Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~In Spring~

Thanks to a blog reader I was able to get this game. I didn’t know what to expect going in, (I always go into these things pretty blindly lol) but I was fangasmic when I found out Ono Daisuke, Midorikawa Hikaru and Sugita Tomokazu were the voices of the 3 dudes you can get with in the game. *________* God my dreams come true seiyuu in an otome game lmao xDDDDD

Anyway the story is about Tsukiko who is the first girl to enroll in an all boys school. The school was male only but it’s not so bad for Tsukiko because she has 2 childhood friend bishies Suzuya and Kanata, who protect her from all the lusting mans. The school they attend seems to be some kind of astronomy related high school because they often go out and watch the stars and one of the rooms has a massive telescope. All the Starry Sky games appear to be an ongoing series for every season. So far Spring and Summer have been released. I think the catch of these games is the fact that you got really FAMOUS male seiyuus voicing the guys xDDD Oh well that’s the best part anyway!

star01Nanami Kanata – I got really confused about Kanata’s name because when I played love drops, Kanata was the name of the FEMALE lead. However here he was the male lead. Kanata was voiced by Sugita Tomokazu which is why he was first on my to play list. I was disappointed to hear that his voice acting wasn’t like Wakatsuki sensei from LoveRevo or Kyon from Haruhi, but more of this sort of oranyan tsundere teenage boy voice lol. I guess it fit the character well but it wasn’t like the sexay voice I was hoping to hear (at least not until the 5 years later epilogue.) Kanata has some kind of disease too so he often ends up passing out, or sleeping and skipping classes. He’s also a crybaby since long ago but he tries to be all tough and stuff and hide it haha.

star02The thing is since he’s a tsunderella, he takes pride in “protecting” Tsukiko from all the lusting guys in the school who are after her. He often gets into fights which are really bad for his health. In addition he refuses to go to the hospital and when anyone mentions it (especially Suzuya who is really worried about him) and gets pissed off. To make things worse for himself, when Yo transfers into their school, this puts more pressure on him because he’s obviously jealous and afraid that Tsukiko will be taken. Eventually when Yo has to leave back to France, he tells Kanata to confess to Tsukiko as a “rival”. Kanata does so, but Tsukiko apparently is a stupid bitch who emos like an idiot for a while until eventually she realizes she likes Kanata too =_=; In the epilogue, Yo comes back and along with Suzuya are best mans at Kanata and Tsukiko’s wedding.

star03Tomoe Yoh – Yoh is a half French half Japanese dude. I dunno if this was intentional but the way they drew his eyes makes it look like he’s high 90% of the time :| Tsukiko was his first friend because she didn’t make fun of him for being a gaijin when he was a shota. He’s since been in France, but he asked his parents if he could spend some time with her by going to Japan and transferring to her school. Apparently his dad was waiting to start on an astronomy project thing in America so until that was decided Yoh would be going to Tsukiko’s school. So technically yes he is also her childhood friend. At first Yoh basically just wants her all to himself and he constantly fights with Kanata about it.

star04Later on Yoh realizes the importance of having friends and becomes part of their little group. He’s the first one to admit his feelings to Tsukiko, and in general he’s pretty straight forward (which is a really positive aspect about him xDD) Later on he tells her his feelings again and asks her to answer him after it’s been decided that he’s going back to France at the end of May. Unlike in Kanata’s route, Tsukiko immediately decides that she likes him and ends up being his girlfriend. What gives! Poor Kanata T_T; Yoh’s leaving was sad the first time but since the game follows basically the same “story”, I wasn’t on the verge of tears like I was in Kanata’s route. 5 years pass and in the epilogue Tsukiko now marries Yoh. Meh, Yoh was a little too clingy for me and while I do like Midorikawa Hikaru as a seiyuu, I don’t like his “innocent french bishie” voice. I prefer his roles when he sounds like Tamahome or Zelgadis xD

star05Touzuki Suzuya – So while Kanata didn’t sound like Kyon, Suzuya definitely sounded like Itsuki. He also brought me flashbacks to Air because he sounded like Yukito at some parts. Anyway Suzuya acts like the “guardian mom” of everyone because he always breaks up Yoh and Kanata’s fights, and he always makes everyone delicious lunches. He even borrows the cafeteria to cook stuff for Tsukiko sometimes. (All the grannies there love him too xDDD) Suzuya always plays the role of the gentle childhood friend, but in actuality he’s madly in love with Tsukiko and has been pretty much hiding it for a really long time while raging with jealousy on the inside – being a Cancer and all.

