Taking a break from Pangya (again).

takingabreakI’m really disappointed on the few events that have happened in the last few days of Pangya US. While I thought our vending was a success, I attempted to start a thread about it on the forum, but the problem is a lot of people don’t read the forum so only a few showed their support, while the rest continue to act like ignoramuses in game and crowding in a mob when they form shops. In addition, I’ve had the same idiot 2 days in a row whisper me “I buy ur mask for 1kk” (I want to stab him in the eye.) I’ve already reported him for possible pang hacking, because assuming 1kk = 1 million, who the fuck has 1 million pang in a week? Uh no. Hackers are destroying the economy once again. Feathers are going from 30k to a ridiculous 150k now. It’s only a matter of time when 500,000 pang is considered a bargain.

A lot of people keep saying it’s the BRs, it’s the affers but honestly – I haven’t actually run into anyone who says “aff” or “BR?” yet. BR aren’t the only nationality who use poor English, so just because someone says “BUY MY ITENS” doesn’t automatically make them from Brazil. I’m not defending anyone here, but it’s really dumb when everyone’s like BR this and BR that. They can ban Brazil and we’d still have hackers, what’s the difference? The point is to combat the problem, not an assumption. I don’t want to switch servers again (not going into detail, friends should know what I am referring to) because I’m so sick of this. How many servers do I have to keep jumping for one reason or another?

I still have hope that Ntreev will fix things before the game goes “live”. Until then, I don’t really have the desire to play. I’m so disappointed at what is happening, I can only see things headed towards the way Albatross18 once was. If the game were ever to sink to that level I think I’d just quit playing Pangya all together. -_-; For now I’m going to focus on finishing up my visual novels so I can post up some reviews on this blog.

Edit: Thank you for the support everyone. I’m not quitting Pangya just going to play a little less. I mainly do want to finish the visual novels though but I will still try to play a game or two every day so I don’t get completely out of practice like I did before. In addition thanks to some friends, I was able to get Kooh’s feather and I spoke to someone else who informed me that Ntreev is aware of the hackers and is trying to combat the problem behind the scenes. I also heard that while there are people selling overpriced rares, there’s no one actually buying them, not even the hackers 😆 What’s annoying about the hackers is they have a new method – clear bonus pang hack. That way you can never tell in their profile if they hack unless you play in a tourney with them or a vs game. Hopefully this will all get resolved before the game goes live.

16 thoughts on “Taking a break from Pangya (again).

  1. You can still keep playing with friends and ignore the hackers! They are annoying, but you can block the obnoxious people who whisper you. The fending is a problem, but maybe its best not to obsess too much about getting lots of feathers and stuff. Wait to see what special events and items they may have when then ntreev really gets going. In the meantime, I’m willing to be patient and see how it goes, since its only been like a week, right!!!

  2. I wouldn’t have reported the “1kk” (eff, I hate that kk thing. I refuse to use that. who the heck decided kk = punctuation for million? why just not use m? we certainly don’t say KKB when we mean x million bytes. -_-) for possible pang hacking, but possibly for harassment, since he asked you 2 days in a row when you already told him no. There’s a thread on the forums where some people provided legit reasons as to why any 1 honest person might have a whole lot of pang so early in the game. I’d be more concrete if you were to look at his records and report him for pang hacking if he’s got an impossible amount of pang on any one course. Since, if he really is pang hacking, I don’t think just because he claims to have a million pang already is enough to ban him. :/

    lol, I can’t take a break since things *are* cheaper and if I quit now I’ll never get them at these super low prices again before they go up. *__*

  3. all i wanted was kooh’s feather just because I had her – but then I don’t really plan to use her anyway, I prefer Hana & Arin, so I’m like meh fuck it no point heh.

  4. I had dropped by a few days ago to see if the NA community was any better, but it’s annoying to see that 90% of the people don’t even speak English. Decided not to play it unless a friend asks me for a quick match or two.

  5. yea that’s pretty much how its always been…-_-;
    they have rules now about only english in the lobby and so far I’ve only seen english – not sure what is happening with random player games.

  6. hm so far i only care about playing with friends
    leaving that aside, only tourneys. and on those, i dont rly care anymore if im 1st or last place

    but if someone comes with bs about wanting to buy stuff, i just try to stfu him in a safe way =p

    i cant help it anyway, mostly because i dont own a PSP T_T
    (and RO crashes for me, so no stupid gaming nor something else for me =/)

  7. ah btw, forgot to mention:

    its rly strange to go versus on normal random users.
    either they`re normal or their gameplay is so strange that you cant help but think ‘oh a hacker’

    like ds said, keep playing with friends only and just hope they dont lag or crash =p

  8. i don’t care much about playing with strangers, i’m more frustrated about the economy going down the shitter and instead of me being able to buy a rare for a good price in the shop, i might as well blow my money on the stupid lottery myself.

  9. I almost forgot, I bough Arin’s feather for 32k yesterday, so there are still some people who won’t charge you and arm and a leg for a one little rare item ^_-.

  10. Hey Hinano, it’s a shame you’re not going to keep playing so I hope Ntreev do something soon – I’m sure they will!

    Anyway, I’m still not sure of the official source of those artworks, all I know is that they are wallpaper releases of the posters offered for sale at the Gamepot Festa 2008 (http://www.gamepotfesta.jp/goods.aspx). As far as I know, they weren’t on the official Pangya.jp site (I didn’t look too long there though…), but they seem official so they must be somewhere on a Gamepot website. I think…

    The good news is though, after trawling through numerous blogs, I finally found someone who reposted a 1680×1050 version of the image! Here it is and the blog it was on (which also has upskirt screenshots of the new JP gacha and closeups of Cecilia’s cleavage on it…but anyway…LOL).

    The picture: http://moke2ex.blog.so-net.ne.jp/_images/blog/_7e2/moke2ex/E3839DE382B9E382BFE383BC.jpg

    The blog: http://moke2ex.blog.so-net.ne.jp/

  11. LOL thanks! I’m still kinda playing xD;; I heard something about the GMs being aware of the hackers and more people are making threads about this on the forums…so I’m sure the GMs are aware that if they let the hackers run wild nothing good will come out of it and they will lose good players..

    thanks for the links and rofl @ teh upskirt screenshots lmao

  12. Ugh, I SO feel your pain over having somebody harass you about buying a mask like that!
    I’ve had some guy offer me 3kk for a mask on several different occasions, not to mention I don’t even have a mask to begin with! -_- Damn hackers.

    I sure hope they do something effective to protect against pang hacking so that Ntreev never sees the day where rares that are currently in the lottery go for over a million, and people actually BUY them.

  13. Привет Hinano! Снова пишу через комментарий, так как у меня нет другой связи с тобой.
    Хотел сказать, что я больше не являюсь частью ThePangya.info
    Я разругался с одним человеком, что и послужило моему уходу.
    Поэтому прошу пересмотреть необходимость ссылки на сайт в твоем Blogroll листе.
    Кроме того, у меня есть также личные причины, связанные с моей семьей, препятствующие моему отдельному блогингу. Поэтому пока я буду вести тихую и менее активную “интернет-жизнь”.
    Ну и конечно я буду играть в любимую игру, в которой мы всегда можем связаться.

  14. Jorik> Hey there, you could always msg me on the Pangya forum as well (my forum name is hinanocchi) Sorry to hear you had an argument over at your other blog 😦 I didn’t realize you weren’t the sole person running it – always assumed it was just you. I’ll remove the link for now, but if you ever come back or you start a new Pangya blog please let me know 🙂 While our timezones are different maybe we can play together again one day.

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