Pangya Europe (GOA) and Season 3

goa102Well since Albatross18 really is on the brink of doom this time, I figured I’d give GOA another chance. This is my character above as you can see lol. If you have a Pangya Europe account, please do add me, as I cannot speak French for my life and can only play tourneys at this point because I’m afraid the French will laugh at me like they did last time I tried a game with strangers. (⊃ω・`o)

goa101While GOA S3 is in open beta and still full of bugs (like considering every word a swear word and silencing me after 3 sentences 🙄 ) I did notice something important in Kidy’s Magic box. (Lol god damn Caddy, Brie, Kidy…it’s getting confusing.) See that scratch card right there? Yea that’s basically a gachapon/Mr.Ecard for you. However it looks like you can make one with 10 of the “support coupons”. Now I imagine you get these either from a) papel lottery (satchel lottery oi vey) or b) dropping out of a hole cup.  Needless to say, it gives those who cannot purchase Cookies a chance at the GOA e-card lottery. Honestly? This is great.  Why did A18 take away this feature? Oh yes, greedy buttholes that’s why.

goa103As always the beginning of a new season means bugs. However GOA has been diligently working on them and unlike other servers, has kept in touch with the forum members reassuring them that things are progressing – rather than you know, ignoring your paying customers until they get frustrated and quit. *eyes a certain other server* 🙄 I’ve been hearing all sorts of crap. That A18’s contract runs out in May of this year, that it’s going to close, that PangyaBR and Pangya SEA also had 2 weeks of double everything and then the server closed, and that NtreevUSA is going to pick it up. I don’t know anymore and I’ve lost my patience. I want good updates, and events. Now that GOA has S3, once they get the kinks worked out, I’m confident this will be a much better server. While their Psquares are small, just looking at the items I’m like “wow, a DECENTLY price piece of clothing that makes me want to play more to earn the pang to buy it!”

Although today I saw an “aff” and that person quit in the middle of the tourney. That kinda makes me worried, I thought GOA already banned that country. 😦 I hope that if/when A18 closes, the  trash from there doesn’t decide to migrate over to GOA…

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  1. Pfffft Frenchies mdr.
    Hmm…I downloaded the Pangya GOA client but after that neither GOA nor A18 would function. XD Its like they’re incompatible on the same computer. I’ll have to try again later I guess. If I ever make it to GOA I’d love to play with you. I guess the problem with me is that I haven’t played any other Pangya server than A18, so even while its considered crap I don’t know any better. >__< But that e-card coupon is making me drool. I seriously don’t have to spend $ for that?! (also, it says 10 in the picture but 2 in the text…*confused*)

  2. mdr??
    lol umm sorry that’s my mistake, should be 10. Fixed now.

    I’ve played on GOA, A18 and Japan. I’ve probably spent the most time on A18 at this point but I’ve put up with nearly 2 years of their shit and I don’t know how much more I can take. Plus with all the obvious rumors floating about, I’m really losing confidence and I don’t wanna waste anymore time (and money) there.

  3. mdr = mort de rire (literally means dying of laughter, french version of lol. ^^ ptdr = peter de rire, literally means farting of laughter–>lmao) I didn’t know any of this until I joined my french guild on A18…but I’ve picked up enough to make a list now lol XD

  4. From what I’ve heard from the grape-vine GOA has to make an alternative for Mr. eCard because as it is in other servers it is illegal in France. It seems it is considering gambling for them, and basically as a minor you can’t do this. I’m not sure how they’re going to get around that, or if they’re just going to do it anyway or what.

  5. I did add you in my buddy list.

    I think we need to choose one channel, which will meet most of the English players.
    I also found a lot of mistakes.
    Do not understand that we can win in the Papel Shop? Maybe you know?
    Also, I had some strange bug with chatbox, some of my letters is recognized as foul and transformed into “*” sign. I think this does BETA-bug.

    And even saw one unpleasant message in ticker “I trade pangs of A18 to pangs here”. OMG…

  6. Free Mr.Ecard for everyone huh? So they did this Korean way, just like Rich said in his comment eons ago :). Probably they will have low drop like in Korea too, but it’s still better than force everybody to pay for it like in A18.

  7. I think i am going to move there with u guys, i am going to add u too Hinano , i hope see u there tomorrow

  8. Hi Hinano and all of u guys, if u guys just wanna play with me you can add me, my ID: Changmin ^^

  9. A friend told me that rules of our countries got some changes and that it wasn’t a problem anymore. But I don’t know.

    In fact our CM told litteraly “We won’t have a cookie loterie”. So we can’t say anything at all at this point.

    Well, as for me. Goa is my main serveur since I’m a little frenchie. Since the Japan’s Proxy ban I played a little bit on Albatross18 (with my Magical Girl Hana :3) and with their last crap update, I restarted my account on Goa (which is Amateur E with one year of playing lol).

    Anyway, My ID their is : Sylphaei (or mouny, I can’t remember) so if you want to play some games with me, go. ^^

  10. DS> I don’t know how to create guilds on there. Maybe they haven’t implemented it yet? I’m thinking maybe “OGP Refugees” or “BML Survivors” or something 😆

    Mainless> Cool thanks, I’ll try to add you. I think the friend system is bugged cause I had issues adding anyone last night x.x Hopefully they will fix it soon.

    Changmin> Will try to add you if its not buggy!

    Ceres> Alright see you in game 🙂

    Abi> definitely. The exchange rate between US and Europe is even worse than Japan so I have no intentions of buying cookies there.

    Jorik> They do have that English server but I hardly see anyone on there. I’m thinking that making a huge guild would also be a great way to keep everyone together.

    Kana> Well if they already allow it in the game, its probably not illegal.

    Nitehare> LOL farting out loud 😯 sounds silly, I imagine if I keep playing with french people I’ll learn some on the way as well! (beats hearing AFFF on A18 all the time)

  11. “…but I’ve put up with nearly 2 years of their shit…”

    Two years is how long -I’ve- been playing, and I know for a fact I had been playing for quite a while before you started. ^^;

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