And so the banning continues…

From the forums:

UPDATE 05/13/2009: 204 more Pangya accounts have been permanently closed for economy exploitation and 4,148,597 additional Pang has been removed from the economy. The reason for such a smaller amount of Pang in comparison to the number of accounts closed is that many of these accounts were either created in anticipation of future cheating, or used primarily to traffic rare items. As a result of these actions, all of the rares purchased by these accounts have been lost, and are no longer available to the community. To combat this, we encourage all players to know their buyers before they sell!

In addition:

Some of you may have noticed the personal shop function not available in Pangya. It is intended and is not a bug. Please keep an eye on our website for future updates.

Interesting “anticipation of future cheating” lol. I wonder how they estimate that, but yea that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately removing hacked pang isn’t gonna stop retards from selling feathers for 1 million but whatever I doubt anyone is buying them anyway except hackers to begin with. Now that they’ve disabled shops, it’s probably a lot easier for them to go through accounts and see those who are “waiting to sell the rares” or whatever lol. I’m still hoping for another announcement today, something hopefully regarding the economy, the hacking and (cross my fingers) season 4… 😦 Really gettin’ tired of this beta crap…

12 thoughts on “And so the banning continues…

  1. “As a result of these actions, all of the rares purchased by these accounts have been lost, and are no longer available to the community. To combat this…”


    “…we encourage all players to know their buyers before they sell!”

    Oh. T__T Okay.

  2. I’m getting tired of Beta as well. In fact, I’m getting tired of Pangya US in general. Looks like my chances of ever getting Arin’s Blush/Rosy (which is the only rare that I want) are next to none. Sigh.

    Maybe I should play another game until Pangya sorts itself out. Whenever that’ll be. :/

  3. Orihime> I mean they should re-release rares at least for kaz & lucia at some point in time I think lol…The only papel rare I want are the blindfolds and the transparent papel at this point so I couldn’t care less about old stuff anymore ^^;

    Airi> I still want to play at least an hour or so a day so that I don’t get rusty. Last time I stayed away from online pangya for about 2 months and when I came back I couldn’t even hit in the pink area lol

  4. I’d love to have dorky glasses for Kaz, I know that they look kinda stupid but hey, +10 curve man, nothing except Black Papel gives that kind of stats boost.

  5. Man, the only Papel rare I wanted ever REALLY since it first came out in Season 2 was a Seraph Halo for Arin. I won a Seraph Halo on the first or second day it was in the Papel Shop, but it was for Bob. (Yeah. I have a history of getting rares for BOB of all characters first and foremost. =_=;) And then sold it off for just under 200k Pang. You know, back when that was an acceptable price. I wish I had forseen all this stupid crap happening in this game – I would have never sold it. At least not until much, much later. Or try to trade someone.

    But yeah, with that notice, they specifically mentioned the state of rare items, which they’ve never really done (they just mention x number of accounts and x amount of pang), so while I was reading, I was under the impression that since they’re specifically addressing rare items, some good news might be had for people begging for a re-release. ;_; But alas…

    I got so excited about May 14th, too… ._. No word of Season 4, believing they’d do something about these disappearing rare items…

  6. Abi> I’d love a pair myself to be honest. I never wanted to have crazy spin, I find myself never needing it – however I am quite often in need of a power curve especially on wizwiz!

    Orihime> Yea me too..well we still have 12 hours left their time before the day ends so maybe there will be an update late at night like they typically have been doing. I was hoping May 14th myself, I know it was just a rumor but still 😦

  7. >Really gettin’ tired of this beta crap…

    Yeah, I’m just laying low till Season 4 starts. Nice to have the game back, but after so long without an update it gets boring. D:

    Awesome to hear they’re taking care of hackers though. Hopefully they implement stuff to tighten the noose on them when the game goes out of beta.

  8. Honestly the fact that the only update are “more bans !!! ^_^” really makes me tired…

    It just make looking the game as a big hacker hunter and it’s just sooooo sad ._.

  9. While I understand that people who are ruining the economy are bad.. is it really the right idea to ban people they don’t really have proof of cheating? I mean that like “anticipation of future cheating” is such an oddly worded term. Also it feels rather unfair to everyone else that they’re discontinuing certain items/features that maybe people playing the game fairly liked or wanted and now they won’t be able to use/get them.

    Kinda reminds me of when Aeria removed various items from Imagine and later put them up as AP items or worse, lottery items.

  10. Aeria is pretty infamous for making stuff based on greed and cash. The reason they made lottery items “buyable” I think is too many people complained that they had low chances and that they’d rather just pay for the item instead of trying to win it.

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