Hip Hip Hooray for Pangya USA!

Oh well we all saw it coming ;)
Oh well we all saw it coming 😉

Well seems like I’m late on the boat cause I was busy playing Megaten lmao but yea it looks like just as Ogplanet is kicking us out, Ntreev is picking us up an our accounts (or so they hope). I hope at least they reset the damn pang. The economy is a mess right now so if they could at least keep the items that would be nice. LOL on the day of the announcement I ended up getting a Kooh and some pang clothes so now I have a Kooh in my account for shits & giggles. 😆 If they end up not being able to transfer our accounts/items will I still play? I think so. Starting fresh would be nice, however I highly doubt I would ever buy cookies again. I’ve spent enough on this game (on 2 servers for that matter) that I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m kinda concerned that with the account transfers though, they will just transfer accounts of all the cheaters and hackers who got rare items for ridiculous prices from A18. Who wants to play with that shit again? 😦

Since Megaten is getting boring due to lack of material and their double exp events are only on the weekend, I’d probably end up devoting my weekday time to Pangya. I just hope Ntreev runs things smoothly and that we don’t have a repeat of Cheat-a-tross18. Kinda glad I never bothered leveling on GOA. I bet everyone who migrated feels kinda stupid now 😆

P.S. I hope they ban Brazil. 🙄


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  1. O(≧∇≦)O
    I still have my doubts about Ntreev, but… hey, they AREN’T OGPlanet, that’s a great improvement there.

  2. Yea..I’m mostly concerned about account transfers. While I do want my items back, I don’t want to be playing with transferred hacker accounts or the entire point is lost.

  3. If they’re bringing all the accounts back, they might as well work on setting up a stronger hacking barrier (update gameguard? xD). Dunno if that’s possible though.

  4. the problem is the damage has been done. there are accounts with like millions of pang, rares and ridiculous records. obviously a game guard update will do the trick, but they’d have to go through all the hacker accounts to make sure they’re not transferring over some asshole’s hacker items.

    this may hurt some but i think they should just transfer only cookie/astro items and delete other stuff. most hackers aren’t paying customers lol

  5. i supports u in the BRs issue… its not xenophobia, just common sense… even if the “clean players” have pay for the bad ppl 🙂

  6. If they will transfer only cookie/astro items I will be left with nothing… but its good to know that Albatross18 wont die, although it will certainly change its name to Pangya 😉 . It would be nice to have a Season4 as an “Opening gift” ^_^ .

  7. Abi> Yea I think if they have a month to aquire everything, they should just bring in season 4. Hell for all we know they could have had this season 4 preparations way in advance but OGP didn’t let the cat out of the bag till last minute in order to gain more money (which they successfully did)

  8. Yeah, I’m hoping they do something about all the hacked pang floating around. I know a lot of people would be upset if their accounts pang got dropped down to some generic starting number, but eh, I think it’d do much more good in the end, because I play another MMO where tons of hacked and laundered money that was never removed is still effecting the economy in it today.

  9. lol getting bored of grinding? =p

    i`m pro ban too, but too bad i wont be able to play when that happens XD

    i think i said it twice already here or somewhere else but, i would like to add: I hope they ban Philippines too. and that other country that ruined the gameplay over pangya japan too.

    perhaps no one rly noticed things beyond the AFFs, spamming but, after some time, not rly starting from brazil(not starting doesnt mean they also guilty free) but after other people moved to a18, that was the time when the prices went to bizarre values and so on.

    well. something must be said. if not it will be just random blaming. thats the main cause behind people acting like jerks just because they can read your ip (yeah, went once to some anime channel, some sargemat guy simple started to act like a fag just because i joined the channel. and then, this just becomes some troll crying about something. bla bla bla)

    just hope the game stays clean this time.

  10. oh yea i agree with all the retards who destroyed PangyaSEA (Phillippines, Taiwan) but i think cause their time zone is different, i only ever see AFF SERA SERA in the channel when I play 😆

  11. << “P.S. I hope they ban Brazil. 🙄” >>

    I’m brazillian, and I supports also about this issue…

    But, man, really: i think doing that statement wasnt TOO happy from your side… As berz stated above, the hacking wave HADNOT started due BR’s, but only when SEA has closed…

    And, at that episode, the major BR influx has ALREADY happened… This, w/o to mention other minor things…

  12. Bixu> like I said, berz is my friend he is from Brazil and we get along fine because he isn’t like the retards from your country. I know you from forums and I know you are a good player as well. It’s just that even on the day of the announcement of A18 closing someone msgs me going “Lol… BR?” I’ve also had multiple people spam me with “BR? have astros?” and I’ve seen people say “hacK” and other portugese things while I was popping into a18 throughout the last few months.

    I do agree that PangyaSEA has hackers that came to A18, no argument there, but hackers aside, I’ve had multiple BRs kick me out of tourneys/vsjust because I wasn’t Brazillian. I think that speaks for itself.

  13. lol, someone who i used to play with a long time ago /o/
    ‘sup bixu =)

    anyway. this is a problem. we make the gameplay experience shitty, ruining the whole ‘we are nice’ mood of the server.

    on the other side, pinoys just do hack. brs just copy them out. cos brazilian ppl are just too lazy to do the work. they dont make the gaming bad, since they dont actually kick you. but they do uber scores like nothing with “ph”s or something like that.

    none are good =/
    ppl are just stupid. if you hack. you take away the most interesting thing in pangya, grinding for chip ins.( i mean. the ones you rly sweat to get it)

    oh, btw. today, while playing in nakano, some guy KSed me, i told him to stop and in reply.. i was told to shut up:”callate maldito gringo”.

    something sad huh? someone from another latin country.. and even worse. calling me a gringo =_=U

  14. Oh yeah~! I just hope that all the cookies (I love saying cookies ><) items get transferred (elf ears ︿︿)

    I seriously hope that a certain group gets “banned” (Yeah call me biased =p)
    And if possible…they could block vpn stuffs too =x

    But most of all…Get rid of the damn inflation! :<

  15. berz> Wtf is a gringo?? 😆 Maybe all the stupid people are on in your timezone berz, I hardly run into them…then again i usually only play instance dungeons with the guild xD

    Symphonist> I’m hearing that they might ban Europe because of GOA…that would stink. I’d rather them ban BAD players not good players who “happen” to have a server in their country =/

  16. i hope season 4 will comes quickly….
    and no any problem made season 4 failed…
    and i hope that ntreev will bring us to get the best pangya in USA

  17. saya harap ntreev akan memberikan kita fasilitas yang baru….seperti ID lama kita dari albatross 18 yang akan dilanjutkan di pangya USA dan mulai dari pangya season 4….tolong balaslah permintaan kami ini….
    kami sangat ingin bermain di pangya season 4 dengan ID lama kami….saya harap juga bahwa ntreev dan ogplanet dapat bekerja sama…..
    jika web na telah sampai tolong beri kabar ya…
    terima kasih banyak ntreev..semoga permintaan kami ini dapat terkabulkan tuhan memberkatimu ntreev

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