tl;dr: R-18 otome games for women

I don’t typically do these discussion posts on this blog but I felt I had to get something out with all the R-18 stuff recently and in the past that I’ve come across. Warning post will talk about sexual themes in otome games so read at your own risk.

While the majority of my rants about Vampire Sweetie will go in its review once I’m done playing, I felt I have to get something off my chest to these R-18 game makers: WE DON’T WANT TO SEE PORN FOR MEN. That’s right. What a concept! I’m playing an otome game that’s supposed to be girly porn but instead I feel like I’m playin an eroge.

Common occurrences in R-18 otome games that I’m just sick of seeing:

  • Heroine getting raped
  • Heroine getting abused & humiliated
  • Heroine getting sexed up by things other than the guy’s ding dong
  • Heroine getting drugged & turning into a sex doll (leading back to rape)
  • Heroine’s voice being louder & prouder than the guy whose route I’m on
  • Sticking it in the pooper
  • Heroine constantly saying no no stop even when it’s clear both parties are mutually accepting of screwing each other.
  • Heroine being treated like a whore if god forbid she actually enjoy sex
  • The amount of happy endings being overshadowed by the amount of bad endings.
  • Eroscene where all the clothes are on

So let’s go down the list above and open up le can of worms:

Heroine getting raped – This has become a STAPLE of every R-18 otome game. EVERY SINGLE R-18 otome game has rape. Why? I don’t even include doujin games since those are fan made and typically free of this crap but the official ones…! Why? To this day the only rape-free otome game I can recall is Dessert Love. All other games, there’s at least 1 guy who will be a rapist. And he’s not just like “I’m this bad guy so I will rape you.” It’s like hey I thought you were a good guy but because of whatever crawled up your ass in jealousy suddenly you need to rape. Okay. :?

Heroine getting abused & humiliated – This could go hand in hand with the rape  but sometimes there’s a difference. Let’s say she’s not getting raped but instead she’s forced to dress up in some ridiculous outfit, go to a place where you shouldn’t be have sex and then forced to stand their fapping in front of the guy. Sure he’s not raping her but to be it’s almost like mental rape? The worst part being of course if the heroine doesn’t comply, she is then raped and if not raped, the guy leaves her and OH NOES HOW DARE A RAPIST LEAVE ME I’M SO HELPLESS WITHOUT THEM!

Heroine getting sexed up by things other than the guy’s ding dong – Someone could argue with me that it’s a fetish thing but I also wish that they would then advertise it as a fetish game. Maybe not all of us wanna see a guy shove a bucket of honey up our hoohaas mkay? This pisses me off when the game seems pretty normal then its like “SURPRISE END LEMME SHOVE THESE SCISSORS UP THERE!” ( ´_ゝ`)

Heroine getting drugged & turning into a sex doll – This is part of rape I guess but it’s not always ultimately ending in rape? Sometimes the guy just wants her to be a life less doll to sit on her bed while he stares like a creeper and takes photos and faps or something. I have played games though where the drugging leads not only to rape, but also gang rape and possibly murder. Sigh. This is an otome game I’m playing right?

Heroine’s voice being louder & prouder than the guy whose route I’m on – This really bugs me. Is this game for men or women? I’m playing an otome game, I want to hear dudes moaning, not the girl yelling like a banshee in my ears. Okay I’ll go turn her voice off – but now I only hear silence or weird sound effects cause the voice actor wasn’t paid enough to make some ero sounds for me. Then I may as well play eroge, there’s no difference there!

Sticking it in the pooper – I dunno maybe some ladies like this but ugh…it makes me think of like BL games. It’s like the writer wanted to add BL so badly but this was as far as they could go in regards to that. Also as Lijaka pointed out in her post, anal sex in otome games is never used during a “happy” or “pleasure” scene. It’s used to show humiliation and domination over the heroine 90% of the time. If I recall I can probably only think of  1 game and 1 route where it may have been somewhat consensual.

Heroine constantly saying no no stop even when it’s clear both parties are mutually accepting of screwing each other. – Yea I don’t get it. Why are you making it sound like rape when it’s not. So then when she really is getting rape everybody is okay with this because I guess in reality she actually wanted it! Strange as in sex ed in high school I was told “no means NO.”

Heroine being treated like a whore if god forbid she actually enjoy sex – Oh my god this one bothers me so much and its so prevalent in Vampire Sweetie I want to punch someone in the face.  If the heroine constantly yells at the guy and calls him a pervert, that makes her innocent and angelic. If she actually enjoys sex, it only is because she’s become an evil woman and all evil women are obv sexual. I dunno makes her fucking annoying to me especially when soon as she calls him a pervert you read her thoughts and it’s like “man I really want him but I can’t say it.” GOD FORBID YOU WANT TO HUMP.  IN AN R-18 GAME. You dirty whore! You should only hump for the sake of procreation with the lights off and only think of England! :lol:

The amount of happy endings being overshadowed by the amount of bad endings. – Haha man this is annoying. You always have the good end where they perhaps hold hands or kiss, then you have your best end where they hump and have a baby….then you got like 20 bad ends where she gets raped, killed, enslaved, drugged or *gasp* becomes a SEXUAL WOMAN. Yes enjoying sex = bad end because you’re supposed to act like you’re 12 and deny having any sexual enjoyment in these games.

Eroscene where all the clothes are on – Not that I wanna see money shots or anything but I just think its really weird when they’re supposed to be doing it but they are fully clothed and you just have to assume that somewhere under her skirt his wang managed to flip through his zipped pants and poke her. It also pisses me off when the girl’s like fully naked and the guy’s fully clothed! Hey I want to see MANservice in my otome games, cover up the girl if you have to cover up somebody!

