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prius01So a while ago MMOsite (who I subscribe to  on my rss reader) had mentioned Prius Online. It’s originally from Korea and its made by mostly the same staff who worked on Ragnarok Online 2 (before they all bailed which is why the game hasn’t had any updates in years.) While browsing NicoNico douga the other day they had an ad for the Japanese version of this game which apparently opened last week! Well I have been wanting to check this game out for sometime so I registered and downloaded it last night.

prius02There are a lot of similarities that can be found in Prius and RO2. One thing is that in this game you have a loli partner called an “anima”. Basically it follows you around and helps you kill stuff and heals you (kinda like in Megaten except it’s not a deformed beast.) At the beginning of the game you can not only customize your character but you can customize your loli. Speaking of characters, the way this game works as far as classes is a little different. Rather than picking a “default character” and then a class, you pick a character whose class is pre-defined. For example I picked the human woman, who is by default a gunner. If I want to let’s say be a mage, I have to be the human man. If I want to be the priest class I have to be the woman elf thing etc. Since I play all my games for looks, and I didn’t wanna be a furry, I decided to just be a gunner ^^;

prius03At the beginning of the game there’s a pretty hard core set of cut scenes. I say hard core because the  graphics are absolutely amazing. They even take into account how you have customized your character to be in part of the intro. In the “intro” you have your loli and you’re level 30. You fight amonst your “friends” (the furries I mentioned earlier) which is basically a way to help you get accustomed to the feel and play of the game.

prius04The best part is a pretty famous cast is voicing some of the characters! Noteably the voice of the loli animas is Tamura Yukari! There are other noteable voice actors like Inoue Kikuko as well, and cut scenes aside, the voices remain well into the game. So for example if you do in game emotions, there will be voices to go with them by said seiyuu. I’m not really sure who voices my gunner lady though.

prius05Anyway sadly at the end of the cut scene the loli disappears and you’re back to level 1 once you reach the noob grounds. You can get her back of course once you hit level 10 though.

prius06I was playing around with some of the emotion lists available in the game. They range from her showing peace signs and going “BUI!” to getting angry and going “MOUUU!!” lol It’s cute when they add sound effects like that into a game, but it also makes me think a game like this would never make it into the US because they’d never want to pay voice actors to do this lol. I’d imagine just like with Holic Online, they’d leave the original Korean voices in.

prius07I took more screenshots once I got to town and as expected they are all pretty amazing. The quest system and controls system is very similar to RO2. There’s even a quest board area but I didn’t bother with that yet as I had a ton of stuff to do in  town alone from the npcs in there.

prius08A couple notes about this game: It’s very graphic intensive. The requirements on the site may not seem like you need much but JP’s laptop lags while mine’s smooth as silk. In addition it makes my video card temperature go from like 65 to 78 lol but I play in 1440 x 900 window mode.  While the game is of course in Japanese, they make doing and finding quests REALLY easy. On the map it will show you which area you should go to and will put red circles around which NPC you should talk to. The other similarity to RO2 is by pressing space you can jump up so you can jump from high places to take shortcuts. The downside is if you jump from a place too high you’ll lose HP 😛 Anyway this is gonna be another great game to introduce at my MMO panel in September but if you do decide to try it out, my IGN is 猫カフェ as always on the デュオ server.

11 thoughts on “Game Introduction: Prius Online

  1. You almost tempted me but I think it would be quite hard for me to play since my japanese skill only allow me to understand some menus and have a really really quick talk. I’m not feeling well thinking to understand the quests and all if I have to take forever to understand what to do ah ah…

    But it looks really nice. Maybe you won’t drop it soon like the previous MMO you tried recently :3 I hope that for you. I’m looking forward for some news from you about it then.

  2. Yea I’ll probably update my album more than anything regarding this game. The problem is there’s usually so much to do in an MMO that I have enough trouble keeping up with quests & such, let alone game events.

    I do get bored of MMOs really fast though xD; I guess why I still play Pangya is it’s casual and there’s not really a “point to reach” so I can stop & start back up any time. I’m getting bored of lag and hacker reporting though, so this is a nice break for me ^^;

  3. That reminds me, I just started playing the most beautiful game ever. It’s call Sword of the New World. (or SotNW) heard of it?

  4. nah, seems to be quite heavy to run under my laptop XD

    ill just stick with golf for the time being T_T

  5. you should check it out^^
    It’s really beautiful. This is like first MMORPG i’ve played XD
    also their clothing, and hair move! XD
    also they have expressions and they blink ^o^
    If you try it out then my IGN family name is NaVierre

  6. Unfortunately this game are closed for most of the world… Also i heard news about banning western players on jp server.

  7. what are you talking about? I play on the Japanese server and I live in the US 😕 sorry but unless I see them specifying that this game is limited to only those in Japan, I do not believe the rumor you are spreading here.

    while there are Japanese games which restrict players only within Japan, this isn’t one of them.

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