star06So when Yoh comes into the picture Suzuya tells Tsukiko he feels like their little family is “broken” but in actuality he’s just jealous that she will be taken by another guy. He can’t stand it so he tells her his feelings. But yea Tsukiko’s a fucking retard, even more so than in Kanata’s route and goes all like “SORRY I DON’T KNOW IF I LIKE YOU AS A LOVER OR CHILDHOOFRIEND LOL BYE” So then Suzuya avoids her for the next few days and she gets all emo and then like trips and falls on her stupid ass. She’s all like BAWW SUZUYA HALP and of course Suzuya comes running to help her. Then she’s all like ok I guess I like you cause I’m a helpless retard otherwise :roll: So once they start going out for real, he admits that he’s insanely jealous and he gives yandere looks to both Yoh and Kanata and if they ever touch his woman there will be no life left for them. xD; Scary lmao. The epilogue is the same, they get married but geez what a lame CG. All you see is her hand! Also I noticed in all the wedding CGs, everyone in the background is a DUDE. What is this a harem wedding? :shock:

Man if you think the kiss scenes in Love Revo were lame, this takes the cake of the lamest kissing scenes since like…Clannad. It’s that stupid CG where you see the guy’s face in front of you, then he closes his eyes and puckers up. Aw come on, what the hell do you want me to do kiss my computer monitor? :shock: The other thing is, Tsukiko is like one of those eroge heroes – she has no face. It’s always blocked in some way and that also explains why the kissing scenes are lame. I dunno maybe in eroges this works for guys, but when I play otome games I don’t imagine “myself” to be the heroine. I just maybe “relate” to the heroine’s feelings but I still consider her the “character I want to pair up with guy a b or c”. Because of this basically the girl had little to no personality so it was almost literally like a reverse dating sim. I guess some people like that but that really bugged me about this game. The other thing is in the flashbacks, all the guys still..had the same actors. Couldn’t they either do it with no voice or use some females or use a voice pitch changer? XD It sounded really weird.

star07There were lots of positives though. The cutouts for all the characters were very impressive. The CGs were very….lively. I can’t explain it well but a lot of times in VNs the CG feels practically static, but some of the CGs here felt like almost an anime screencap taken out of some kind of fun scene. Also when you went back to look @ CG mode, you could hear the comments from the scene being said by the character. This is kinda cool because it’s like doing the scene mode….but not! XD Also all the Engrish in the game backgrounds made me LOL, I was tempted to submit it to Engrish.com :lol: The other interesting thing is the game went in a flowing story pattern. Basically all the events were the same between the guys and basically depending on your choice you’d have a “separate scene” with each one. The downside of this was that basically all the guys had to compete over the girl…so when you picked one, it was pretty sad to see the others all sad and stuff ^^;

Otherwise it was a cute short game. I was able to start and finish the entire thing this weekend. Will play and review the summer one next.

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  1. I’ve had this game for a while, but I still haven’t finished it yet. I’m kinda spoiling myself by reading this review… but.. oh well. :) It’s lot’s of fun reading your otome game reviews.

    So, what game are you going to do the next review on?
    Do you have Ijiwaru My Master? That’s another one by Sugarbeans. More Porn!!

  2. I started starry sky in summer last night actually :P
    as far as Ijiwaru my Rapist is concerned, I’ve decided to pass on that one. Rapecentric otome games are really offensive to me and I try to avoid them if I know in advance that what they’ll be about :lol:

  3. Here’s the La Corda D’oro game(otome game)download links if you would like to try it:

  4. Thanks shale, I’ll check it out =D I have a pretty big backlog atm but I do go through these fairly quickly ^^

  5. XD I don’t like it when the heroines don’t have faces. I didn’t mind the kiss scenes, but now that I think about it…they were kinda awkward. I can NEVER imagine myself as the heroine, since it’s more like me reading a shoujo manga and choosing (sorta) which direction the story takes place. Oh, and I’m keeping an eye on a Souten no Kanata dl (since I’m already buying Hakuoki and etc.)