I’m sure if I was just done playing Akazukin I could come up with another 20 things but I’ll leave it as these for now since they are prevalent in most games I’ve played. It’s like all these Cero C otome games I’ve played on the PSP where they have implied sex but no actual ero scene: I’ve found them more enjoyable than the ones with the porn. I don’t even care if the ero scene itself is poorly done but if the ero is all your game is riding on, then you better do a damn good job. Lol yea that’s never happened.

Stuff I want to see in R-18 Otome Games (and maybe I’m alone in this but I can dream):

  • Both parties mutually enjoying sex. Not just the guy jumping on the girl, not just the girl acting like a blow up sex doll but just like “we are in love and we are humping”.
  • The heroine dominating the guy – the MAJORITY of the time. Yes I know this does happen in some games (like that one glorious route of Jingi Naki Otome) but I want to see more of it. Most of the time all the damn heroines are like “taaaakkee meee~”. Take him yourself you lazy bitch! :lol:
  • More naked mans than naked ladies. Yes you know what Trick or Alice I really don’t care to see CGs where the focus of it is the girl’s vagina kay. I’m sure there’s a way you can draw it where it doesn’t look that way! Otherwise you’re just drawing an eroge! While we’re at it please have the guy moan/huff as much as the girl if not MORE. I’m playing this scene for the dude not the chick.
  • An R-18 Otome Game without rape. What a concept! Why can’t they just have sex as the “ultimate happy ending” rather than a circumstance because the guy is jealous and has to PROVE to her that she belongs to HIM! Keep that shit in your stupid yandere games! Give me a decent otome game with a happy outcome and happy sex! Sigh.

I guess my ultimate point is: not all otome games need to be some kind of outrageous sex kink. They can be plain and normal and boring sex! The point is to just see the ultimate “happy ending” for the 2 characters with an ero scene as a bonus. Sure they can go ahead release “kinky r-18” otome games for those who like that stuff (like the upcoming Yandere Heaven.) But I feel like  the R-18 makers feel if they DON’T include that kind of stuff it won’t sell. I find it rather offensive instead. On the other hand, fine if they want to put that stuff in their game, then make the whole game blatantly obvious that that’s what it will be. Stop making a game that’s fluffy & sparkly in appearance and then give me an ending where I’m attacked by a giant tentacle monster. :roll:

But maybe R-18 games aren’t for me. Maybe the implied sex is just good enough because then the game can focus on romance/story… without having to worry if their ero is kinky enough to get the pr0n connoisseurs to open their wallets.

77 thoughts on “tl;dr: R-18 otome games for women

  1. Interesting topic to go on! I agree that r-18 otome games should stop including the rape, since well, it makes no sense on why the guy even raped the heroine besides something pissed him off. YEAH, WHAT A WAY TO GET A GIRL! So, I agree with you on the whole thing. :)


    1. yea its always because he’s jealous or angry over something completely stupid. instead of talking it out he talks with his wang.


      1. Heroine should raep the pretty boy instead. Reverse situation.

        It seems that the games are written by crappy guys. Note that women can write your standard eroge well but why can’t the reverse happen.


        1. I agree! it’s not true though the game im playing now was written by a woman and a lot of sugar beans other rapey games were also written by a woman who just LOVES rape fantasies =_=


      2. So guys can write crappy galge scenarios and gals can write crappy otoge scenarios. How gender equal.

        Since more galge are actually lolige… are there otoge that cater to the shotacon demographic?


  2. Your first two points so hard. I’d like to see more R18 games where the heroine (gasp!) TAKES THE LEAD during sex. And yeah, it’s not a crime to enjoy sex, jeez. I’d like a cool, badass heroine who won’t let the guys treat her like shit. Also why is it always the heroine who is bound/gagged/etc while having sex. ಠ_ಠ And where are the condoms, but I guess that doesn’t matter since visual novels are set in fantasy worlds where STDs and accidental pregnancies don’t exist


    1. lol yea oh noes she enjoys sex that makes her a slut! :lol:
      i’ve seen quite a few otome games actually mention the usage of condoms (even if you don’t see it in the CGs) but that doesn’t really bother me anymore. I’m just under the assumption that they use one without mentioning it or its magical otome land where you only get pregnant if you want to lol


  3. The 8th point baffles me the most. If the only reason we’re supposed to buy these kind of games is the sex, why must the heroine not want it? It’s stupid, she should want it so we could get more sex scenes. Instead we have to spend an hour of dumbass being nervous about it after they already had sex and then BAM, you’re blind now, should have done him while you could still see him dumbass.

    Not even gotta talk about the rape stuff. Like I said before, I think Love Drops set the precedent for this with the Rapist being the extra guy, because you’d totally want to unlock a guy like him.


    1. lol yea that makes me laugh a lot of people on 2ch admitted they only buy the game for the porn so this whole innocent prude shit is like….go back to your Cero B gdi xD

      i had no idea Cifar was gonna be a rapist..i knew he was a bad guy but lol man that was a shocker


  4. Yeah, I’ll never understand why otome companies feel the need to include this ‘unusual’ crap like rape or yuri or abusive yanderes in their games. Like how many times have you seen an eroge that has an actual BL route lol. Most eroge still follow the same light-hearted school setting formula they’ve done for years and nobody says a thing! Why can’t we at least get a single R-18 otome game that’s more like Mashiro-iro Symphony? :lol:


    1. IKR I remember in Kanon there were ero scenes but they were pointless anyway but at least it was..generic? lol nothing wild except like that school desk ero and the fact that yuichi pretty much had sex with his cousin :lol: that’s another story though.


