Is Season 4 Just Around the Corner??

No wai~!
Season 4?? No wai~!

I’ve seen rumors on a few blogs here and there but I found multiple press releases that state:

Before summer, Ntreev USA will introduce Season 4 with new characters, locations, all-new customization features and more.

Whoa what the hell really?? I kept thinking it was just a rumor spread around the game lobbies and forums…guess not. Or at least I hope not. I hope that’s why this beta is taking so long. The weird thing is, shouldn’t we be beta testing season 4 not season 3? And before summer? Summer’s a month away guys, at this rate shouldn’t we be seeing massive updates coming in May to get us prepared for it?? Let’s hope for the best…

17 thoughts on “Is Season 4 Just Around the Corner??

  1. I hope so, especially if multiple blogs have reposted this press release. It would make Ntreev look really bad if come September and we’re still in Season 3…

  2. Yeah it is weird, I mean why bother with Season3 beta ? The only explanation that comes in mind is that people were waiting to play Pangya and Ntreev had to give them something to occupy them untill they get a grast at Season4. It would be nice to play Season4 without VPN and with old gang again ^_^.

  3. I figure they had to do season 3 for the account recovery. Likely the database structure changes between versions and it’s easier from any perspective to go from v3 to v3 instead of v3 to v4. Now that I’m done with my technobabble.

    I want to play S4 badly. I hope the rumors are true as well.

  4. season 4 has like key features that s3 does not:
    1. no pangya tomas/spikes
    2. treasure system so you get items after every game you play no matter what.
    3. approach mission to get prizes quicker
    4. new motion animation items for almost every character
    5. self design
    6. lost seaway = pang bonanza.

    those things right there is what i like about season 4. even without Lucia, if we had those I’d be happy.

  5. Ah, yes, I was playing in a tournament like 10 days ago, a random “4 and go” tourney, so it was just me and 3 other random guys, and at the start of the tourney, one of the guys said said that Season 4 was coming out on May 14th. So me and one other guy are like, “Where’d you hear THAT?” and he said it was a GM who told him, as he is friends with this GM.

    I took it with a grain of salt, I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it, but who knows. I was dang confident we’d have Season 4 before the year was up, no doubt in my mind about that, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon, if the rumors are true. Since… yeah, as you said, I thought it made little sense to be in Season 3 “Open Beta” with random bugs here and there just for them to release Season 4 a month later. But hey, it’s a welcome and pleasant surprise, if true!

  6. May 14th 😯 Well hey if that’s true then that’s awesome 😆 Definitely something to look fwd to. Maybe that’s why they didn’t release the cash shop, they wanted to maybe add all the missing cash items from season 3 into season 4 first! 😀

  7. Yeah but isn’t it weird to have season 3 content into season 4 ? I mean we don’t have a lot of scratch card rares so that means Lucia won’t have anything for months (damnit ! xD)…or maybe they will release her rares along with the others ? o_o like all the wedding dresses at once ? it will be possible…

    Anyway wait & see as always. But it would make sens to release season soon because I was quite surprised to don’t have any update with ntreev us who release things quite fast (you can see it with trickster).

  8. To all the cool features of of Season4 I’d like to add a little picture preview of the next hole in “Tab menu” for people who can’t be bothered with remembering all the holes on a course 🙂 . BTW sometimes missed spike is way worse than a missed pangya powershot from Season3 like for example Hole9 on Ice spa (one of the few holes I can remember 😉 ).

  9. Mainless> It would be awesome if they could release Lucia’s rares simultaneously as the other ladies. I’d love to try to get her wedding dress knowing that the other item would be other dresses rather than something random. I think that’s a great idea if it happens!

    Abi> Oh yea that was useful although I have most of the ice canon & ice spa holes memorizes in my head 😆 Yea missed spike is pretty bad but sometimes its okay xDDD

  10. Hmm… Those three look like they’ve been copied and pasted from somewhere. I do hope this rumor is true because if it’s not… They better be more careful where they get they’re getting the information from. Plus, I didn’t see any NtreevUSA announcement about it.

  11. It’s a press release. A press release is usually given to news sites to copy & paste the same thing all over them 😆 They are not gonna put this stuff on the main ntreev page or else people will constantly harass them “where’s season 4?? is season 4 here yet??”

    Also press releases aren’t guaranteed but I think Ntreev wants to try to keep accurate with their updates. I think May is just an estimate, but I’d be happy enough if we get S4 by mid summer.

  12. Whoa.. I was like whoa… I hope the GMs are saying is true :(…..

    If not.. then what the heck…. lets just watch

  13. Considering the newest press release has no traces of S4, this pretty much nullifies my entire post and any hope of us getting it “before summer”.

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