  6. hahaha me neither! I feel the same way Kei, it’s like a shoujo manga to me. I’m not reading to kiss my book! :lol:

  7. What signs were Katana ad Yoh? Since the game bases their personality on signs, I’m curious to know what sign is so clingly. Even though in games mostly picture myself as te heroine, I don’t like no faced heroines. They just ruin otherwise pretty CG’s, and ruin the fantasy more than they help create it.

    By the way, are you ever going to review Heart no Kuni no Alice? It’s my favourite otome game of all time, and I’ve played a lot of them. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. It’s long, with a lot of guys to chose, but very very funny. I can give you a torrent link to get it: http://www.torrentreactor.net/torrents/797079/070214-Quin-Rose-Heart-no-Kuni-no-Alice-Wonderful-Wonder-World-(iso)

    The other Quinrose games are great too, they’re my favourite otome company.

  8. I can see why you were confused to see Kanata’s name. When I first played Love Drops I was surprised a bit since I’m used to seeing Kanata as a boy’s name written as 彼方

    I just got my Starry☆Sky~Cancer~ today… OnoD sounds really cute in it. His jealousy track was different from all the other ones ^^; well, Aries was different too but…I didn’t feel Suzuya made me go dokidoki more than Shiranui LOL

  9. Gothicat> Heart no Cuni Alice torrent gave me a virus last time so um I decided not to bother with it lol. I don’t remember the signs xD;; sorry check the honeybee website they usually list them.

    Hazuki> I haven’t listened to any of the drama CDs. I’ve only played the games.

  10. Hinano: Have you tried the hongfire release? I download most of my games from there, and they never, ever, gave me a virus: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=82732

    Of course, if you gave up on it, you should still check Arabians Lost and crimson royale. They’re different from other otome games because they have RPG elements, you can fight monsters, level up, earn money to buys items and the like, do quests etc. The Arabians Lost torrent was lost a long time ago, but Crimson Royale is also avaliable on hongfire. The Alice sequel is also avaliable on hongfire. They also have some other otome games, so it may be worth your time to search for them in there: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=110142&highlight=Quinrose

  11. Yea actually hongfire is where I got the torrent from lmao. Anyway I do have crimson royale in my backlog XD working on starry sky in summer right now though ^.^

  12. Glad you’re checking out Crimson Royale. The rpg elements are good, the heroine is strong like in all other quinrose games (so no falling down on the stairs and being a retard in this one), though I prefer Arabians Lost and Alice because I feel Quinrose got lazy with the scenarios. Like in Asaki Yumenishi, the main guy is really boring, Marshall is awesome though. If I ever find my old copy of Arabians lost I’ll upload it somewhere for you. My Alice copy is clean so if you want I can upload it somewhere for you too (sorry for being pushy, but I love it so much, and find it a pity that you’ll never experience it from a bad upload).

    Another game I recommend for you is Princess Nightmare and The exorcism of Maria, for a more gothic feel. Also you might already know this, but Amadeo is releasing another game: http://kur-mar-ter.product.co.jp/amedeo/product/dareura/top.html
    Have you ever played Angelique etoile? It’s supposed to be the first otome series ever, but I never played it. It’s impossible to find=.=

  13. i never got a chance to play any angelique series. i was like really into otome games in 07 and then sorta got bored in 08 and by the time my interest picked up in 09 my blog had kaboomed so I lost all my old readers and one of them actually helped me find a lot of these games ^^;

    At the moment I have 6 games on backlog and playing a 7th one so I guess I’ve got my hands full for now. I definitely want the Amedeo game and I’ve been looking to find Pretty Witch Academy since that has come out recently as well. I guess I figured I might as well start trying to keep up with new releases as those are easier to come by than really old stuff.

    Speaking of old stuff though someone here helped me get kiniro no koruda though so that’s on my to do list ;)

    it’s not that the heart no kuni alice torrent itself was bad – but the “nocd” patcher thing was what made my virus scanner go crazy ^^; im sure the game itself was fine but I couldn’t run it so that’s why I gave up ^^;

  14. I haven’t had any luck finding pretty witch Academy, nor Garnet Cradle either. I did find an 18+ game,Sumiro, but since it’s 18+ you know it has at least one chara that rapes the heroine no matter what (and guess who it is? The childhood friend, of course), so I don’t like it.