  5. this is probably why i wouldnt play most r-18 games, lmao at the think of england comment…you mean Hetalia’s england? cause that could be so hot heh.


  6. This post is so spot on. I wish a copy of it could be sent to every otome game company… a few hundred times.

    I would like to say that part of the reason that things are so crappy is the demographic they’re going for- Japanese women. But honestly, this kinda of nonsense happens in the US all the time. The double standard where things aimed towards guys are actually FOR guys, but something supposedly aimed towards females needs to also include (if not be filled with) things to keep guys happy. A perfect example is the HBO series True Blood which is based on a book series for women, but hey the show is all about showing women naked apparently. I digress.

    This sort of problem seems to be worldwide, but places like Japan, where women pretty much have the same role they had in the US… in the Fifties, have it much worse, but it doesn’t seem like they themselves want it changed anytime soon. This makes is hard for me to justify spending so much money on these games, cause when I play them I feel like they’re *not* just not made for us, but also ridicule us.


    1. too bad only we overseas feel this way as the Japanese market seems to be satisfied with this crapola :roll:
      yea I have come to the conclusion I don’t feel like buying or playing anymore otome R-18 games. You’d think by now they’d change the formula but you know how Japan’s ideals seem to be set in stone most of the time


    2. Admittedly, HBO is probably not a very good example. The entire HBO formula seems to be “This isn’t TV, so more boobies!” I do agree with you, though, that most things end up appealing to men in some way even if they shouldn’t have to.


  7. A real reply here will be longer than my dissertation and probably go into some impolite guesswork territories, so I’ll just talk about some points.

    (TL;DR translation ahead of time : ‘yeah wtf man’)

    – It’s like the writer wanted to add BL so badly but this was as far as they could go in regards to that.

    Not really. The BL mindset is kinda different, and anal sex as stand-in for BL is likely to get a 「誰得?」moment from actual fujoshi. No, when they add BL, they add it in the form of adding friendship moments between the guys that can be construed as slashy, and this is something you see a LOT. I think they add anal sex just as that—anal sex, and also supposedly as a form of humiliation. Because the humiliation dialogue seems to be 2x times more severe in those. Probably figured that they COULD misjudge the demand for anal sex, but not the demand for humiliation play, so win-win situation, it’s a ‘safe’ minority to serve. Unlike femdom.

    – Heroine constantly saying no no stop

    Japanese thing, I suppose. You see it all the freaking time in eroge and BL despite scenes which are supposedly consensual. I’ve read that prudeness—which in this case is less of an actual desire for stopping than an anti-enthusiasm for sexual desire, is considered to be hotter than it is in the States (as an Asian, this seems to have a grain of truth), though how MUCH of an extent this is, I can’t tell, since I’ve never slept with a Japanese person. :P (Of course I’m disregarding the entire mentality of ‘people with sluttiness fetishes’, but that’s another thing.)

    Hilariously, BL is actually better with this sort of thing despite its reputation. Maybe because the characters are both guys and are not pigeonholed into prudishness immediately. Or maybe the S chunk of the market is larger, IDK.

    – Heroine being treated like a whore if god forbid she actually enjoy sex

    Oh man I can rage about this so much, but there’s also this : the term ‘bitch’ made it over there as an adjective loan-word, where girls use it quite unironically. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of their customers’ perceived attitude. Which is a whole another ‘oh man this sucks’, but.

    – Eroscene where all the clothes are on

    I like this actually lol. But it’s a weird fetish (sleeves are hot, no joke, keep your goddamned sleeves on who wants to see your abs I want your sleeves) and I know it’s one, and I have no idea why it’s so prevalent. It’s like. ALL. THE. TIME. Which is very weird statistically.

    – The heroine dominating the guy

    You know, I wonder about this, too. It’s like all the girls wanting to go guy domination has to go BL, and even so seme-ge are so rare and so rape-filled that you have to do reverse projection.


    1. lol I love your tldrs! XD

      -I don’t play BL games so I have no idea but there’s never anal sex in otome games where it’s NOT meant to be humiliating/the guys being a dick.
      -I’m not even referring to when she goes ‘iya dame’ during sex i’m referring to where she says no stop, he rapes her and then inside shes like “deep down i really wanted it” and im like “…….” okay lol. i dont get the anti-enthusiasm thing oh well my american mindset lol
      -i noticed the term “bitch” being used lately as “one who loves sex” rather than “that annoying person i hate” in America lol
      -i’m okay with clothes being partially on but not where like THEY ARE FULLY CLOTHED and for all you know they could just be hugging or doing situps lmfaoo. also the part where his ding dong comes out of his clothed pants like he drilled a hole in there just for this moment.
      -guy domination – quin rose does it best. in vampire sweetie the only time she dominated him she was literally – a dominatrix :?


      1. Actually, Tokimemo OF ALL THINGS does the whole guy domination angle pretty well, too. I heart Tokimemo. It’s basically Dude Poking App done really, really right. You don’t HAVE to do it, of course, since it’s only since 3PSP that you get the ‘have it reflect in your personality’ option where you can be a MAJOR TSUNTSUNTSUNdere and all the guys are just there all frustratedly waiting for the one dere moment. But. It’s a stat-raising SLG with more emphasis on day-to-day events than plot (which may as well not exist) and the heroine’s personality is kinda vague (although, not stupid, since you can play her as a genius after all), so I don’t think you’d like that….

        (And then, of course, since it’s a game where the girl asks the guy out first, there’s a whole antifan faction calling it ‘a game for whores’. Nevermind that you can friendzone just about everyone you hang out with, too….)

