Pangya Economy FAIL.

Bitch plz.

Bitch plz.

Well it looks like the prices of papel shop items, and “rares” is out of control again. It looks about the same as it was before Albatross18 closed. The stupid part about this is like…who the fuck is buying this anyway? Jack o Lantern hat that looks retarded and gives 0 stats? Devil horns that come out every Halloween? Feathers that are currently available in the lottery? Crowns that give you 2-3 pang? Please. I bought Hana’s crown for 30,000 pang 2 weeks ago…now they are 2 million? Why don’t the hackers just privately trade or something. Do they actually think any honest player is going to collect 2 million pang and buy the stupid crown? LOL.

I heard on the forums that there is a possibility of yet another pang reset after beta ends. Looking at this, not unlikely so if there’s something you want to buy or you want to waste your money in the papel shop, be sure to do it before they go live :P

Edit: So according to their announcement they banned 215 accounts. I mean I reported at least 3 of them :lol: so I’m really glad my efforts paid off. I’m also glad to see that they’re not just leaving the game to rot and that they are listening to the good players. Maybe if we keep this up they will ban some *other* things/people/countries as well. :twisted:

Edit 2:
UPDATE 05/07/2009: 166 more Pangya accounts have been permanently closed for economy exploitation and 482,926,068 additional Pang has been removed from the economy. This brings the running total to 381 accounts and 1,221,317,468 Pang.

Wow that’s amazing. More amazing that the hackers continuously keep hacking away despite getting banned like a mofo :lol: Good job Ntreev keep the ban hammer knockin’!

19 thoughts on “Pangya Economy FAIL.

  1. Kanashimi says:

    The prices are AMAZING. Kibs and I were sitting in a PSquare the other night, I had my Arin’s White Feather Headset in my shop at 6 million (because surely no one will buy it at 6 million, right?)… Wrong.

    I’m okay with it since I have her black one as well, so technically I still have the rare… but oh my god, when I sign in now and see 5.5 million pang, wondering how I reached such a high pang price and have only been playing for little under a month… just wow. Dx

  2. Hinano says:

    DS> I don’t consider 300,000 pang to be cheap. Cheap would be like 30,000 pang lol.

    Kana> I’d be scared more of the fact that if the pang hacker got banned and they associated you with him because you got the 5m pang :?

  3. Abi-kun says:

    I remember that I sold Queen’s crowns in PangyaJP for 50-60K and I was happy that anybody finally bough them from me. I think I’ll wait with selling the rest of the feathers until final release comes out…

  4. Airi says:

    Yeah, it’s come to the point that I’m near quitting Pangya. It’s impossible to get things, it’s hard to understand people when 3/4 of it full of Brazilians. I know that someone who’s sold their Arin wings for 9.9mil, he wasn’t even attending on selling it.

    This game is a joke. I doubt it’ll ever get better, it’s just as bad as it was with OGP.

  5. Mainlless says:

    Well…check their last news and see if it really can’t be better than OGP. Ah ah.

    I just seriously hope than Kanashimi didn’t get involved with it since she obviously simply wanted to give it a try.

  6. katydid says:

    >Well…check their last news and see if it really
    >can’t be better than OGP. Ah ah.

    FYI that’s an announcement that they banned 215 accounts containing 738 million pang.

    215 accounts holding 738 million pang comes out to some 3.4 million each on average. Making 3.4 million each in the month or so since the new server started is patently ridiculous unless you’re hacking, so no arguments there. Let’s just hope they can keep this up and sooner or later people will bring down prices to more realistic levels. I feel sad looking at the prices in PSquare, 200k for a silly hat that gives me +2/3 pang per stroke is outrageous, let alone 2 million…

  7. Hinano says:

    It is outrageous but I am still glad Ntreev is doing something about it. They have responded within 24 hours to all my reports and thanked me for the screenshots. I feel that they are definitely trying to do their job in keeping the hackers at bay.

  8. Hinano says:

    i mean if they reset pang they should reset to like 200k or something. that’s a pretty reasonable amount for players to earn or maybe 300k if they want to do it often.

    no one should be walking around with 10million pang ^^;

  9. Miki says:

    And this is yet another reason why I’ve stopped playing Pangya for the time being. I love pangya, its a fun game to play with friends, but its impossible to enjoy now with hackers ruining the economy and the server exploding with Brazilians. Im not even a good player, theres no way I could ever earn over a million pang much less spend it on a shitty crown or a fucking ugly pumpkin hat that does nothing.

  10. Airi says:

    Lol, maybe I spoke too soon. Now if only they’d ban ~you know who~ and re-release Papel rares, I’ll be a happy girl.

  11. Hinano says:

    Let’s keep our hopes up. And if you need a person to play with, by all means please come to the weekly tourney – at least you’re guaranteed to be with a sane group of people who aren’t going to AFFF every 2 seconds ;)

  12. Gooeh says:

    I just hate the inflation at the lounges. :/
    hopefully if we keep the hacker-bannings happening they’ll go down or somethin’ C':

  13. berz says:

    well, come to think, about this market stuff, maybe something like making a psq room(not psq anymore but whatever) with something like “non-hacked prices only”

    for ppl who buy stuff but are kinda afraid of buying

    well, its a bad idea too, if you think about the organized vending thing from a while ago =(
    (prolly some stupid dork will just log into the room and open a shop too -_-)

  14. katydid says:

    They updated again, another 166 accounts worth 400+ million banned 0_0

    Wonder how many more to go before we get back to a semblance of normality…

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