAIN. Then when he’s done he suddenly realizes the wrongs he has caused and you make out with drool all over yourselves. Then he disappears and reappears as a “good” human. Yea that was a load of ass crap. I mighta been like “aww poor guy” if he wasn’t a fuckin rapist!

loved08So that’s basically it. The game play is that every day you pick 1 or 2 places to go to. Depending who’s there you get to interact with them. When you pick the right answer you get a “star” and by the time the Halloween Dance comes, the guys with the most stars will ask you to the dance. Once you pick one that’s pretty much your guy for the rest of the game. If you don’t pick the right choices though, you will get a bad end and lose. The other thing is, to get the “true” ending you have to go to the Halloween dance with 1 guy, but then the other guy will “intercept” and try to take you away from him during his “complex story”. If you go with the guy trying to intercept, you will get that guy’s “true” ending..or whatever they call it. I call it “the last CG you didn’t get the first time.” So yea I had to play this game twice for every character. I ended up scrolling through it the 2nd time though. Overall the CGs were nice. A few of them were a bit awkwardly drawn or the choice of showing “porn” was pretty bad ( I mean come on you’re wearing ALL YOUR CLOTHES wtf??) but in general I enjoyed it. Well at least I liked Roy’s story the most but I hated his “true” ending. I liked him “living with her until she’s an old grandma” on earth rather than taking her to the demon world. (Also because she got this goofy looking 1980’s outfit on when he did that.) I also admit I did have to use a guide to get through Cifar’s crap cause you gotta be at a certain place on a certain day and pick certain choices in order to get through his arc.


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  1. Nice to see some otome game reviews too. I just read one off illusionary chain. While I probably won’t play any myself, it seems they’re not much different except the reversed roles.

  2. Now what do you know, I was reading some of your otome game reviews off the Web Archive some time ago because they were so hilarious 😀

    Love Drops is sitting on my harddrive along with the rest of my backlog, so I don’t think I’ll get to it quick… For the past month I’ve been trying to find Sugarbeans’ Ijiwaru My Master, but there’s only so much rape and doormat heroines I can take. I ended up finishing Asaki Yumemishi and Garnet Cradle in the meantime ( ´_ゝ´)

    (Oh, and by the way, did you know Under the Moon is getting an all-ages PS2 port sometime soon? I have no idea how are they going to pull of the “all-ages” part.)

    @Micchi: oh wow, nice to know someone actually read that, ‘specially since I didn’t spread out any links or anything yet 😀

  3. Micchi> btw I wanted to ask do you have a working torrent for Love Revo?? I keep searching for it and only finding torrents for the DS one 😦 I really wanted to play & review it, along with Pet Detective Y’s :S

    Shiny> I’m actually downloading garnet cradle as we speak lol so I’ll post a review on that. asaki i’m playing as we speak so yea I’ll have those 2 up eventually. Doesn’t under the moon already have an all ages version? (tsuki iro ehon?)

    Abi> I have no idea if its American or Japanese or what lols

  4. @Hinano: nope, Tsukiiro Ehon is the 18+ fandisk/prequel or something.

    And btw, seconding that request for Love Revo.

  5. That’s an interesting point of view Abi-kun. Personaly, I don’t know why, I think it’s really nice when two people have sex with some (nice) clothes on XD; personal fantasm ? Dunno~ D:

    Also you made me laugh SO MUCH with Kanade description XDD!!!

  6. Shiny> Really? I wonder why Getchu lists it under “all ages” then…hmm O_o

    Main> I loled myself when reading my review, I was like wow I can’t believe I wrote that. xDDD

  7. Everybody must’ve loved Cifar’s route because after Love*Drops, Sugar Beans otome games don’t have anything but raep on them! 😆

  8. Hinano> I was refering to the “Rules in every American Movie” Rule no. 57 : If the movie is made for the European market, the sex scenes are played by the naked actors, if the movie is made for the American market, the same scene is filmed with actors in clothes :D. This is related to rule no. 10 – the bed sheets are always L-shaped, so they covers woman armpits but the guy next to her lies with bare chest :D.

  9. Thanks for the awsome review. HAHAHA. I played this game a while ago and had a hard time understanding what was really going on. Thanks for the info.

  10. I love the review, it really made me laugh at some parts. I was googling around for otome games with sex scenes and this came up. Thanks, good to know they exist, haha.

  11. Are there any R-18 otome games that have been translated into English? I have been searching desperately, but I’ve only found ones in Japanese and Spanish. I can’t read Japanese and my Spanish is, well, not the best around.

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