        Also, why does everyone have to assume that dominant/S girl = dominatrix and dominant/S boy = rapist, dammit? Why does this trope even exist it’s a pain in the ass. YOU CAN BE DOMINANT AND FULL OF DORKY LOVING CARE, JAPANESE PORN. Maybe only Quinrose gets it and that’s kind of sad.


        1. Yea only Quin Rose gets it lmfao its irritating. and what Tokimemo is for whores? What does that make Storm Lover then… >_>


      2. Tokimemo is for whores, Storm Lover is for bitches. Don’t you know. They even say something to the effect (but politer) in AMAZON REVIEWS of all places, for STL. I’m guessing that Kiniro no Corda is for sluts, too, considering the fact that you have to serenade up a number of people and can two-time six-time seven-time playing music for however many guys you want. Classical music, slut edition! (I heart Corda, btw, but only because I’m a classical music nerd.)

        BTW totally random, I’m extra happy that they have the option to give your guys clothing items in Storm Lover Kai. The original had a depressing lack of glasses and clothing that aren’t annoyingly おしゃれ. I guess this is what you get for being developed alongside Custom Drive lol.


  8. I see your point o_o, all the topics you covered are basically everything I rage about in the games > . > And when you mentioned in the pooper I thought of BL (DO NOT WANT, EVER.) And Ikuto’s bad route in kuro to kin no akanai kagi. I guess “rape” is something that otome gamers want? (Since you see it so much o . O?) But then again, I do like yandere….not to the extreme rate D: Evil voices are just so sexy = 3 =

    Hopefully r-18 ones get better T_T I’m quite sad that every time I try to go down a guy’s path I ever barely escape rape or later I get/tricked into rape. o_o not quite fun to sit there listening to a girl moan = l =

    It’s not rape, if you yell out surprise or they have a smile on their face ;)~


    1. My husband said that its because rape = you don’t want sex and wanting sex = you’re a slut! I guess that mindset spews through makers & players minds I dunno xDD I don’t mind yandere but not the extreme kind either but I think that ends up going into more do-S types than yanderes. Unless you count characters like Hammer from TYB who’s like a do-M yandere – that can be amusing lol.


  9. this reminded me how much I loved Tsuki no Hikari Taiyou no Kage for letting the girl dominate the guy in bed, and I hated game afterwards since the same guy turns yandere and rapes you when u do his other route….. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NICE DUDE SHE DOMINATED ಠ__ಠ
    I feel these stupid rape ends just destroys the character completely. Why do u like this, Jpn?

    another thing worth mentioning is how the adult character in the game will always be the one with the weirdest fetish? Because the writers feel since it’s an adult/older character we gotta spice it up by having sex toys yeaahhh Because he’s more mature and stuff = You get to walk around in public with a vibrator UP THERE wheeeee /facepalm
    Why can’t I just get experienced/mature sex scenes w/o weird shit from this dude?


    1. well the fact that that game has ONE rapist is enough for me to say no thx xD actually thanks to gin no kanmuri i am staying away from their games forever HAHA
      speaking of char destruction = hiyo? lol

      yea i hate how in r-18 the adult char has the weird fetish but in all ages he’s like “super careful” and the routes boring where nothing happens. they just cant win! Now that they got that ossan game I wonder how far they will go or if it will be 6 games of prude shiat lol


  10. Somehow I feel like I was right not to start or play Vampire Sweetie… it sounds like to me it’s almost as bad as Akazukin…. ‘-‘ but yes, your points are so spot on. It’s like the R18 games don’t really have much romance, or at least you don’t notice it, because of all the rape and all the other bull crap that goes on the entire game =_= it’s like, with a non R18 game you see more romance and the implied humping is more romantic than all the R18 games combined.

    And an R18 otome game where the female takes the lead!!?? What are you talking about, females are supposed to be submissive!! DUH!!! =_= yeah, right pfft I definitely think that’s a Japan thing, that the females shouldn’t like the sex or whatever and be submissive rather than be allowed to take the lead. :\ like come on lol if you want him that badly than jump on dat!!! But this is the Japan companies we’re talking about lol sigh.

    I am so glad I didn’t start Vampire Sweetie. It seems like all the R18 otome games have the same formula, it’s getting boring and honestly it’s ridiculous and completely unrealistic. Ughh obviously if you get raped the only option is to stay with the guy who raped you because oh noes, why would you ever want to lose him!? =_= He didn’t just rape you, or anything. (ಠ_ಠ)


    1. lol i saved you the pain! review hopefully will be up tonight! its not as bad as akazukin as it doesn’t have the ridiculous amount of rape and torture but its still pretty crap lol. well in vampire sweetie she took the lead but she was also acting like a BDSM whore xDDDD

      i guess without being a whore you can’t take the lead lmfao (by sugar beans)

      and yea they all have the same formula which is why I think i am done with r-18 craps


      1. Lol the moral of the story is you have to be a whore to take the lead |D thanks, sugar beans lol you’ve taught me so much

        I’ll still read the review but I am so glad I didn’t bother with the game lol I was already pretty skeptical that it would go well but I was still curious xD LOL definitely not touching vampire sweetie now lol somehow, I’m not sure anything could be as bad as Akazukin ^-^;; but now that I’ve said that… lol


  11. Everything in your post echoes the cry in my heart ಠ__ಠ Specially the pooper and fetishes thing. WTF. o_o If they really are going for a “good girl who lies back and thinks of England” mindset why do they include that crap?


