Ntreev releases new screenshots, beats a dead horse.

Yay for reused stock images
Yay for reused stock images!

In the last couple of days there has been major drama going on with Ntreev USA and Pangya and it doesn’t seem to want to end there. On May 13th they disabled shops in the lounges in order to supposedly clean up hackers and the hacked pang. Days passed without maintenance or any updates, and today they have quietly enabled the shops once more. Despite saying they would post an update on the situation, the shops were enabled without a word being said aside from someone posting a forum thread about it.

In addition, a bunch of blogs are babbling about press releases of Ntreev releasing some “new screenshots”. These “new screenshots” are the same screenshots you see in the S3 opening movie so I don’t understand what we’re supposed to be excited about. In addition, they have discreetly removed any mention of season 4 that they had in the previous press release. Now all it says is:

The Casual Golf Game Soon Will Officially Re-Launch in North America. Irvine, Calif., May 18, 2009 – Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today that it has released new assets for Pangya, its popular, online casual golf game that will soon officially re-launch commercially in North America.

God who cares that it will relaunch. Oh yes you will just open the cash shop for people to spend money and be occupied for another month while you stagger longer to release the “so called” season 4. -_-; I’m a bit frustrated with all of this and I’ve been mainly focusing my efforts into finishing Nursery Rhyme (I finally finished 1 route last night) so aside from the weekly tourney I’ll be focusing on that this week.

Also as a note about the weekly tourney…since it appears the servers have switched again, there will likely be a server change on Tuesday so please check this blog tomorrow before the tourney to make sure you get on the right server. In other news, I’ve come to the conclusion on why my game crashes at 640 x 480 – My video card refuses to even display that resolution on either 2 of my monitors. The lowest resolution it can handle is 800 x 600 which explains why the game never crashes on 800 x 600 or up. I’m gonna experiment playing in 1024 x 768 this week because if I’m gonna play in a better res I might as well try to learn hitting pangya in high res, and have the game look nicer.

P.S. UPDATE 05/18/2009: 23 68 more Pangya accounts have been permanently closed for economy exploitation and 1,547,828,779 additional Pang has been removed from the economy.

That’s more pang than the 300 accounts they banned before. That means those 23 68 accounts had like 65million pang EACH. What the fack. This is so ridiculous. 🙄

14 thoughts on “Ntreev releases new screenshots, beats a dead horse.

  1. There is nothing new in those screenshots, besides everybody knows that Max is either a pedobear and molests Kooh or a MILF lover and hitting on Cecil (24 year old MILF -_-‘).
    As far as I remember you have widescreen monitor, right ? You should try some of the widescreen resolutions, they look even more nicer that standard 4:3.

  2. Abi> I know they do but the pangya bar is way too tiny on those lol so 1024 still looks nice but at least I can hit pangya on it ^^; also power cutting on a small bar is really hard.

  3. Yeah but there’s NO way to find those artwork in better quality all over the web so it’s kinda a good news for me !

    I save everything and keep it safely~

  4. Really? The artwork is in pretty high quality over at seedark’s homepage (since it’s pretty old.) I guess the screenshots are kinda nice to have but they’re all like ANCIENT screenshots. I don’t really understand the point of them releasing old crap ^^;

  5. Well it’s even nicer than at seedark O_O That’s why I’m impressed~

    And since I’m a photoshop addict and try to improve. I’m kinda so happy to get this stuff >w< !!
    The pictures of the beach volley game is in such a good quality O_O And look at this artwork of Kaz or Season 3 mainscreen ! <3<3<3<3

    Screenshots are crap but th whole category called “New`Asset Blast May 18/” is pretty awesome. Not to mention those NTreev and Pangya logo in the best quality ever. This kind of stuff really excite me even if it can seems odd XD!!!

  6. I find this image disturbing. I suppose it’s the whole little-girl-sitting-on-lap-while-of-age-guy-has-his-hand-between-her-legs thing.

  7. Hinano> maybe its because you play in fullscreen (I presume) and I play in windowed mode, and I’m not talking about native resolutions like 1440×900 or 1680×1050, they would look beautiful but you need a magnifying glass to look at powerbar -_-;.
    As for a servers I think that Black papel will be out for a while so we need to move for this week tourney (ZOMG Tiki will be overloaded like hell :/).

  8. Abi> I just moved my monitor closer to me on my desk when I play. In fact if you have a rhythm built in for hitting pangya, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Actually sometimes it’s nice and since I managed to get a HIO on deep inferno with that resolution my theory is further proven to be correct xD

    Oh did BP die again? Sigh alright I guess I’ll change it to Tiki 3 then.

  9. That is what you get for not paying attention to dates and stuff… Black Papel is up again, sorry for a false alarm 😦 .

  10. To be safe, I’ll leave it as Tiki. Free 3 will usually have room and with BP going down so much I don’t trust anything. I’m pretty sure it went down so they could disable the stupid shops again.

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