Megaten is NOT a casual MMO (´・ω・;`)

Sigh. If I could use the cry emoticon, I would have.
Sigh. If I could use the cry emoticon, I would have.

Because I’ve been busy grinding on Pangya (A18), I’ve sort of abandoned my usual game time on Megaten. It’s only been about a week, but I come back today and before while everyone else was a noob, now I’m the only noob left. ;_; I wanted to join a party in a dungeon because JP was busy making tomorrow’s lunch but then they kicked me out because I was like 10 levels lower than everybody else. Maybe these kinds of games are not for me?_? I mean with Pangya you can leave & come back and it’s not really a big deal. I kinda feel like if you leave & come back to one of these kinds of things, you’re suddenly behind everyone else even though you may have joined the game 2-3 weeks before they did. 😦 I guess for now I’ll just stay off until the Pangya exp/pang event ends and then I’ll probably come back for some full force level uppage.

I had thought of making a clan because I saw someone selling a clan creation thingy but… my friends list is only 3 people right now. (・∩・。`)


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  1. How nice, Impz was just pimping it to me a couple of weeks ago and I eventually gave it a shot. Sadly, no online RPGs have that kind of attention grabbing power unlike RO anymore ): Just like you mentioned, grinding and keeping up with everyone else is imperative in these sort of games.

    I think there are a number of bloggers playing together with Impz(at least it was the last time I checked, so maybe you guys can hook up?)

  2. Wah… that sucks. XD I hate it when players take their levels too seriously cooperative online games. It causes a nasty split between the high and low level peeps, when it really isn’t any trouble to play together at all. I helped my friend level back up to my range when she started a new character, and it didn’t take us long at all. We were even able to run one of the harder dungeons together (as long as I shot most of the enemies, because they were weak to guns, bwahaha).

    But yeah, if you ever catch me online, I play as ilana, and would be happy to help you out. Haven’t played it in the past few days, but I’ll probably be back to playing regularly next week.

  3. Shin> Who are these bloggers lol, I haven’t seen anyone making any posts about this game at all 😯

    Ana> Thanks, I’ll also probably be more on next week since I’ll probably be more on A18 this week. Glad to see there are those willing to help us out, I mean I’m level 16 and I’m sure if I played more than once a week I could level up but its usually just JP and I 😕

  4. “but then they kicked me out because I was like 10 levels lower than everybody else.”

    Huh, I joined a party to go through the Suginami Bronze and they were ~10 levels above me and were all nice and everything. .__.; Luck of the draw I suppose.

    I’m still trying to make it through the Home 3 stuff, so at least fell glad that you’re ahead of me. xD; Hopefully I can finish P4 and P3 soon, cause then I won’t have MegaTen overload and might actually want to play. 😛

  5. so, is it any fun?
    since i`ve got nothing to do and was amazed at some noob who got a hio in 9 secs (vs 40s @_@) i guess i should play something else for a change XD
    (also i`m out of options here, my NFS most wanted wont run on vista and i`ve just finished my world in conflict)

    well, in 2h i`ll finish the client dload XD
    so, as long as i dont have to do so many clicks like i used to do when i played RO, it`ll be fine
    btw, should i look for you guys online? hahah i`ll be like 15 levels behind you =D

  6. you have time to catch up, i’ll be playing Pangya mostly until the 22nd since that’s when the 2x pang/exp event is going to end.

  7. well, i`m just looking around while waiting for things to get finished here, reading about the game and stuff, so, which server should i log into? or that doesnt rly matter, like playing pangya?

  8. Weird, I joined a group of people 20 levels above me and they really helped me to raise up about 10 levels pretty quickly and were really nice to me… must have picked a really bad group of douches to play with then.

    But I haven’t been able to play the game for the last few days since I moved up to my new apartment, because the only windows machine I had was at my parent’s house, and all I have now is my mac which can’t play it. I miss it so.

  9. hm info on my progress XD
    around lvl 20 now =p

    btw, ppl help you usually when you`re doing the chapters. like act 4 for 100k exp when you nail the boss on gray plate =p (last ppl helping me were like 34~38 base level)

    great to upgrade your “pet”
    lol rly feels like pokemon XD

  10. berz> wtf 😯
    Well I guess not surprising sine I’m a) a shitty mage b) never play cause I’m on a18 ^^;
    We’re kinda stuck on act 4, but its just JP and I so from what you’re telling me I have a feeling we won’t be able to make it heh.

    part of me wants to quit lol, I feel so behind and I have no motivation to continue playing (also playing alone or only with JP sucks sometimes for big battles…also not enough kawaii desu clothing…)

  11. lol just tell me when u`ll be doing the act, its not that bad XD

    if you have to run act 4, 2 times, its 2x 100k exp, talking yesterday, lots of ppl were looking for it hahaha

    btw, things become quite easy when you get more ppl to join. besides, being a low level and dying from time to time doesnt rly hurt. its not like we`re lvl 90+

    hueaheuae try playing later, i`ll be on in a few hours(cos i need to go out for groceries and stuff)

    i`ll prolly be on by 9(-3 gmt, on channel 15)
    (i`d be by now, but meh, gotta go)

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