    1. i think its ok to have weird fetishes but only if they specifically make it out to be a game with weird fetishes. like i walk in expecting cute fluffy romantic sex and then I get tentacle monsters lmfao what


  12. I’ve yet to see “Sticking it in the pooper” in an 18+ otome game LOLOLOL, but for the other reasons, yep, that’s why people do play BL games XD


    1. I had the misfortune to see it just recently T___T Ikuto’s black route in Kuro to kin no akanai kagi ruined my virgin eyes :( Then again, it’s kinda implied that the black route was Ikuto’s nightmare fantasy or something (the same rape CG is used in his gold route where he berates himself for imagining weird stuff). Nevertheless, they shouldn’t include them without warning as the BL fanbase already exists for people who like this shite.


      1. ikuto’s black route aside, I think overall he was a decent character so I’ll just pretend that route didn’t happen lol.. the other chars yea..
        Yea I expect BL games to be full of weird fetishes but I wish they’d really lighten up on the otome side of things


  13. Agree to all statement Above lol i enjoyed more of r18 gyaru ge- like kanon And non r18 clannad(全俺が泣いたw Especially  Misae route  ) and TMGS4 Than R18 Otome games (Since at least in kanon even they have some pron theres a love between characters)i also dont understand about rape thing since i play r18 otome game to see some smex with love lol or maybe r18 otoge companies want to mimic school days lol (Since some r18 otoge have Kill you bawwww i will also kill my self since i cant believe wat i did Ending ナイスボートw)Or many japanese otogamer are どm(But even a japanese otogamer im notw)


    1. yea I cried like a bitch in Clannad XDDD
      school days mimicing? killing everyone ? :lol: nice boat ww
      lol i think the do-m thing might be cultural. i think when i was younger in russia I thought my ideal life was to just sit at home and be a housewife but when i moved to america im like fuck dat sheit lol


  14. England, huh? :p As an avid otome game player, I really don’t have that much standards. I pretty much take up anything as long as it has the seal of “otome game” on it ^^… I do draw the line on “non-nakey guys” in R18 games. I get irritated (never thought I would) at CGs where “he” is not only fully clothed, you only see the view of his back while the heroine is all on her full glory of frontal nakeyness!


    1. lmfao really? so you’d even play that fake otoge bL game double reaction plus? :lol: but yea its annoying when the guy is fully clothed and all we see is the naked girl like who is this game even targetted for??


      1. lol yeah I’ll pretty much play anything that is otoge as pathetic as that may sound. ^^ What can I say? Otome games just rock my boat the right way. Oh, just an addition to my comment. I remember Impz sayiing something about an otome game with this rape scene, he said “That isn’t rape. The girl is moaning with total enjoyment.” And that actually made me think that these supposedly rape scenes in R18 games do have that trend whereby the heroine is getting raped and actually enjoying the ordeal… They make it seem as though it’s okay to be raped and if you just let it happen, you’ll enjoy it. I wonder if these companies are trying to appeal on the twisted do-M side of their audience.

        Anyway, this post is really initeresting. Rage on! :D


        1. haha lol no it’s true, as jp said “enjoying sex makes you a whore so by pretending you don’t want it makes it ok even if in actuality you are getting raped.” so I’ve come to the conclusion that must be it. not all otome games have rape though and my complaint is also with the whole ero being for MEN where the girl is moaning most of the time and you see more of her naked than you do the guy. then it’s like ok rape’s not the issue here but “im bored of this ero scene cause its clearly not for me” :lol:


  15. – Your concern is noted. If I managed to create the planned English R18 game I’m working on (have to work on programming skills first to hasten game production), I’ll let you know on the alpha version once there’s drafts, but…

    Heroine getting raped

    – Doesn’t happen or heroine is strong enough to shrug off such events in the planned game.

    Heroine getting abused & humiliated

    – Nope. Well the guys might protest and call the protagonist a hentai… for being too hentai.

    Heroine getting sexed up by things other than the guy’s ding dong

    – Erm… I don’t know. Not scissors and weird things that lead to abused & humiliated scenes, but there might be… stuff like massaging oil (mistakenly bought from a H-shop) that turns the protagonist on like FIRE ON FUEL.

    Heroine getting drugged & turning into a sex doll (leading back to rape)

    – No.

    Heroine’s voice being louder & prouder than the guy whose route I’m on

    – No planned voices for the female side, but may copy paste from BL/R18 games for the male voices during H scenes.

    Sticking it in the pooper

    – Definitely in, unfortunately. At least ONE GUY will get it from the protagonist (no, the guy isn’t a M). May do it for protag though (since she starts it first).

    Heroine constantly saying no no stop even when it’s clear both parties are mutually accepting of screwing each other.

    – Well, I’m not too sure about this. There’s definitely no rape/abuse towards the female protag, but *cough* over-stimulation on both sides might end up having ‘noes, I can’t stand it anymore~’ involved, but the scenes still continues etc.

    Heroine being treated like a whore if god forbid she actually enjoy sex

    – See above part on hentai.

    The amount of happy endings being overshadowed by the amount of bad endings.

    – There are no planned bad endings, only 1 bittersweet ending and the rest are happy ideal endings.

    Eroscene where all the clothes are on

    – Well there might be some ribbons, ropes, and makeshift clothes restraint on hands (on the guys)

    – Planned protagonist is mostly planned to be 50:50 in power control during the H scenes (on average). I.E, boy x girl, or girl x boy. Sorry to say that the girl won’t be dominating characters most of the time, as said character rather has boys chasing after her.

    – Although the protag doesn’t get raped, there WILL be a villain character (who has rapes on History list) that CANNOT BE AVOIDED and must be gotten to play the final character. I understand that people are angry about this part but it’s soooo Japan-uniques that I must write it in.


