Pangya Birthday List

I think I found Kooh’s birthday cake

Well I figured I’d compile the list for reference purposes

Kooh – February 3
Hana – April 9
Cecilia – June 23
Lucia – July 8
Nell – August 16
Max – September 17
Nuri – October 8
Arin – November 15
Azer – December 1
Kaz – December 31

Anyone’s birthday close to any of the characters? (。・ω・。) I’ll update this post once we get everyone else’s birthdays.

Notes: Pangya US listed Arin’s birthday as 11/5 which is wrong. I’m going by what Japan says since anything from there is a hell lot more official than whatever crap SGI pulls out of their ass :roll: Lol looks like they fixed it in 2011.

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  1. Kind of funny that Max’s is one month before, but on the exact date as mine. xD October 17th.

  2. yea I guess the closest to now is Nuri :?
    I hope Kaz’s is close to mine ;) I really feel like his will be in November lol

  3. I’m the closest with Kooh atm, funny thing Hana has the same birthday as my mom.

  4. yea I don’t know anyone with any of those bdays lol

  5. I’m waiting for the birthday Arin.
    I hope that even before his(Azer) birth date.
    I think were crying after the date of his(Azer) birth Σ(T▽T;)!

  6. yuki> I also want Arin’s birthday T___T! I think Kaz is next!

  7. Hana has her birthday just one day after mine.

  8. kooh has her birthday closest to mine :D

  9. Well looks like Arin’s birthday is 1 day after mine d(・∀<)

  10. Kooh’s is 5 days before mine lol

  11. Kooh’s is a week after mine lol. No January babies from Pangya? Come onnnnn January is awesome lol

  12. haha my bday is 10 days off arins~ but my friends is the day of arins bday nice

  13. Well, there are only 10 characters, so I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 months got left out unless we magically get a new character(s) on KR and JP within the next.. what… 4 months?

  14. for some reason I’m thinking they’re making Nells in december which is why they are bringing him to us in December

    edit: guess Bob gets December. Maybe Kaz in January and Nell in March?

  15. My name is Azer. Whoever that one is anyway. \^o^/

  16. oh then happy birthday! :D Azer’s the 40 year old character xDxD

  17. Which is what I feel now. :P

  18. azer same birthday as me :x

  19. Looks like they liked to pack events together now.
    Pangya’s Anniversary is the same as Arin’s and now New Year also happen to be Kaz’s birthday kkk!

    Nell will be 2011 christmas ? lol

  20. Maybe Nell will be Valentine’s day? :lol:
    Actually Pangya’s (Japan) anniversary is 11/11 but Arin’s bday is the 15th so its close but not the same day but Kaz’s yea…..kinda surprised. I was thinking they’d at least give each character a different month but poor Kaz and Azer seem to have gotten shoved in at the last minute.

  21. Finally Kaz get his birthday… on the last day of year lol
    I was waiting for the point sale so I can buy his outfits :B 30% off is actually a good deal. I got 3 point items for like 6$ o_O And I really wanted his title card, so I’m happy.

  22. wow… updated.

    I demand some male clothes for Nell as bday presents.

  23. nells been officially declared as female on the US server so that will never happen anyway

  24. That cake…… so epic. I had to read this post after seeing that picture. Lol my birthday is closest to Nell’s xD

  25. Girls can’t wear male clothes? I think Ceci would look pretty cool with that.

  26. Lucia B-day is 6 days away from mine.

  27. My birthday is close to Lucia except I’m 6days before hers which is July 2nd~


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