Some thoughts about the Megaten lottery…

As expected, I won absolutely nothing that I wanted.
As expected, I won absolutely nothing that I wanted.

Ever since Pangya I can assure you, I have shit luck when it comes to playing mmo lotteries. The luckiest I’ve ever gotten was getting Lucia’s feather on Pangya JP. This time around I somewhat liked the 7Sisters uniform so I decided to go for it. After 3 tries of getting random demon stuff I stopped. I then tried 3 times on the 300AP lottery in hopes of getting one of the rings or earrings, but instead got Adrianne’s Thread. When JP tried, he got the ring I needed (+5 magic) and then I decided to try again – only to get 3x incense of experience – twice. That prize isn’t bad, and Adrianne’s thread can come in handy when I am too lazy to float over to Souhouzan – however I can hardly ever see me using the demon items because my demon is already a pretty good tank for the places that I level in. Maybe on no death penalty days I can use it on him to help us tank a room full of demons way above our level.

As usual the forums are raging. I’ve heard people spending $20 to win 1 voucher for the 7 sisters, and then I heard people spending $30 and winning absolutely nothing. So with the lowering of the price, the chances lowered as well? 😯 I’d be lying if I didn’t say this was discouraging. Someone suggested that the lottery be “banned” and that the items be sold as normal clothing items. While I think that’s a bit too much, I liked the idea of the limited quantity AP online store. I’m pretty sure that the Sakura Blossoms in japan were a lottery item, but here Aeria came and let us buy it from their store – and it was almost instantly sold out.

From what it appears, Megaten players are WILLING TO SPEND AP knowing they will get what they want, while the lottery seems to be discouraging everyone. To date I’ve only seen 3 people wearing the maid outfit. I don’t know if it’s because it’s not that great or because people just gave up after getting nothing from the lottery. All I know is this lottery has taught me one thing: Do not bother unless you REALLY want the outfit. There are certain outfits that I REALLY want (like the wedding dresses and kimonos) but if I think about it, I don’t REALLY want this school uniform and I’m not willing to spend anymore money trying to get it. I’ve seen more people wearing the Nekomata outfit than the school uniform so maybe the chances on that are insanely low or something.

Not sure if Aeria is going to make any changes to this system, or consider putting some stuff as a “limited item” in the online store but I hope that a solution that pleases everyone can be reached. Until then, I’ll be hanging to my remaining AP until further notice 😉

5 thoughts on “Some thoughts about the Megaten lottery…

  1. ahh i wanna play this game. but i would not let me play the game as im missing some bits to play it. maybe you will win next time.

  2. it needs a new graphic card and soem other things that i don’t remeber. but i will play this game one day. lol

  3. ): Ah same here, I tried it and got crap too.

    My computer is awful, but it doesn’t stop me from playing! 😀 I get pretty bad lag spikes though.

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