    1. Although the protag doesn’t get raped, there WILL be a villain character (who has rapes on History list) that CANNOT BE AVOIDED and must be gotten to play the final character. I understand that people are angry about this part but it’s soooo Japan-uniques that I must write it in.

      You’re shooting yourself in the foot with this and completely turning me off from wanting to play your game. It’s like everything you said above is completely blown away by your last statement here. You say there won’t be rape yet you stick in an UNAVOIDABLE RAPE CHARACTER which is then required to go through to get the “secret” character. In Gin no Kanmuri to get the harem route, you had to go through a rape route with the husband where he rapes & kills you. Guess which routes I ended up not completing!


      1. Haha… well honestly, the time I suggested to you about quinrose games, you didn’t want to try them at all. I can only promise you with the same suggestion to try it, and that I WILL tread on this rape theme very, very, very carefully. I promise this usage of the rape part is for something else.


        1. i’ll only accept your rapist character if somehow during the attempted rape the heroine kicks him in the balls and rapes him instead. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)


  16. The reasons you listed above are why I don’t play most R-18 games. One day, just one day, I will make an otome game that caters toward people like you and me (and everyone else who commented). Though I can’t guarantee any voice acting, there will be plenty of male nudity, HAPPY SEX, and NO rape.

    I don’t plan on including rape, but if I do, the heroine will definitely not choose to be with the guy who raped her. And maybe the rapist will get arrested or brutally beaten or something. I mean seriously, just the thought of being raped terrifies me. :|


  17. Yeah this is one of the things that’s always frustrated me. I want to get me some good pr0n. I really do! But what I end up with are always these extremely demeaning and dehumanizing scenarios that goes against all I’ve been taught about human rights and gender equality etc. Now granted this isn’t highschool sex ed video, it’s otoge. But at the same time, /its otoge/. These are merchandise meant to be aimed at a female audience for their entertainment! But instead, his stuff actually makes me uncomfortable and feel threatened, I’m not kidding. Why do I have to comply to this sick romanticized and normalized objectification and humiliation of my own gender for the sake of tittilation? I’m not tittilated gdi.
    All in all, I agree with you in that we should get more comfortable and “boring” (oh the irony) 18+ otoges and if people want the kink, that’s fine. Just designate a niche for that and draw a line between heavy kinky stuff and comfortable yet still great sex. Yes that’s going against the current business model of yandere+ but the love of humanity…


    1. I think with the yandere trend rising at EXTREME RATES in the japanese otome game fandom right now, we won’t be seeing an improvement on R-18 games for a while. In fact I imagine they will be getting progressively worse. Then again could be why there’s all these R-18 one hit wonder companies (Strawberry Maiden, Calamelia etc). I’m surprised Sugar Beans is still around but I guess since they keep hiring commissioned artists/writers they can continuously pump out the crap they keep pumping out. Oh well I’m done with them – even though they were the first otome game company whose game I played.


  18. OMG.. lol I should’ve seen this sooner! XD awesome post and the truth of the R18 otome world is sad. I really think every game should make rape avoidable by picking the right choices or route and be happy sex. Although I think the existence of bad ends and any shit that happens in them can’t be helped. If you don’t want then simply avoid them.

    Well.. it’s not like I don’t feel you since you played most the games that I did occasionally look into yet I never added them to my backlog because the story/art/overall didn’t make it to my play criteria. It’s just that I have my ways of finding out whether a game is probably worth playing or not, and it feels sad that you (who plays and enjoys games on a much wider range than I do) said “no!” really quickly to a new game that actually made it into my strict playing criteria. I’m talking about Chou no Doku more than PersonA (because that technically hasn’t properly made my list yet which was why I asked you if you were planning to play it.. saying it sparks enough interest in me to actually ask you).

    Well, it’s your choice after all if you’re not going to play Chou no Doku because if you personally don’t like it (wafuu, yandere?, not interested etc) then it’s perfectly fine. Everyone has preferences. At least say “no” after you’ve watched the MAD, it probably can’t hurt to see spoilers which pass by really quickly especially if you’re not planning to play it. In my opinion, this game has the highest story potential in the category.

    ….I dunno because it seems you judge games as a whole including bad ends (coz I guess you need the CGs to get full comp), that’s still different from how I’d judge it since I wouldn’t really count the shit that goes into bad ends. I think it’s reasonable if the heroine gets tentacle fu–ed/gang raped if I pick choices to make her for example, try to hit and cheat on all guys at once. And I won’t count that as the real story of the game but rather a choice for some people who want that. So how much of the rape happened in a good end? (I know Akazukin was like that) And I dunno for real but for example UTM had two types of good endings (pure & love/hate) then it’d be reasonable for the love/hate route to have rape->the heroine enjoys it anyway. I hope she didn’t get raped in the pure route. It’s pretty reasonable for a game to include elements to cover all their audience’s preferences and maybe some girls do fantasize getting raped (how should I know?). Your point would be stronger if it was separated according to how reasonable it was according to the route? mou tl;dr, I just want to say I really think you should just leave/ skip fest /don’t care about the bad ends and you’d have a much better chance of finding what you want.


    1. well since I feel like I’m being accused I’ll just refute your argument:

      Well, it’s your choice after all if you’re not going to play Chou no Doku because if you personally don’t like it (wafuu, yandere?, not interested etc)…this game has the highest story potential in the category.

      I’m not saying it has a bad story. In fact I read 4shiki’s review and it seems like it actually has a decent story BUT the entire point of my post is: Rape ruins things for me. Even if the story is good, once a character rapes/abuses/humiliates the heroine, I am so disgusted that by the end of that guys route I want him to die in a fire and I lose complete focus of the story.