    I found Arabians lost again! However, it’s going to tke me more than a month to download. When it’s done I’ll upload it for you. By the way, are you sure you didn’t mistake heart no kuni no Alice for clover no kuni no Alice? Because Heart doesn’t need a noCD patch, you can just click on it without the disc mounted and it’ll play anyway. The torrent doesn’t even have a noCD patch! It’s Clover who needs one, but some antivirus thinks the patch is a virus, but it’s just a false positive, I have it and it doesn’t do anything wrong. You really mistaked one for the other. Heart is the one with the uglier art, but if you check my previous link you’ll find it.

    Looking foward to Starry in summer, don’t forget to tell the guys sign. By the way where are you finding the starry games? I searched for them a month ago and I didn’t find them.

  15. someone in the seiyuu LJ community is uploading them :) yea maybe it was clover no kuni….I don’t remember honestly xDDD

  16. hi! i was just wondering…. is this game available in
    jap audio/english subs?

    i was able to find a torrent of this .iso.. if not is there a translator for this that is easy to use without crashing the .iso file?

    thanks :3

  17. I wouldn’t know about subs I play my games in Japanese.

  18. oh… cause i don’t understand jap characters… so i was hoping that this game would have a translator or something…. im not japanese you see…. .__.

  19. Hi!

    I “cleared” all three characters (or so I think), But i never got any wedding scenes ;w;

    Can you please give me some help/hints as to what I have to do?

  20. Well my only guess is..you wait for the credits to roll before closing the game? XD All the wedding scenes are a prologue after the credits

  21. Hinano: Have you tried the hongfire release? I download most of my games from there, and they never, ever, gave me a virus: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=82732

    Of course, if you gave up on it, you should still check Arabians Lost and crimson royale. They’re different from other otome games because they have RPG elements, you can fight monsters, level up, earn money to buys items and the like, do quests etc. The Arabians Lost torrent was lost a long time ago, but Crimson Royale is also avaliable on hongfire. The Alice sequel is also avaliable on hongfire. They also have some other otome games, so it may be worth your time to search for them in there: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=110142&highlight=Quinrose
    by Gothicat August 7, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Gothicat: you said that crimson royale available on hongfire but actually i saw it was crimson empire not a royale one Can you please check it out? it seem like its not there.

  22. meinachan> I guess you didn’t see my post about how I tried crimson empire and /raegquit. I can’t stand games where you have to “DO” stuff to get the guys. I’m a “pick choice move on to flag” kind of gal lol. LoveRevo was one of the games that I actually made it through but I couldn’t be bothered with CE. I might try Kiniro no Corda next but I heard it involves some violin training crap so I don’t know if I’ll make it through that either.

    I always go on hongfire but now I joined an otome game community so I just get my stuff there ^^

  23. auhauahauhauah reading your thinking of the game is really fun 8D *dieing from laugh!! keep up the good work 8D, have u tried will o´ wisp? its really good, but have lot of drama ^^;

  24. isnt will o wisp a psp or ps2 game? I don’t have either system so I haven’t played any of those :(

  25. It is the first otome game that I have ever played and I liked it~
    Great review!

  26. “She’s all like BAWW SUZUYA HALP and of course Suzuya comes running to help her. Then she’s all like ok I guess I like you cause I’m a helpless retard otherwise” LOL

    I just finished this game recently– my first Japanese otome game, and I really liked it! Suzuya is the first “husbando” obsessive I’ve felt over a dating game haha. And I always thought of myself of more of a Tomokazu Sugita girl lol. Seriously though, Daisuke Ono must dip his vocal chords in butter or something…

    • i usually like sugitas roles but not so much in SS (Kanata was too bratty). I DID like Suzuya but he uh went kinda yandere in after autumn and ever since…’
      I recommend starry sky in summer, i think thats the best one of the whole series

  27. I liked Suzuya better than the other 2. I liked starry sky in winter best though… i’m not really sure why…

    Please don’t request downloads on my site thank you.

  28. hey how exactly are you supose to understand the games in japanese i really want to play angelique etoile but then there is the language barrier what should i do

  29. Where do you buy all of the Starry’s? And English?


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