No more island tour for me (ノД≦ll);

Max, Cecilia & Kooh ゲットだぜ。
Max, Cecilia & Kooh ゲットだぜ。

I grinded more than my Kitchen Aid stand mixer 😆 for the last few days. I did 3 rounds of the island tour to get Max Cecilia and Kooh. JP got Hana’s so whenever the hell shops open we’ll trade since it works out perfectly. Sadly I did not get Arin’s but I’m really sick of doing this tour =_=; All the bathing suits lack 1 control, which until I’m Ama E makes a significant difference. Therefore getting Arin’s swimsuit is pointless to me since I already have a cash swimsuit for her that gives me 1 extra control ^^;. I thought about buying some cash stuff for Ceci & Kooh to get their stats up to par with my Arin but I don’t feel like spending $10 on each of them. Not until Ntreev takes care of this hacker bullshit. I found at LEAST 30 hackers during this whole experience since I was hosting/joining public tourneys. I’m really sick of this shit -_-;

Also weekly tourney is cancelled until this event is over (June 24th) so everyone who wants to keep grinding can continue doing so. I’m, however, finished with this.

4 thoughts on “No more island tour for me (ノД≦ll);

  1. I really tried to finish at least one or two courses yesterday, but first I got DC’ed and after I tried to login an hour later I couldn’t – the whole Black Papel was FULL -_-;;;. I’m tired of Island tour too but for a completely different reason :/ .

  2. Yea I had a time once when I tried logging in and the whole server was full @_@ They clearly do not have the capacity for just one server. I’ll post a suggestion on the forum about this.

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