      At least say “no” after you’ve watched the MAD

      From what I read on twitter you haven’t played this game either and you only think it’s good based on a music video. I can’t take this opinion seriously because I can name many otome game openings that made the game look great, then I play the game and it’s complete garbage. (Akazukin & Hanaoni.)

      ….I dunno because it seems you judge games as a whole including bad ends

      If I’m not to judge a game as a whole, then what is the point of makers putting bad ends in? Clearly they want us to play them otherwise they wouldn’t put them in. The whole point is to judge a game as a whole and some of these rape game makers should be lucky I even made it through their bad ends cause I skipped the bad ends in Crazy Rapists like shit since I wasn’t about to watch gangrape & drug addiction ends.

      I think it’s reasonable if the heroine gets tentacle fu–ed/gang raped if I pick choices to make her for example

      Implying that it clearly says “Click here to get raped” as a choice. FYI In Vampire Sweetie the ending where she becomes a dominatrix the choices are “Stop” and “No”. Oh yes so clear. Also the choice where she gets tentacled are a choice between her giving the guy blood at one point or NOT giving it to him. THerefore implying that by being a submissive dumbass = good end, and by having a will of her own = get raped by a tentacle monster. How is that being a slut or whore or cheating on anybody?? :? Also in Akazukin I WAS FAITHFUL TO THE GUY THE WHOLE TIME and yet he still raped me. Nice.

      I don’t want to argue/fight with you but I fail to see your point saying I’m judgemental when I have played more R-18 games (and fully comped them) than you have. Enough to know that I can already tell that a game is just NOT for me. I’m not saying it’s bad because you know what there are people who just love being submissive and think getting raped is the hottest thing since Fabio. However I do not like this. This is also why I won’t play Battered Wife Syndrome. I can tell the story is good but the guro and abuse would ruin it so much for me that I’d only be able to focus on how much that shit pisses me off. In fact I actually think Akazukin had a decent story with the apple and stuff but all the rape, humiliation and guro in both good AND bad ends was too much! I didn’t even do all the bad ends and it was still too much :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:;

      I just want to say I really think you should just leave/ skip fest /don’t care about the bad ends and you’d have a much better chance of finding what you want.

      Again you are assuming that rape = bad ends only. That’s grave mistake. In regards to Persona, they are from the makers of Jingi Naki Otome and Tsundere S Otome both of which I played every characters route. I didn’t pick choices to “be a whore” or “cheat on the guy” and Saki ended up getting raped and then bam suddenly happy flowery end. That tells me that despite him raping her, all is forgiven or the heroine blames HERSELF for his moodswings. Additionally in Tsundere S, the S ends where the heroine was a total bitch were the ONLY ENDS where she dominated the guy without being a whore AND got a good end without rape. The routes where she acted “pure and sweet” bam rape, humiliation, bondage etc.

      Look my comment is getting long but tl;dr of my comment: I’ve played enough games to be able to tell what’s for me and what’s not and you’re not in the position to judge me because you haven’t played the games you are telling me to play. If you had played the game, I would weigh your opinion more heavily than I am when you only saw a MAD or read someone else’s review. (´・ω・`)


      1. Well, look. I said you’d have a much better chance doesn’t mean I am assuming that rape = bad ends only. Just a lower chance.

        You don’t know how I check games before I play them so you still can’t really judge me. I know the opinions of most people who played the game, it’s good enough to say that that is a widely high rated one. I didn’t say it was good, I said it has “a high potential of being good”. So if you’re not playing it, that’s fine but it’s just your strong bias on rape that’s keeping you from one of the possibly better choices in the category. And I’m not judging you by saying that, it’s just a pity I guess?

        So you see, I know bad things happen in good routes too (in Akazukin good end she gets raped) and that is really a bad thing, but unless you point out clearly the estimate of how much when a bad point happens in a bad end and what in a good, it’s hard to see the whole picture. Is what I was trying to say. I never said bad things don’t happen in a good end.

        I think R18 games are made with more than 2 audiences in mind, type who likes rape, type who don’t, type who like fetish.. etc so well, I just said that so maybe you could find more of what you want by trying to avoid what you don’t want to see. As a suggestion.

        And ok I never said you had don’t think Chou no doku has a good story^^;;; Ahh mou there really must be so many cultural differences.


  19. I guess it’s too much to ask for a girl to be able to enjoy herself in a healthy, reciprocal, fun manner, :( Awesome post and valid reasons aside, is this type of genre, yandere or anything that usually deals with sexually degrading a female character, that popular in Japan? I know that there are cultural differences but I feel now that it is a cheap marketing ploy that rests on humiliating a female protagonist just for kicks and it is a little disturbing to me. I feel that it is exacerbating an issue that is already unfortunately well established in real life that if a girl likes sex, she is a slut or is “evil.” ::sigh:: It’s so ugh, :( But on a lighter note, great post and I love discussions that are tl;dr, there are usually the posts that make for good conversation, :)


    1. Yea I don’t get the appeal of yandere. I don’t even wanna humiliate the guys either (like in the vampire sweetie BDSM ends.) I just want normal boring ero like they have in most eroge…i guess that’s too much to ask….


  20. Well,japanese girls sure like this kinds of things don’t they?As a guy who never played otome games and a erogamer i have to say that if R-18 otome games are like this maybe i should start playing them,hehehe…

    Seriously you have all the right to want more games like that…i can only imagine if things were inversed and my eroges had surprise rape in them or secret BL routes i too would rage like hell(and some of them have -_-)…you girls have my support…

    On a side note,i have visited your site for some time and read some of your reviews…and even if i don’t play otome games i will keep readind your reviews cause i find them very funny.


    1. lol bridge to the starry sky? I dunno about the game but the anime was sure full of GAY lmfao.

      I do have a few galge/eroge in my backlog but I guess otome takes priority for me x3 thank you for reading!


  21. Found this post thanks to a discussion in the NSFW section of the Lemma Soft Forums.

    It took years for there to be more than a handful of reverse harem games in English. We finally have some decent translations and indie/freeware western visual novels. But as of this writing, there’s only one or two reverse harem stories that have any NSFW content.

    If there’s anyone out there who is able and willing to create women-centered games with R-rated or adult content, then please step forward. Start writing, drawing, coding, etc. I will look forward to seeing what you create.


    1. Lol I’d be interested to play something like that too. Be it in English or Japanese but since Japanese market is catering to an audience with an opposite mindset as me I’m just gonna sit back and wait till someone in the English market comes along and makes something decent xD


  22. Well,I heard that most woman in Japan has rape fantasies and that actually includes me It’s more of a subconscious mental thingy actually and I don’t really know how to explain it any further orz..But of course fantasies and reality rape are totally different and most r-18 game maker didn’t see that. ==

    I love Ookami in Akazukin but I do not need a rape in a MAIN GUY’s route. *rage*

    Again,the no no stop is just common between jap girls since they are virgins and that sounds cute(?) :/ And the Jingi Naki one is made of win even if I hate that Asou.Wish we had more of it.

    Heck yeah about the clothes!I mean I really don’t wanna see the female the only naked one in the scene.Who am I supposed to fa* to here?

    And yeah,right on cue about the voices.I got really angst at Ashe’s voice in UTM.No wonder the game is also popular around boys.

    At time like this,maybe we should just wait for a potential western R-18 otome game?*gets bricked*

    Finally,good job on tldrs! ^^

    P/s: Is Vampire Sweetie a bad game?I’m kinda looking forward to it.


    1. haha no problem I hope the review answers your question!
      Also it’s interesting to hear an opinion from someone who does love rape fantasies though it’s too bad you can’t describe it…so must be just a fetish thing I guess xD;
      VS didn’t really have rape but all the other stuff you mentioned where the girls wailing & she’s naked most of the time – yea uh no thanks show me some dudes plz xDD


  23. OK so the more I think about it the more I’m convinced that any woman who has a “rape fantasy” does not actually understand what rape is.


    1. could be possible, but maybe that’s what the “fantasy” part is? they imagine what it’s like in their minds and turn around and uh…make it positive? i doubt any woman who actually experienced rape would ever fantasize about it (;☉_☉)


      1. I have rape fantasies and I do know what actual one. is.No woman likes that.I don’t expect there’s anyone fantasizing that painful horrible scene.

        That said the actual and the fantasy are two different things.

        Maybe it should be called as “forced pleasure” instead of “rape fantasy”,with the “victim” actually wants it.

        It’s like,I love to be dominated by a horny male against my will.Weird I know,but I found pleasure in that.

        But I rarely liked it in any games.(Exception to sex doll part because I love it :p ) Not sure why but it destroys characters.And most of the time the reasoning the guys said are not making any sense at all.

        And I dislike all Mr.Nice GentleRapist out there.Crazy yandere is fine in my book though.

        P/s:The VS review sounds really bad.Should just give it to the boys.Oh well,I’ll be still hoping for the light :v



        1. It’s like,I love to be dominated by a horny male against my will.Weird I know,but I found pleasure in that.

          Well I do too but the way they paint the picture in the game is rather than the girl enjoying it, he has to humiliate her, call her a slut/bitch/cheating whore and then he rapes her not because he’s horny but to show that he has power over her via his dick.

          That’s not cool and that’s not something anyone should fantasize about :?


      2. Urm,I can’t reply under that post,so I’ll say it here.

        Yeah,I can see that.Somehow the way they portray is turning me off too.Sigh,is there any “good” rape out there *bricked*.

        Maybe the author is really extreme in his/her fantasy == ………………and mine is too mild lol

        Now I really wonder what’s jap girl opinion about this?


  24. I used to want to play an R18 otome game, but now after seeing how many rapists and yanderes there are…DO NOT WANT x_x And the girls having sex with random objects just makes me want to run as fast as I can in the opposite direction >_<;;

    Also, the sex scenes where they're fully clothed just seem really stupid to me. :p


  25. It’s kind of weird when you think about how most eroges always got a fluffy, romance filled sex scene where both parties are into it and wants to do it (even if the girls still says “No no no”) while in both Otome and BL games there is always a lot of rape. I guess if the selling target is female, rape is included.


    1. yea I agree with you on that one. of all the eroge I’ve played it’s always been consentual, (though maybe embarrassing to the girl in the same way but never forced.) it’s really annoying they feel rape is necessary in order to “titillate” the female audience. guess people like us are the minority or it’s a cultural difference.


  26. Well for me I’m fine with these things cuz for me it’s just a game and nothing more… (sorry if this unpleasant someone)*_* I just don’t like the ridiculous/stupid idea when the guy(yandere) rage because of his jealous and make his way on the heroine. I can undestand that he do that because he loves her or dont want to lose her and I pity it rather than get angry but please, just don’t make nonsense reasons for that. It makes me laugh and come up with: what’s wrong with a chat to make everything clear? Even a kid when he/she being forced to do something against their will can even argue about that.


    1. Well I think that’s what most of us are saying…we like it when the guy dominates the girl or vice versa but not when it happens because of some misunderstanding/pointless jealousy :lol:


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